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*Star*Lass* 12-13-2004 06:05 AM

Happy Birthday!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Foxy 12-13-2004 06:10 AM

Happy B-Day to the no-longer teen!

cyk 12-13-2004 06:15 AM

Have a great day! Happy Birthday!

kpickell 12-13-2004 06:24 AM

Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the big boys board.

Oh and I can officially call you a hottie now that you're no longer a teen.

borealis 12-13-2004 06:40 AM

Happy Loki day!

GhostUser 12-13-2004 07:03 AM

*sigh* They grow up too quickly! Happy birthday!!!!

rincaro 12-13-2004 07:04 AM

Happy Birthday Loki!!!!

Vicky 12-13-2004 07:07 AM

awww happy birthday !!!

carnelian 12-13-2004 07:33 AM

Happy Birthday, Loki!

Cherry Head 12-13-2004 07:40 AM

Hope you have a great day Loki!!

Gothic Sponge 12-13-2004 07:42 AM

Happy Birthday!

Loki 12-13-2004 07:55 AM

Wooo!!!! Thanks everyone!

GhostUser 12-13-2004 07:59 AM

Happy Birthday Loki!!! You're officially a geezer! (just kiddin)

808veggie 12-13-2004 08:05 AM

how many of these do you get?

synergy 12-13-2004 08:34 AM

happy birthday!

aliciam712 12-13-2004 09:42 AM

happy birthday!

TreeManEarthSteward 12-13-2004 09:56 AM

May I still call you DUDE despite this rise in occasion Sir Loki (Dude?) ...Happy Birthday Dude!!!!

Formerbaboon 12-13-2004 10:07 AM

THE BIG 2-0!!! Happy Birthday!

berrykat 12-13-2004 10:14 AM

happy b'day!

Ntelligentidiot 12-13-2004 10:17 AM

Happy birthday! Congratulations on being 20!

Loki 12-13-2004 10:23 AM

i dunno about sir. That's not really a title i'm going for. the one title I'm after is esquire.

but dude suits me just fine! I'm about the only person i know of who says dude.

Formerbaboon 12-13-2004 10:25 AM

And another year..

VegiBoB 12-13-2004 11:23 AM

happy birthday! *hug*

Astarte 12-13-2004 11:44 AM

Happy not being allowed to post in the teen forum anymore!

And happy birthday too.

Walter 12-13-2004 12:06 PM

Happy birthday, Loki! Welcome to adulthood, grab caution from the wind and settle down!

GhostUser 12-13-2004 12:12 PM

Happy Birthday, man. Remember, stay away from voodoo, and have a great day!

The Rev

spud 12-13-2004 12:31 PM


Azalea 12-13-2004 01:01 PM

Gratulerer med dagen!

Cissy 12-13-2004 01:53 PM

Happy Birthday! You're 20!

skunkpumpkin 12-13-2004 01:54 PM

yaaaaaay for LOKI!

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