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If you want the shorter version (though this is long either way), skip the part in bold. That part is the back story, which probably isn't completely neccessary, but worth saying anyway.

Ok, so I saw that we had a new phone book, so I got the idea to look in it and see if we had any new vet offices listed. Well, it did, and it was one I hadn't ever heard of, so I called to see if they treated rats. (None of my rats need a vet right now, but only one vet in this city treats rats, and I am always looking for a new rat vet because I don't like my current one.) A lady answered the phone, and said that the office wasn't open yet, and they hoped to be open mid to late September. I asked her if she treated rats (it was actually the vet I was speaking to!) and she said, "Of course!" and said she really liked rats and loved to treat them. I also asked her about dog food, and she said she reccomends Royal Canin and Canidae, and dosen't like Science Diet! This is HUGE for me, because ALL of the other vets here reccomend Science Diet, and try to make me feel bad for feeding Canidae, and won't listed to me when I try to explain. Well, the vet and I talked for a bit, and I told her how happy I was to find a vet who reccomended premium brands and not grocery store food. I also asked if she would carry any other brands like Cali Natural, Wellness, Innova, etc. (I like to know what is available) and she said she wouldn't due to space reasons, which I understand.

Later, I was talking to a friend, and she pointed out that I should see about getting a job there as a receptionist, kennel help, or something. I hadn't thought of that, but I called back today, and the lady (it was the vet again, that I had talked to the other day) said that she is taking resumes, so I would like to send her one, but I haven't ever sent a resume before.

Things I would like to (or need to) include:

- I have volunteered at the animal shelter since I was 14, and I have accumulated over 120 hours. I volunteer because I love working with animals and I don't mind hard work.

- I have had 2 previous jobs, and have worked since I was 15.

- I currently have a job as a receptionist, and would rather work at the vet office because I would rather work with animals.

- I currently attened high school, and I am in school from 7 AM until 1:30 PM.

- I would be available and willing to work after school, weekends, and during the summer and other school breaks.

- I would like to work between 10 and 20 hours a week, but I am not sure if I should include that in the resume (it sounds like I am being picky/overdemanding)?

- I drive and have my own vehicle, so transportation is not a problem.

Other stuff:

- For one of my references, I have the lady who is the boss of the building at the animal shelter where I voulnteered at. I volunteered there the entire summer when I was 14, and although I didn't volunteer regularly since then, I did show up now and then to bring treats to the dogs, bring cookies to the workers, and sometimes volunteer for a little bit. She knows me pretty well from all this, and even knows my voice on the phone, lol. I called her and she said it was fine for me to use her as a reference, and she gave me her info to put on the resume.

- I could use one or some of my current coworkers as refernces, but my mom said I should use two of my teachers instead. My former ag teacher has had me in her class for 7 years, so she knows me. However, I am not sure how to ask a teacher for her phone number and address for a resume. (Do they really need the address, anyway?) Is it ok to ask?

- In my job as a receptionist, I book appointments, check out customers through the computer, sell retail product, clean (laundry, vaccum, sweep, mop, scrub countertops, orginize drawers), and handle customers. I would like to include this in my resume if I can, to show them that I already do these things, you know?

I know that not many places are willing to hire a 17 year old high school student, but I really want to give this a shot, and I really think I would be great at this job if I was given the chance. I would like to say alot about the volunteering at the animal shelter, but not sure how to include that? I have the animal handling skills from volunteering at the animal shelter, and I have front desk handling skills from working at the hair salon. I want to show them this, but not sure how.

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For your last point, I put in my CV my previous (or current) jobs, and then underneath "Duties:" and write pretty much what you said.

Although you are only 17, you have a very good CV, and the fact that you've volunteered (with animals, too) and are currently working as a receptionist (showing you can do the job you're applying for) gives you a very good chance I think. Try to put this stuff in your CV without over filling it, since prospective employers don't want to spend half an hour reading.

I always add a short letter on top of my CV, saying why I think I'd be good for the job and why I want to work there, along with roughly what days/hours I can do. If you do put that, add that you're willing to be flexible even if that's a bit of a lie, just so it doesn't seem like you're deciding your hours before you get the job.

Tell us if you get an interview!
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I have not much to say other than that you should go for it, definitely. You clearly have the skills and experience required. The general pattern for a resume (or CV) is: Personal details, Profile, work history, education, hobbies and interests. I'd be happy to read through anything you produce (pm)- I've helped individuals on community sentences before put together CVs - but I think it's better if you speak to a career advisor or get hold of a "how to write a cv/resume" book from the library. You do not want to write more than 2 pages of text - keep it brief, no employer wants to know your life story.

Profile: about you as a person. What are your strengths? Good communicator? Compassionate? Love of animals? Patient? etc. "I am a punctual and passionate person who has developed a plethora of transferable skills in my eraly career..." etc.

Work history: chronological. Dates and duties. Relate to current role. Simply list the details. "XXX, 2006-2007. Then: "At XX, my principal role was..." etc.


Hobbies (optional). Obviously relate this to the role. Say you like reading, writing, travelling, playing sports, caring for aninmals, etc. DON't say that you like watching movies, or getting drunk, etc.

If you wanted to include details about animal shleter work you could include this is your profile ("I am a caring, compassionate person and have experience working with abandoned animals, etc...), in the work history ("I have been an active Volunteer at X, provinding support for animals in need...") and in your hobbies ("In my spare time I enjoy spending time with animals..."). There is no reason at all that you cannot mention voluntary work - it is as valid as paid work.

In short, what does the vet's want? How do you offer this? You simply need to sell yourself. You've actually done a perfect job of doing so here with your post, but you need to polish it up, break it down into accepted categories (work history, education, etc) and "formalise" it a bit.
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Someone once advised me to put my "objective" near the top of my resume. For example, the objective could be "to gain experience in a professional environment and enhance/further improve upon my organizational and communication skills"

do you know what position you are applying for, or is this a general resume? Focus on your skills that will be most important to the job. Definately be sure to include your receptionist job. Even if you get a job working primarily with animals, you'll still need to deal with people sometimes, and the fact that you can book appointments and deal with customers shows you have communication skills and the ability to multitask. I wouldn't, however, explain in your resume why you want to leave your current job - unless you get an interview and they ask you then. All the other advice here is great!

Oh and to answer one of your questions, if you want to use an old teacher as a reference you could mention to her that you are applying for a job, and would she mind being a reference for you? I have no idea how it works where you live, but where I am we don't include references in a resume unless the employer shows interest and specifically asks for references. Maybe someone else here would have a better idea than me.

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I don't have any advice for you, but I can wish you good luck!
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