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Mp3 player not working right.

Pirate Huntress's Avatar Pirate Huntress
02:00 PM 04-29-2010
I got an mp3 player online, and it came in the mail today. When I first got it on, it was working JUST fine. I was playing music - it sounded completely normal. But then I guess I grabbed it too hard because it now has a staticy sound to it.

-It also has a built in speaker, which is also making static noise. It's one of those mp3 players that can play music with or without headphones.

It's even making static sounds when no music is playing.
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Beancounter's Avatar Beancounter
02:20 PM 04-29-2010
just grabbing it too hard couldn't effect the sound. Most are built fairly sturdy.

My guess is that the headphone jack is loose. (not fully plugged in) or some other issue with the headphone wires.
Pirate Huntress's Avatar Pirate Huntress
02:50 PM 04-29-2010
*Phew*... I found out what the problem was. It was actually on the FAQ (to my surprise..) Thanks anyway.

I found out it was frozen - and just needed to be reset. I never had that problem with an mp3 player.. Weird.
Beancounter's Avatar Beancounter
02:59 PM 04-29-2010
What ended up being the problem?
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