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Aussyj 05-05-2007 01:13 PM

I asked the Mod if it would be alright to post this, and I got a thumbs up. Unfortunately, I was unsure of where to put them, so if I have placed this in the wrong place - move it please.

On to the books!

- Vegan Lunch Box (Jennifer McCann of the Vegan Lunch Box Blog. I bought this new a few months ago from amazon. The book is in great condition and has some wonderful lunch ideas for kids and adults alike. I am asking for $10.00 on this one. This first person to ask for it gets it. I will send the payment details via PM and ship out the book once payment is received. The book is in great condition with no writing or scratches.)

-The Garden of Vegan: How it all Vegan Again (I have probably used this one the most. As such, it does have some marks in it from me cooking with it and what-not. I am only asking $5.00 for this one as such. Same procedure - The first request I get for it will receive payment details and such.)

- Vegan Planet (I got this book when I first really dwelled into cooking. It has barely been used. As such, its' condition is almost flawless. Due to the weight and size of this book - 576 pages in all - I am asking for $10.00 as well. Same procedure as the before mentioned books: First post gets it.)

-The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook 10th Anniversary Edition by Jo Stepaniak (Endless array of fake cheese recipes. Most only require spices and nutritional yeast, but the few block cheeses that are in here require a good coagulant such as agar flakes or powder. I have looked at this book many times, however I never once created any of the recipes. I just got lazy recently, and I just have not wanted to get creative. If you like cheese and wish to cut out the real stuff - this is the book for you! Not too thick or heavy, but it is in ABSOLUTELY perfect condition! Therefore, I am putting $10.00 on it. I have heard great things about this book.)

- Vegan Cooking for One (Perfect for single Vegans. I have tried almost all of these recipes, and I have enjoyed them all. They are simple, filling, and tasty! No ingredients called for were outrageous or out of the norm, but a lot of spices are used. A great life-saver for this single Vegan cook! I have used this book the most. Due to the normal wear of the amount of use it got, it is still in great condition - but not as much as the others. Therefore, this one is only $3.00 to cover at least part of the shipping. I will go through it tonight and erase the pencil marks I have put in for additions and such.)

- Fast Food Nation (Great book not only about the fast food industry, but the meat industry and convenience industry all in one. The best way I could describe this book is to say that it is like "Super Size Me", only written. It is a great read - and a great way to brush up on facts about why the meat industry is exactly so terrible. Great condition. $4.00 .)

-When Will Jesus Bring the Pork chops (The weirdest book I have ever witnessed. This book has nothing to do with Veg*nism, but I have read it already and it is only sitting around. If you like George Carlin and his comedy, you will love the book! Basically, it is him writing on his views of the world. This book is not for children, so take that into account.)

Further information about these books can be found on Amazon. The prices I asked didn't seem daunting when I thought them up, but if you really want a book and consider the price too high, PM me and we can try and work something out - Unless the book is already claimed. All forms of payment are accepted, however US dollars are the only currency I have use for in my residence. I will be moving soon, so I have to get rid of these one way or another. If they do not sell, I will try donating them to my local library.

Have a great day! Thanks for looking.


MorningCalm 05-14-2007 03:37 AM

I'd like The Garden of Vegan and Vegan Cooking for One if these are still available.

Aussyj 05-14-2007 04:21 PM

They are all still available, so now we just need to figure the rest out, I guess.

Mode of payment and such, just PM me?

evan_fabiani 05-14-2007 08:16 PM

im definitely interested in a few of these, but live in Canada. how would this work? shipping? etc?

Aussyj 05-15-2007 08:15 AM

That can work out, but shipping would cost more. Let me know which ones you want, and I tell ya what: I will get them weighed and all you have to pay is shipping. I don't want to charge you a ton, and I don't know how much shipping will be.

The Garden of Vegan and Vegan Cooking for One are both called for.

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