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The Official Veggieboards Thanksgiving 2017 Thread.

Purp's Avatar Purp
11:35 PM 11-19-2017
All right. Which one of you made this video?

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Purp's Avatar Purp
11:45 PM 11-23-2017
I made a delicious portobello Wellington for a main dish, a rice dish, and a chocolate dessert (trifle, because the cakes I wanted to make didn't come out of the pans right). What did you guys do?
12:37 PM 11-24-2017
Last year I did a Mediterranean twist on Thanksgiving (spanakopita, pita and vegs with hummus, fried zucchini, and tofu feta) and this year I felt like something more traditional, so I did Tofurky, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, roasted butternut squash, and cranberry orange sauce. With a Sprouts super food muffin for dessert.
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poivron's Avatar poivron
03:13 PM 11-24-2017
This year, we had a Tofurky dinner with home-made cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and peas, followed by home-made pumpkin pie. Last year, it was Gardein's Holiday Roast, which I thought was much better than the Tofurky, but I couldn't find it at any of the stores near me this year. Next year, it will be "Miyoko's Un-Turkey". I can't wait!
Tom's Avatar Tom
05:33 PM 11-27-2017
I went to a potluck. It was a long way for me on mass transit, but the food was great!
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