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Sean Smith 07-08-2014 12:43 AM

Vegetarian Food to take to music festival?
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am going to my first music festival this year and I am planning to prepare food to take with me prior to going, anyone got any idea of what would be suitable to make which will last 3-4 days unrefrigerated?

LedBoots 07-08-2014 03:22 AM

Oh, have a good time! :) [emoji443][emoji442][emoji445][emoji445]
Off the top of my head, water, a jar of peanut butter and crackers, bananas, trail mix, hand fruit like apples or peaches, grapes, can of vegan baked beans, baby carrots, pitas or tortillas, a tomato, a melon if you can carry all this lol. And some cookies. :)

Spudulika 07-08-2014 08:48 AM

Stuff in tubes is usually useful, as it won't go off as easily as food stuffs exposed to the air.
Pesto, cheese spread, sun dried tomato paste and olive paste in tubes, can all form the basis of wraps, rolls.

Certain salad stuffs will last well for two or three days unrefrigerated too; little gem lettuce, radishes, cucumber, tomatoes, onion - all good for rolls / wraps.

Little pots of bean pate, veggie pate are handy also.

Anything in tins of course; soup (quick supper at night with a bread roll), baked beans (the ones with vegetarian sausages can be nice for breakfast), new potatoes (good for beefing up tins of soup, or sauteed for breakfast.)

I like to take bread rolls and/or tortilla wraps, lots of them. For everything from mopping up breakfast, to lunch take out, to midnight soup dunking.

Eggs should be fine - so long as you don't leave them where they can get broken and make a mess. Scrambled / boiled for breakfast.

If festivalling, you'll want to get in lots of hearty breakfast stuff; make sure you feed up with a full breakfast before leaving your tent - this will help soak up the inevitable alcohol in the day ahead. Eggs, beans, tinned mushrooms, tinned potatoes, tinned tomatoes.

Also take stuff that you can munch on while out during the day. There's a strong likelihood that you will be so caught up catching the bands and having a bevvy that you won't go back to your tent for lunch like you may have planned. Take cheese pasties (should be OK for a day or two kept in a cool bag) or make rolls / wraps to take out. Trail mix / bombay mix also to munch as beer snacks.

Simple supper of soup and bread; you probably won't be worth much by the time you fall into your tent, but soup is too easy to muck up, and if you're anything like me, recouping with a midnight soup fest curled up in a sleepybag is must after a long days partying.

Vegan Dave 07-31-2014 06:40 PM

I recently took some celery sticks and hummus on a 3 day trip. It was yummy until day 3. Not sure if it was supposed to be in the fridge, but I felt OK & like I said....yummy!!!! :lick::lick::lick:

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