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LadyFaile 01-10-2003 09:57 PM

just having a chat with someone on msn and this topic came up.

were you bullied or were you the bully as a kid. know of some still today?

this one girl used to beat the snot out of me and the only teacher on recess duty was this old woman who believed children only cried for attention. when i'd run to her to tell her this girl pushed me down or punched or kicked me or whatever she'd say "stop crying those alligator tears and go play" so i'd go get my butt wooped again.

to me, that teacher was more of a bully than the girl.

Skylark 01-10-2003 10:04 PM

Considering that the few times that I did run into bullies I gave them a run for their money, I wasn't really bullied in my life. I'm sure my sisters at times thought I was acting like a bully myself, but the closest to bullying that I've come is working under the manager and owner of the farmer's market/grocery store where I work. Intimidation is the owner's favorite pastime, but his is more obtuse than that of the manager. The manager just makes you feel stupid in this really subtle way.

soilman 01-10-2003 11:31 PM

Hahaha. I like Funkified. If she's really like she says she is.

Kreeli 01-10-2003 11:49 PM

when i was in grade three i was the muscle-for-hire on the playground. smaller kids could give me candy or the sweets from their lunchboxes to act as their bodyguard or enforcer on the playground. i kicked a lot of grade fours and fives in the stomachs when they picked on girls and smaller kids. surprisingly, i never got in trouble for it, either.

stonecrest 01-11-2003 12:07 AM

i've been a pacifist for as long as i can remember, so i've never been a bully. i was bullied a bit in middle school, but nothing real bad.

and yeah, ladyfaile, that's one terrible teacher. she reminds me of the nurse from 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest'.

soilman 01-11-2003 06:24 AM

Very interesting, Kreeli. Candy or sweets huh? What if I needed your services, but was all out of candy and sweets, or never had any to begin with?

soilman 01-11-2003 08:46 AM

Well, soilman thinks it is best to not reveal, verbally, how he deals with bullies. He thinks it is best to avoid supplying information that they could hear directly, or pick up through the grapevine, about how they I might respond, because they might then know what to do to effectively prepare to deal with my response.

Funkified 01-11-2003 09:31 AM

ah, i see, soilamn. sort of. kind of. maybe. hmm.

luckiecharms 01-11-2003 09:32 AM

I was never beat up when I was a kid. and i never beat up anyone else. Though I do remeber a few years ago when me and my friend were in a fight and she told her older sister to beat me up. Her and her sister rode my bus so I rode the bus home with my friend. Then when alot of people at school heard about it they were on my side and everyone was against her!!!! And the next day on the bus all that she did was starting yelling at me and so i told her to shut up.

Verbivore 01-11-2003 10:57 AM

I wasn't physically abused but I was verbally harassed constantly until high school, mostly for being fat. The teachers either looked the other way or told me it was my fault. And they wondered why I couldn't concentrate on my schoolwork. In high school I lost a lot of weight thanks to anorexia and bulimia and all of the sudden everyone wanted to be nice to me. Even though nobody really cares about my weight anymore (at least not to my face), I'm still very bitter.

Kreeli 01-11-2003 11:01 AM

Originally posted by soilman

Very interesting, Kreeli. Candy or sweets huh? What if I needed your services, but was all out of candy and sweets, or never had any to begin with?

i often would work pro bono but it depended on the situation. i would judge for myself if the situation was serious enough it warranted my kicking abilities. if someone was being truly bullied, my "justice and revenge" instincts would fire up and i'd do it for the sheer pleasure of "learnin'" the bully a lesson.

Avalon 01-11-2003 11:12 AM

I was never physically bullied. I was Queen **** of the school up until halfway through Grade 5, so noone ever even attempted it.

Except this one experience I had:

There was a dog running around the playground one day, and due to earlier traumatic experiences I had had, I was really afraid of strange dogs. (My neighbour's giant newfoundlanders used to attack me when I was small, and hold me down on the ground).

So, OF COURSE, the dog starts following me around... and following and following... until it freaked me out so much I started to cry.

Then LEE CHAPLIN (little peckerhead) noticed I was upset, and said (not that this makes any sense) "What's the matter? Why are you so scared? Is it because maybe you have RABIES!??! hahahahaha. Avalon has rabies! Avalon has RABIES!!"

And all the ears of the kids around him perked up and they were drawn in, and all began to chant: "Avalon has RABIES! Avalon has RABIES!!!"

And then this ring of children formed around me, as I cried and cried, and the chant got louder and louder, till Lee suddently modified it:

"AVALON HAS RABIES!! AVALON HAS RAbiiieeesss.... HEY! ... AVALON HAS AIDS!!! AVALON HAS AAAIDS! Avalon has rabies! Avalon has AIDS!!! AVAlon has rabies! Avalon has AIDS!"

And then- all of a sudden, something happened.

I had a Hulk moment, and I got so angry I finally flipped out.

I launched myself at Lee Chaplin and grabbed him by the collar, shrieking. With one fell swoop, and sudden super-human strength, I swung him around and around, by his neck, and then FLUNG him a good 10 feet.

Like some bad after-school special, his eyes got all big like dinner plates when he hit the ground, and he started scrambling away, yelling "Let's get out of here, guys!!"


HE never bothered me again.


Funkified 01-11-2003 11:24 AM

You have rabies?

old yeller had rabies!

Funkified 01-11-2003 11:25 AM

and that was one depressing movie

LadyFaile 01-11-2003 04:24 PM

Verbivore that sucks. i was teased for the opposite reason, i was really skinny and physically weak. even adults bugged me about it, i remember being told all the time that i looked sick cause i also have really light skin.

elementary school wasn't too bad though, one boy used to pick on me a lot but he also stuck up for me if anyone else tried anything, if he saw me crying he'd always ask what happened and offer to beat someone up for me. he bullied a lot of kids and was a total class clown, but i think when he teased me it was only for show. one time when we were having lunch he sat at my table and was bugging me so i turned away with my back to the table, when i turned back to take a drink from my juice box there was a big booger on the end of my straw and he just sat there laughing his butt off. and of course at that age anything involving boogers is funny so i couldn't stay mad.

jr. high was the worst though, new school, new kids, all the kids i'd gone to school with since kindergarten were still at the old school, and since i was shy i had a hard time making new friends there. a lot of the kids there tried to act older and were into drugs and sex and stuff (at like age 13) and i wasn't. it was a rough 3 years, i always regretted switching schools. one girl i made friends with there bullied me a lot cause she was bigger than me. we hung out after school and we got along fine, but around our classmates she was always mean and joined in if they were making fun of me. once in class she said something mean and i hit her over the head with a book and it made such a loud noise the whole class stopped and stared and the teacher yelled at me. but like a week later she pissed me off in the hall and was making fun of my size and i said i could take her down if i wanted to, she laughed, so i pushed her down flat on her butt.

majake 01-11-2003 05:11 PM

i stuck up for a kid once in the 5th grade, he got mad at me cause they were his "friends" so after that i just kept to myself. I was bullied, sort of, in the 7th grade, some dickhead and his friends would give me a hard time, this went on for about a week. Then we were playing soccer and dickhead, as im kicking the ball past him on my way to score a goal, tries to trip me. I was so pissed i let the ball go on without me and went to beat the **** out of him and gave him a verbal dressing down, the coach arrived before it came to fists but his ass would have been... uhmm grass, i guess. They didnt bother me after that.

Skylark 01-11-2003 11:42 PM

I always WANT to rise to the defence of others, but sometimes fear of losing my job or making some real enemies prevents me. :-(

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