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Bravo River!

Capstan's Avatar Capstan
02:03 AM 01-27-2015
The VB staff is pleased to announce our very own super-mod River has been promoted to full-fledged VeggieBoards Administrator! She has worked very hard at promoting vegetarianism, veganism, raw foodism, and animal rights, and at making our site great, and I know she has some exciting things planned for our boards, so please join with me in saying,

Congratulations River!

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02:16 AM 01-27-2015
Well done, O mighty leader River!
Go Vegan's Avatar Go Vegan
02:30 AM 01-27-2015
Congratulations River
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Naturebound's Avatar Naturebound
03:17 AM 01-27-2015
Woot woot congratulations River!
KyRaizor's Avatar KyRaizor
10:00 AM 01-27-2015
As a newer member here River has been great. Congrats girl!!!!
River's Avatar River
10:13 AM 01-27-2015
Oh you all make me blush.

Here's some nice cake to share.

elsie182's Avatar elsie182
10:15 AM 01-27-2015
Congratulations river!
Windigo's Avatar Windigo
11:03 AM 01-27-2015
Congrats! You certainly deserve it with all the work you put in
Werewolf Girl's Avatar Werewolf Girl
02:02 PM 01-27-2015
Woohoo, congratulations!
Kirchoff888's Avatar Kirchoff888
03:43 PM 01-28-2015
Congrats River. I've researched some old threads that you posted in. Thank you for contributing for so many years.
Tom's Avatar Tom
05:18 PM 01-28-2015
Purp's Avatar Purp
02:04 PM 01-31-2015
Thanks and congratulations, River.
Ashwani's Avatar Ashwani
12:44 PM 02-02-2015
Congratulations River; Keep it up !

Hari Om!
scwendy's Avatar scwendy
01:17 PM 02-02-2015
Congratulations to you, River and sincere thanks for all that you do to make the world and particularly this space a better place.
silva's Avatar silva
03:41 PM 02-02-2015
YAY RIVER! You'd have had my vote if anyone asked!

Even before the cake...
River's Avatar River
03:42 PM 02-02-2015
Originally Posted by silva View Post
YAY RIVER! You'd have had my vote if anyone asked!

Even before the cake...
But especially after the cake, amiright?
silva's Avatar silva
03:56 PM 02-02-2015
Yeah, mostly because of the sprinkles!
Tiger Lilly's Avatar Tiger Lilly
06:07 PM 02-02-2015

Congrats River! You deserve it.
QuietVegan's Avatar QuietVegan
01:22 PM 02-24-2015
Veggieboards Royalty now! Congrats River
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