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Garlic Jim's adding Daiya vegan cheese to menu

wilwheatonfan's Avatar wilwheatonfan
01:30 AM 07-06-2011
They have quite a few locations in Western Washington, so I thought I would share: Garlic Jim's is testing out Daiya vegan cheese in some locations, and will probably add it to all stores in the future.

As someone currently stuck out in the suburbs, I'm excited at the possibility of being able to get a pizza with vegan cheese without having to go to Seattle!
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Almeria's Avatar Almeria
11:31 PM 07-06-2011
That is awesome! I'm going to ask the one in my city if they are carrying it.
wilwheatonfan's Avatar wilwheatonfan
02:27 PM 07-08-2011
I used work there a couple years ago, so I could provide a warning list of non-veg*n items to watch out for if you (or anyone else) are interested. :P
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Almeria's Avatar Almeria
12:50 AM 07-10-2011
I am definitely interested. I run a vegan meetup group and we have a monthly vegan dining out so I'm always looking for places to go. I still haven't called the one in my city to ask about the cheese yet.
wilwheatonfan's Avatar wilwheatonfan
02:34 AM 07-11-2011
They're mostly delivery/take-out places, but a few are dine-in (West Seattle is one, I think).

I'll just cover the tricky stuff-

-Hand-tossed dough: Contains buttermilk.
-Garlic thin crust: Vegan.
-Gluten-free crust: Vegan.

-Garlic: Contains chicken stock.
-Pesto: Contains parmesan.
-Ranch: Obviously not vegan.
-Red: Vegan.
-Olive oil: Vegan.
-BBQ: Vegan.
-Chipotle: I think this one was vegan, but I'm not positive.

The toppings are pretty self-explanatory as far as I recall---I don't remember anything tricky.
jaynesh's Avatar jaynesh
07:42 AM 10-05-2011
I tried this the other day at the Roosevelt Seattle location and it was delicious. I can't stop thinking about it.
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