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AngelOfDance 08-28-2004 09:43 AM

I think we may have had this game before. I've heard ABOUT it but it was before my time...

so the object of the game is to be the threadkiller. That is, the last person to post in the thread. You want to post something so weird or dumb or whatever that nobody can think of a response. The response has to relate to what the person above you said, and it has to be at least two real words (no "hmm eep" or anything) After forty eight hours, if nobody has posted in the thread, the last poster wins... something. I'll surprise you.

so... let the threadkilling begin!

eta: also not "I second that" "I agree" "me too" etc. or simply repeating what the person above you said.

mayuko 08-28-2004 09:50 AM

yeah, there's already a thread like this.... but it was killed, so hey!

AngelOfDance 08-28-2004 09:51 AM

I know... I figured we can't keep playing a game that's already been won...

Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 09:53 AM

I had gas. Any suggestions?

AngelOfDance 08-28-2004 09:57 AM

I suggest reading the rules and seeing that your post must relate to the post above you.

Blue Plastic Straw 08-28-2004 10:03 AM

Rules are for people who don't get enough fiber.

BoysStink 08-28-2004 10:06 AM

Originally Posted by Formerbaboon View Post

I had gas. Any suggestions?


AngelOfDance 08-28-2004 10:10 AM

the post above you means the post directly above you.

I feel like the neurotic kid in the schoolyard. "NO! you're not PLAYING RIGHT!!!"

Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 10:14 AM

I was a neurotic kid.

AngelOfDance 08-28-2004 10:42 AM

you mean even MORE neurotic than you are now?

Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 11:40 AM

no. it grows with age.

revelsunrise 08-28-2004 12:31 PM

I keep aging. I wish it would stop.

JavaPrincess 08-28-2004 12:48 PM

find the fountain of youth... or Tuck Everlasting....

revelsunrise 08-28-2004 12:48 PM

I'm too old for that. I don't have the energy to go looking for the Fountain of Youth!

BrewingStorm 08-28-2004 12:51 PM

I visited the fountain of youth once, didn't work.

Cissy 08-28-2004 12:57 PM

I'm still 17, I suppose I don't need it.

BrewingStorm 08-28-2004 12:58 PM

yeah, I was only 8 at the time, so maybe it did work.


JavaPrincess 08-28-2004 01:15 PM

im pretty sure i drank from the wrong one. the one that makes you emotionally younger and physically age... maybe you did too.

BrewingStorm 08-28-2004 01:26 PM

hmmm, that sounds about right, I think I did.

Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 01:40 PM

you did, eh? I think I have wrinkles, at 15!

clickman 08-28-2004 02:07 PM

Sounds like you haven't been using those wrinkle-prevention creams. Good thing, too, because the FDA has said they cause a severe case of hemrroids.

thebelovedtree 08-28-2004 02:11 PM


Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 02:11 PM

my dad has hemeroids. I hope they arent genetic!

AngelOfDance 08-28-2004 02:15 PM

I'm sure your dad would be absolutely thrilled to know that you're telling the internet world that he has hemrroids

Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 02:21 PM

we don't have too many inhibitions, even about the roids.

porvida 08-28-2004 02:27 PM

once I looked in the drawer in a bathroom at my house and there was 'roid cream.

ynaffit 08-28-2004 02:35 PM

preparation h is useful on hand rips (from bars)

Cissy 08-28-2004 03:18 PM

I've heard of it being used on undereye bags too.

Formerbaboon 08-28-2004 03:26 PM

i wonder if undereye bags have handles.

babybat 08-28-2004 03:28 PM

I don't know what an under eye bag is.

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