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Tom 09-26-2019 04:41 PM

1) I've been seeing a lot of Monarch butterflies lately (over the past month).
2) The weather's been fine.
3) I'm taking tomorrow off from work.
4) I like my job.
5) At work, someone had a minor problem, and I remembered the fix for it even though it's been a long time since I dealt with that particular issue.

Purp 01-17-2020 10:45 PM

1. It's Friday :vebo:
2. It snowed on Monday. :santa:
3. It snowed on Tuesday :elf:
4. It's Friday. :bobo:
5. It's a Three Day Weekend.

etherea 01-22-2020 09:24 AM

It isn't particularly cold and damp

It's one day closer to my knee surgery

Walked all day without a cane

My husband and dog are not pissing me off :)

I feel exceptionally fine mentally and physically (knee not included)

Tom 01-23-2020 05:51 PM

1) Winter is half-over.
2) It's not completely over- so everybody who loves snow (ugh), ice (TRIPLE-ugh), and all that can still enjoy it.
3) I found my driver's license/ID (I knew it was around here someplace).
4) I went through a lot of clutter today.
5) I've been looking into getting solar electricity for my place- and I think this year it's going to happen, one way or another.

Tom 02-01-2020 01:58 PM

1) I had a terrific vegan burrito for lunch today.
2) My left knee was bothering me, but it's getting better.
3) I found a new home for the last 2 of the goldfish I took in quite some time ago. (I made it clear to the one who adopted them that I would take them back if it didn't work out... but his 5-6-year-old son seems to love them! The dad, who took them, will be responsible for their care.)
4) I'm planning a trip to Ontario sometime from late Spring to early-mid Summer.

Purp 02-02-2020 08:31 PM

1. Football season is over
2. Spring training is coming up soon
3. It's a nice day
4. Still vegan after all these years
5. I got two anniversary presents, both in February done

Purp 10-18-2020 04:12 PM

1. It's October
2. This lousy year is almost over
3. It's Sunday
4. Music
5. My Christmas gifts I sent to Australia got there in 2 weeks.

Quintin blain 10-26-2020 10:00 AM

1 waking up and feeling better from being sick after having a reaction to protein Powder
2 getting to take the day off and relax
3 having a breakfast of raw fruit and it made me feel great after not being able to eat last night
4 being alive and appreciating things
5 .. #4 goes a long way

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