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vegan groups in london

pspence3's Avatar pspence3
10:40 AM 03-07-2012
Hi, just wondering if anybody knows of any veg*n groups in London. I've looked on a few sites and there seems to be a few in Toronto and surrounding area but nothing in London.

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Fushichou's Avatar Fushichou
11:19 AM 03-07-2012
You have the London vegan meetup group (
There is also one for vegetarians.
pspence3's Avatar pspence3
04:17 PM 03-07-2012
Thanks but...I'm thinking it would get expensive flying to the UK and back all the time :P. I meant London, Ontario haha, hence being inside the Ontario thread .
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Fushichou's Avatar Fushichou
04:22 PM 03-07-2012
Oups, sorry! I didn't see. ^^
I read London, and as I live there I assumed London UK and thought you were planning on coming over here for some time. ^^
My bad, good luck with your search!
1986's Avatar 1986
03:42 PM 03-19-2012
It gets really confusing on here when threads get moved- is this thread now back in the Canada forum or is it still in the UK one? Can't the mods put a note on when they move things?
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