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shortstack's Avatar shortstack
12:27 PM 05-13-2010
I was visiting the "happycow" very glad to say at least bham has 3 smaller options of veg*n friendly restaurants.. Has anyone been to them?

Pepper Sisters

Juice It


I am thinking i want to try the Pepper Sisters for my b-day (not everyone going is a veg*n) but curious if anyone knows of any other places, seems like we should have a few more...lol
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wilwheatonfan's Avatar wilwheatonfan
12:38 AM 05-21-2010
I think Juice It is in the Public Market (with some other restaurants) and is kind of like a food court, and as their name suggests it is more focused on drinks and smoothies, but they also have sandwiches and what not. Might not be what you have in mind.

I've only gone to Bloom, but as you probably know its all vegan. You can find vegetarian stuff almost everywhere though, and lots of places have vegan options.
shortstack's Avatar shortstack
11:21 AM 05-24-2010
cool thanks!
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shortstack's Avatar shortstack
01:26 PM 06-09-2010
well well well.. Bloom was AMAZING! YUM YUM i was like; "let me live here and i'll go vegan forever! just keep the food coming!" DELISH!

The peppersisters wasn't bad at all either (a pain cause they wouldn't split the check tho)

There is a blog... http://veganinbellingham.blogspot.com/ for good ideas for others in the area
Almeria's Avatar Almeria
09:44 PM 06-09-2010
Good to know about Bloom if I'm ever up there. It sounds like a fantastic place!
Surferchick2's Avatar Surferchick2
04:54 PM 09-26-2010
I love love Cafe Bloom. One of my favs is their raw zucchini 'pasta' with walnut 'meat'balls ... they have a great happy hour too! I'd also like to add:

Veg Express, a vegetarian drive thru: http://www.facebook.com/pages/VEG-EX...8699697?v=info

Nama Living Foods and Wellness Cafe: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bellin...s/295872707469
shortstack's Avatar shortstack
01:12 PM 04-27-2011
thanks for adding! I am so excited to see more places cropping up and certainly more places accomidating this dietary/lifestyle choice
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