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Your Guide To Surviving The Holidays

Werewolf Girl's Avatar Werewolf Girl
01:45 PM 11-05-2017
Your Gameplan to beat self-doubt and peer pressure.

Being in the minority can be isolating…

And feeling isolated can make you feel defensive…

But being vegan or plant-based isn't a defensive position, it's offense.

After having an incredible experience a few weeks ago (see image below) I’ve stopped justifying, defending, arguing or explaining my lifestyle.

I’ve also stopped preemptively apologizing for being a burden or calling myself “weird.”

#1 My self-care is not a burden.

#2 Nothing about what I do or how I live is “weird.” It may not be someone else’s choice or comfort, but that does not make it “abnormal” or “inferior” or a problem for me.
Read the rest here:

Some fantastic advice for getting through the holidays from Happy Herbivore. It gets easier with practice!
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angie54321's Avatar angie54321
02:14 AM 11-06-2017
I always refuse to discuss veg*nism when eating - the subject becomes far too emotive, and can ruin the meal.

I like Lindsay's suggestion response: "I love being vegan, but I'm not open to talk about this now". If they insist they want to discuss it (often just to belittle you, or to prove that you're a fruitbat!) tell them you'll discuss it after the meal. Or if you really don't want to discuss it at all, just say firmly "it's not up for discussion", and change the subject.

We don't have to justify ourselves or try to change other's minds, especially at family celebrations where we want to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves.
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