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The following are two e-mails from LUSH cosmetics.

There is a link to a petition at the end.

Essentially the EU is bandying about the idea of requiring all raw materials be tested on animals, which would make it impossible to buy cruelty-free products with materials originating in Europe. It would also mean a huge increase in the torment and torture of innocent animals in laboratories.

excerpts from a lush email last month:

30 Years Later, Still Against Animal Testing.

We believe in buying only from companies that test for safety without the involvement of animals and in testing our products on humans.

The consumer has the ability to make powerful choices everyday. Why do people shop with Lush? We know we make wonderful handmade products for the bath, hair and body with the freshest, highest quality ingredients but also know who we are, and what we believe in counts for something too.

By receiving this newsletter you're familiar with Lush and perhaps you've already checked out the Against Animal Testing links on our website. Lush Cosmetics has embarked on a massive, worldwide campaign to promote and support cruelty free testing. Proposed European Union (E.U.) regulations may enforce animal testing and threatens Lush's moral and ethical choices. European legislation is proposing that all raw materials used in the production of cosmetics should be tested on animals. Although we make Lush products by hand in Canada for the North American market, we still receive 70 -80% of our raw materials directly from the UK. This proposal affects Lush's entire business, greatly reduces the cosmetics industrys ability to produce cruelty free products and compromises consumer choice.

We are looking for public support to maintain our strict anti cruelty policy, and aim to educate our customers and the public on current animal testing policies. For the past 30 years Mark Constantine and the founders of Lush have been at the forefront of developing cruelty free products and fighting animal testing.

What does this mean to you? Cosmetic products that you use on a daily basis are subject to testing for public safety. Products that you use on your body should be safe to use but they do not have to be tested on animals to assure public safety. Since the movement to stop animal testing started, policies have been created to work with cosmetics companies and raw materials suppliers to end animal cruelty.

The Five Year Rolling Rule was a fantastic beginning when no other policies existed. If suppliers of raw materials stopped testing an ingredient for cosmetic use for five years, a declaration was signed, and cosmetics companies could purchase cruelty free ingredients. However, a major drawback of this policy was its lack of incentive to end all animal testing. If a supplier wanted to be 100% cruelty free, they could not sell their products for five years. As the public became more aware of animal testing, newer, more effective policies needed to be adopted to meet public demand and create broader change.

This need resulted in the creation of the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS). This policy differs from the Five Year plan as it provides a solid framework and unites companies in advocating and educating the public for cruelty free changes. The HCS policy allows companies to set cut off dates for suppliers to stop animal testing on ingredients used for cosmetic purposes. However, supplier companies can continue to test the exact same ingredients for other purposes, such as food. Also, if a supplier decided to end all animal testing after the cosmetics companys cut off date, materials tested prior to that date could not be sold as cruelty free and this diminishes any incentive to stop animal testing completely.

Lush has a strict policy against animal testing, but we differ in our means to this end. We try to keep it as simple as possible- we are consumers too and use that fact to our advantage. We do not test our products on animals and we do not buy from any suppliers who do. No money from Lush goes to companies that test on animals, and we go further to ensure that the companies we buy from do not carry out animal testing on ANY materials sold for any other purposes, or other companies. By doing this, we give an economic incentive to suppliers and have convinced two companies to switch to cruelty free practices as a result. If a company will alter their practices, we will buy their goods.

At the current time Lush is the only company with such a policy, and by adopting this policy we do not mean to criticize the efforts of any organization or company with policies to end animal cruelty. Our policy is the result of a personal effort to reduce animal testing, for companies who supply raw materials to change the way they test for safety and to stop money from going to companies who we believe are morally unsound.

It is hard to fathom that after spending 30 years campaigning and working towards a cruelty free industry that we may be forced to take a step backwards. You will notice that in our shops and through Mail Order we will be issuing postcards, buttons and the Lush Times to promote the issue, and the website has added links for further information. We are asking that you take a moment to question how you feel about animal testing and if you believe in what we are doing, wed appreciate your support.

Thank you to everyone who wrote emails in reference to our Earth Day article. The reaction has been overwhelming and I am still responding to everyone who wrote in. Write me a note at any time and I will answer just as soon as I can.

Auntie V

this month's email from lush:

After 30 years of efforts to end animal testing it is sometimes easy to forget that not all companies adhere to such strict policies or policies at all. We hope that the last issue of Lush Life helped raise questions, and answered others. Lushs policy is much like a consumer boycott. We do not purchase any materials from suppliers whose ethics do not match our own. As a consumer, you have the opportunity to make similar choices everyday and we thank you for your outpouring of support.

If we do not test on animals, how do we test for the safety of our products? It is quite a process that merges scientific practice and human results. When a product makes it through the creative design process and is scheduled for launch, Lush UK makes a test batch and sends it to human volunteers who use the product. The volunteers fill out an extensive questionnaire that asks if the product was effective for the intended purpose and if it caused reactions. The questionnaires are then collected and the information is compiled in a document sent to two specialists. The specialists, one a doctor, check the product formula, review the results, and based on their analysis certify the release of the product. If they feel the product is not yet ready to be released or does not meet standards, we make any necessary changes or delay the product release until standards are met.

The creative team for Lush has years of experience and education in the conception of products. When creating new products this experience allows the team a good understanding of how products should turn out and what works- allowing room for mistakes and minor stumbling blocks of course. In addition to the creative teams expertise, a pre-existing inventory of cosmetic ingredients already exists with long history of use and these are generally accepted as safe. With every product Lush makes, we aim for them to be fun, effective and safe.

Our products are safely tested by humans, in the manner for which the products are intended, not on animals. We believe that this method is more reliable, and more relevant. Due to the significant differences between species in skin, hair, eyes, metabolism and absorption rates, animal testing cannot define clear relationships between the test and the intended product use. Results can vary from test to test, and from lab to lab. Fortunately, new and humane testing methods exist and are continuing to be developed. Computer prediction, in vitro (test tube) and cell-based tests are becoming effective, reliable and humane testing replacements.

In our quest to source out the highest quality ingredients for our products, we go beyond our strict animal testing policies, and aim to make the best ethical choices possible in other ways too. For instance, the manager of the UK Fresh department (the department where the lovely Fresh masks are made every week), thought he was getting the best quality organic, free-range eggs possible. Imagine his dismay when he discovered that the label on the egg carton was only covering another- non-organic and non-free range. Instead of settling for statements on possibly untrustworthy labels, he embarked on a quest to personally search out the best quality eggs by visiting all of the farms on a regular basis to see how much room the chickens have to run, and what they are fed.

If you believe in what we are doing click here and sign our petition. Thank you!

Happy Bathing,

Miss V

please sign the petition to end testing on animals:
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I had no idea about this Meatless - thanks for letting us know - I just signed the petition and I hope others do as well.

What a step backwards the EU is proposing. LUSH is a pretty amazing company to be so committed to not using materials that were animal tested.

It makes me glad I spend my money on their products.

(plus they make me smell great! )
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Jesus Christ!!! Thanks for this meatless. Wow... this is just terrible. It is almost unbelievable. I wonder what idiot country proposed this measure. Am going to try and find out more.
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Thank you for posting that. I had no idea.
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