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misq17 11-09-2004 05:34 PM

I'm 15 (almost) and my ears are currently unpierced. I've been considering getting them done even though I'm not that into girly stuff and jewelry, I love cool earrings. I have yet to ask my parents, but it's probably okay with them, so should I get it done?

I'm also wondering, everybody assures me this doesn't happen, but I see my hair getting stuck in earrings since it's decently long and I never put it up. Does this ever actually happen?

ceryna 11-09-2004 05:38 PM

I don't have any trouble with my hair getting caught on my earrings, and I have several. My hair is just past my shoulders.

If you do get it done, please consider going to a qualified body piercer who will use a sterile needle. The piercing guns used at jewelry shops and the like cannot be autoclaved, so they are less sanitary.

woodentree 11-09-2004 05:38 PM

The only time I got my hair caught in my earrings (very rarely) was when I wore studs, when I had really long hair. I wear small hoops and I don't have any problems.

Dirty Martini 11-09-2004 05:42 PM

If you want them, do it. It is not permanent so if you don't like it, you can always take them out and there won't be a big scar or anything. I have 9 earrings and don't get my hair caught in them (granted it's short - but even when it was long it didn't get caught).

And please heed ceryna's advice and go to a professional piercing salon (NOT the kind in the mall). They're much cleaner AND the piercers just do a much better job in general (evenness, accuracy, etc). And they're usually *so* friendly because they love what they do - they're not pissy about working in the mall.

GhostUser 11-09-2004 05:50 PM

I'm all for.. yes yes yes get it!

I want another hole in my lobes too! I have 2 in each ear lobe, then a cartlidge piercing.. but yeah it's way better to get it done with a needle! And suprisingly it hurts less too!

It doesn't hurt all that much, if that's one thing you're worried about!

And if you get them done, then don't like them you can always just wait til they heal then take them out!

mayuko 11-09-2004 05:53 PM

i don't think i've ever gotten hair caught in my earrings. but i sure get it caught in my eyebrow ring a lot

go for it, man! i got my ears pierced for the first time when i was three years old, heh.

GhostUser 11-09-2004 05:53 PM

I got my ears pierced when I was 22. Yes, not until 22. Despite what other women told me, it wasn't that exciting. I did everything I was supposed to, but my ears were infected non-stop for 1 month, which spread to my ears (as in, inside). I took out the earrings out earlier then I should b/c of the infections (as per my doctor).

I rarely wear my earrings and when I do, I usually get an infection again (even though I clean the area AND the earrings before putting them in).

rabid_child 11-09-2004 06:01 PM

I have long hair and I've never gotten it caught in my earrings. I forget which earrings of mine but there's a pair that towels and clothing get caught on, and I go "Owowowowow!!!" and have to detangle it. Just don't get that kind

Really though, I had mine done when I was 12, and it only stings for a minute, its easy to take care of, and while I rarely wear fancy earrings, I always just keep a small hoop or a small gold/silver ball in to keep the hole open. (yes, after 13 yrs, mine still try to close if I leave earrings out)

Funkified 11-09-2004 06:01 PM


i'm 24 and dont have mine peirced. i would end up spending way too much on cool earings if i did, though. i've hought about it before ,but it's just not me. i like my ears hole-less

GhostUser 11-09-2004 07:25 PM

go for it. i've had holes in my ears for 23 years. (which is strange considering I dont even wear earrings anymore.) oh well, thats not the point. c'mon misq!! all the cool kids are doin it.

skunkpumpkin 11-09-2004 07:28 PM

it's good fun. go for it.

tearhsong2 11-09-2004 07:34 PM

If it's something you really want to do, go for it.

My ears were pierced when I was 11. I haven't worn earrings since I was probably 16 or 17, so my holes have since grown in. Earrings can be nice, but I found I spent way too much money on them. I also dealt with a lot of infections. I've thought about having them repierced, but it's not something that's really me anymore.

thebelovedtree 11-09-2004 07:50 PM

To echo what others have said if you do have them done, don't get them done with a gun, go to a piercing parlor or tattoo parlor that does piercings and get them done. Not only are they unsanitary when done with a piercing gun, they are not as accurate and the wound is a crush wound rather than a puncture wound, which causes problems with healing. Plus if a stud is used to pierce with there is a pretty good chance that drainage won't be good, increasing the chance of infection, plus there is a risk of one end of the earring coming through the hole. I could go on but I'll spare you.

I can't tell you enough how much I hate piercing guns! I do love piercings though, I've had my lip pierced (sadly I had to take it out for work) so I'm thinking about getting my septum pierced (that part between your nose) because thats really cute and easy to hide. I also have a couple holes in each ears, and my belly button done, and while cheap metals do tend to give me an infection if I take care of them they don't cause me any problems.

rincaro 11-09-2004 07:59 PM

I have three in each ear. I've had very long hair (although it's just collarbone length now). Either way, getting it caught up was a once in a while thingy. No worries.

silverundertone 11-09-2004 09:08 PM

if you want to...go for it..


ive had mine since i was 14..took forever to convince the parents to let me get it done..

and just recently i added two more holes to my right ear...(did it myself...probly not a good idea..)..ended up pulling them both out in my sleep...(i wont go into detail why...)..and had to jam something back into them so they wouldnt close..

but they seem to be healing ok now though....

...and i agree with what many have said about the guns..theyr a bad idea...

id take the needle anyday..


AngelOfDance 11-09-2004 09:22 PM

Go for it. Fun earrings are great.

I've never gotten my hair caught except when I wore pointy snowflake-shaped earrings and when I wore dangly cat-shaped earrings that had long legs and tails and other things sticking out all over the place.

I'm pretty sure you're not a ball-sports-player... right? Earrings can be pretty dangerous if you are. More than once, my little sister has come to me after having a ball or another player hit her in the side of the head... it embedded the jewel part of the earring into her earlobe twice and got the sharp pointy part and the earring back stuck in the soft flesh behind her ear once. She always comes to me to get it out because I won't yell at her and I'll pull it out with minimal pain. But... you also don't have a big sister to help extract things from your head.

I think you'd look pretty with earrings, though. As long as you're not planning on playing rough on a regular basis, the risks are relatively low.

rij73 11-09-2004 09:28 PM

My ears were pierced when I was 2 weeks old! I didn't have much of a choice, but I'm glad they are... My hair has been every imaginable length, and it has never gotten caught in my earrings too badly. Sometimes when it's windy, it will get caught a little, but you just gently pull it out, or take the earring off and untangle the hair. I've certainly never been hurt or bothered by it.

brownieB26 11-09-2004 09:57 PM

I've had mine pierced since I was six, and I've had some bad infections, but then again I had my family friend (who was a doctor) pierce them in my basement. I've only even gotten mine caught on my ahir when I wore fancy chandaliers or open back hoops. I say go for it. It's great for when you need just one thing to dress an outfit up or down.

borealis 11-09-2004 10:06 PM

my hair rarely gets caught in my earrings when it's loose, but if i have braids they sometimes get snagged. and scarves get caught in them now and then. especially light flimsy kind of scarves -- the kind you don't want to get snagged because they show every tiny rip...

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