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Marjoram 02-10-2013 12:59 PM

I ate at the Green Panther for the first time yesterday. Me and a meat eater friend went to the restaurant located on 2153 Mackay street right next to Crudescence.


I went for the their famous falafels in a pita sandwich, with a carrot/coriander potage and brownies for dessert, raspberry limonade for drink.


First of all let me tell you that my friend tried falafels before and hated them, but he trusted me and ordered the same menu as I. At the first bite his eyes opened up wide and YUM! was the first thing he said lol. The falafels were delicious, crispy outside, moist and flavorful inside, the bread was good also and the filling and sauce in good harmony with the falafels.

The soup was spicy and delicious and the brownies... omg the brownies! To die for! Fudge texture and not too sweet. We agreed we will bring more friends to the Green Panther. The prices were also very good, we got a full meal and drink for under 15$

ScienceVegan 02-11-2013 08:12 AM

That place is so good! I highly recommend the butter tarts and carrot cake, too.

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