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suomi 06-10-2004 06:31 PM

Hey. So I've been a vegetarian for a year, but during this year I have not eaten healthy for the whole time. I've gone though ED stuff, but I haven't been regularly binging/purging/starving in a long time. I've started running, even though I'm not very good and just working out. I'm trying to eat healthier, or eating what I need to live and not overeating, but it's hard. I

get depressed when I hang out with my thin friends or overeat. Does anybody have any advice on what I should eat everyday in order to lose weight? Because I need to lose weight (i'm "at risk for being overweight") and I have high cholesterol. I just want to make a lifestyle change and not have to obsess over food. Any advice?



Formerbaboon 06-10-2004 06:58 PM

Um, lower fat foods. Excersise is good.

GhostUser 06-10-2004 07:02 PM

Risk of being overweight? Excuse me for a moment There, sorry about that. I can continue now.

Don't go too low w/ the fats; they keep your belly happy and your skin/hair nice. not to mention they help brain function!

Start slow. Tackle one area of your life and move to another one when you've mastered the first. For example, first goal should be to add 5-10 fruits and vegetables daily. If that's too daunting, add 1 new vegetable or fruit per week to your diet for that week. When you've mastered that, move on to eating a serving of beans at least every other day. etc. Just take it slow. This isn't a race.

Work on adding 20 minutes of exercise a day minimum. If that's too much work, work on 10 minutes. BTW, walking is exercise.

Take your time, look after yourself.

Scorpius 06-10-2004 07:11 PM

Originally Posted by Formerbaboon View Post

Um, lower fat foods. Excersise is good.

But not too much excersise. It can get as addicting as pills!!

Not to scare you or anything , happens, esp. if you've been through ED "things" like you've said you have.

I should just stop now, right?

But I won' high fiber foods too!!!

JavaPrincess 06-10-2004 07:16 PM

keep in mind that if you have already had been through an eating disorder your at risk for relapsing. if you deciding dieting is your solution. anyone can maintain or lose to a healthy weight eating just about anything as long as its a reasonable amount and your diet is well balanced which is what krista was talking about getting to. in the late 80's early 90's there were even diet books written around this whole premise. the non diet diet. If you are really worried about cholestorol and such go see a nutritionist who specializes in eating disorders for a couple of consultations. only because they can give you advice on how to deal with your health without risking the recovery you accomplished

GhostUser 06-10-2004 07:20 PM

Basically, they are both saying to follow what I said

Artichoke47 06-10-2004 07:24 PM

Make sure you get enough calories. Make sure you don't get too many calories.

tearhsong2 06-10-2004 08:13 PM

What Krista said. Don't obsess about losing weight. Being thin doesn't equal health and happiness. Just worry about improving your diet, your own mental health (the ED), and do *a bit* of exercise. Take it slow, baby steps at a time if you need to. The weight is a non-issue if you're taking good care of yourself--once you take good care of yourself the weight should come up or come off into your body's healthy range (everybody is unique in this).

Cassiel 06-11-2004 10:34 AM

I just had to add that the one thing which really pulled my eating into line was running, so good for you. If you really love to run (as I do), you tend to obsess a little (be careful), but it has the effect of making you do all you can to make your workouts really GOOD. If you don't eat enough, or eat the right things, your run is going to suck. If you eat too much, your run is going to suck (I always feel sluggish). Running seems to teach you what your body needs for fuel. Every time I've been deficient in some nutrient, for instance, running is how I found out about it. Iron? You physically can not run without it. Calcium? If you LIKE muscle spasms, try running without it. Too little fat? No distance. Too little water? Well, with that one, EVERYTHING falls down. Just my two cents. And welcome to the world of runners, Suomi.

rainbowmoon 06-11-2004 07:14 PM

NO NO NO NO dieting.

Until you decide it is time to have a healthy, EVERYDAY lifestyle, you will probably never feel better. I have been through umpteen cycles of yo yo dieting...originally I lost 30 pounds dieting, but I was so obessed with eating and exercise, eventually I started to binge, and got back up to 170. Finally I realized...there HAS to be a better way.

And there is. It is called exercise moderatley, eat healthfully and moderatley, and most importantly, GET OVER IT. Maybe you are not going to weigh 115 or whatever, not everybody's body is the same. If you are going to go by anything, DO NOT choose weight- pay and have your body fat composition measured. Although I realize that this can also turn into an obsession, it costs more money then the scale and ALSO, a majority of people who treat their bodies right have a healthy body fat composition, even if their weight is "high".

In my opinion, there are some steps you can do to deal with body image issues- because at the core, thats probably mainly what you are dealing with here? I try to focus on my HABITs, rather than my weight/size, and I also try to remember that beauty does not only come in a size 6. I am tired, tired, tired, of society telling women what they need to look like, dress like, and what SIZE they should be. I'm a size 14, and I weigh 170 pounds, but I don't give a **** anymore. I eat well, I exercise- and although I am sure my weight WILL go down and I WILL be happy about it, I also am trying to stay focused on who I am as a person and how I treat my body, rather than my weight.

Alright, I've rambled enough for the two of us here. Good luck, take care of yourself.



rainbowmoon 06-11-2004 07:23 PM

Part II

Eating healthfully- Hehe.

Ok, so the way I look at it is, your body will tell you what it needs. I- like Cassiel- have discovered that 'sports' of any kind, really, help you tune into your bodies the morning, for example, I know I need carbs before I workout. At lunch time I need carbs and protein- protein to help rebuild muscles and carbs to keep me going. My last evening meal is based largely around proteins, because the day is coming to an end.

I break food into three basic groups- fats, carbs, and proteins. Within these groups, I believe there are certain foods that are better sources of fat, carbs, and protein than others. For example, an almond is a better source of fat than say, a cupcake. So the easiest way for me to approach healthy eating is to make sure I get enough foods from each group, and to choose healthy sources of each macronutrient. For example, rather than eating a donut for carbs, have some brown rice or some oatmeal...and when you feel like you need a sensible treat, have it. Just treat yourself with love, and your weight will even out.

suomi 06-14-2004 01:33 PM

This weekend hasn't been good. I have overeaten, but made myself stop. Today I've eaten decent, and I went for a good run. I love running. A month ago I was eating very healthy and running and I felt great...I want to get back to that. Cassiel, you are so right about teaches you a lot. I just think if I continue running, my body will tell me what it needs. I just need to get over the feeling that I need to have something and cannot delay the pleasure. And I had one purging incident...but I felt awful. If I can just stop overeating I won't feel the need to relieve myself...thanks for everybody's input. =)


Gashlycrumb 06-15-2004 11:59 AM

Personally, I think it is all about motivation. Who are you are trying to impress? If that someone is anyone but you, you will never succeed.

By "it" I'm talking about leading a healthy, fit lifestyle. Don't even think about dieting. The minute that word appears in your mind, I am sure you immediately feel deprived. What it took for me to achieve a fit body was thinking about what I truly wanted for my life. I wanted to be a strong, active woman. Not a sleepy, anxious anorexic. It took some scary fainting at work and threats of being sent to a hospital to get my life in order (back in 1990). Now I am completely happy with how I look and it has nothing to do with my weight. It has to do with my level of fitness. I recommend that you find sports or activities that you enjoy and can do during the changing seasons. For example, I couldn't stand the cold in winter (I would hibernate with my Playstation), so to have something to look forward to when the temperature started to drop, I started snowboarding. If you stay physically active, the shape of a strong and healthy body will follow.

Eating the proper foods is what gives you the energy to stay active. The only things I focus on with food is eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein, and beans/grains every day. Cooking your own food rather than eating out is a big key to a healthy meal. By cooking, I'm not talking about frozen veggie dinners or boxed meals. Learn how to cook some amazing vegan meals from scratch. It's cheap and interesting. "How it All Vegan" and "Garden of Vegan" are two fun and easy cookbooks. Give it a chance and let me know how it goes. I wish you success in your efforts...

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