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why do people think bankers are evil scum?

nikki haley
10:30 AM 06-08-2018
why do people believe bankers are evil scum?
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David3's Avatar David3
08:08 PM 06-09-2018
It's in our nature to formulate stereotypes about people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereotype . With awareness and education, we can begin to overcome our stereotypes.
06:57 AM 08-19-2018
This is an old thread, but I just stumbled across it.

I think it's important to distinguish between bankers and big banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, etc.). Almost everyone employed at any bank is referred to as a "banker". It's ridiculous to think that they're all "evil scum".

However, when big banks are the issue, a mere modicum of research will show just how evil their tactics are.

So, yes, big banks are "evil scum", but it doesn't follow that all bankers are evil scum.
vefo's Avatar vefo
12:45 AM 08-29-2018
Australia is in the process of having a Royal commission into Banks and their associated products. It's certainly been an eye opener although not surprising and pretty well confirms that the banks have a disgraceful level of contempt for their customers.
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