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Try one of these:
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All the studies sited are at least 14 years old, one from 1968. They thought black people were inferior to whites then, I wouldn't trust a lot of things they believed in.

The studies may have been funded by meat/dairy/egg companies, probably were. Results like these often come from meat industry-funded studies.

In a lot of the studies sited, fish was the food that did good.

A lot of excerpts were written in a way so that people that don't know much about human biology could understand it. These were then taken literally to prove a point.

A lot of the vitamins that come from animal sources cited do come from animals, however as humans are animals we make our own so we don't need to eat other animals to get them. Other vitamins are more abundant in plants.

As all the studies used to prove the point are only tiny little snippets, there would information missing.

This is one article. So the odd article that says eating meat is good for you proves that all the others are wrong? Righteo.

Anyway, we know that in this day and age it's completely possible to live healthily as a vegetarian. Even if it were less healthy (which it isn't), we would still do it because we care about the animals.
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The article states, "You do not have to eat carbohydrates to have them available for energy. Your body can make carbohydrates as needed, if the protein supply is adequate." That's why the Atkins diet doesn't work. Your body goes into a state of ketosis and it's really bad for your brain. When you look up ketosis on Wikipedia, you will find:

"Most medical resources regard ketosis as a physiological state associated with chronic starvation.[citation needed] Glucose is regarded as the preferred energy source for all cells in the body with ketosis being regarded as a crisis reaction of the body to a lack of carbohydrates in the diet." They go on to say that this has recently been challenged by doctors...yeah. The ones that got paid to endorse Atkins.

And then at the end they cite the Weston A. Price foundation. And they are notoriously anti-veg*n. Scroll further down to read the 14 healthiest foods list. Wow.
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Everything in that article is backwards. Everything.
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It is easy to skew the figures on how long vegetarians live, because it all depends on your sample. There are lots of people who become vegetarian as part of a treament plan for a chronic health condition such as heart disease, cancer, renal failure, etc. Those people were sick to begin with, and their illness may effect their lifespan. So, if you sample comes from people who have spent time in the hospital, with no additional limiting factors, then the vegetarians have a pretty good chance of coming out as not living as long.
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I get the biggest kick out of the consistently stated idea that vegetarian and vegan diets have to be "carefully constructed" while totally ignoring the fact that any diet should be "carefully constructed." Somehow giving the idea that simply including animal products in your diet makes it "carefully constructed."

It's pretty much the standard anti-veg*n nonsense.

Anything written by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine should dispute the article thoroughly. As will The China Study.

I am the user formerly known as MrsKey
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You know, the real question is: Can this omnivore you speak of prove it trustworthy?

No. Because it's not.
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Originally Posted by Mrrple View Post

You know, the real question is: Can this omnivore you speak of prove it trustworthy?

Don't be silly! The burden of proof clearly lies with the defendant.
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Originally Posted by RoboMonkey View Post

Don't be silly! The burden of proof clearly lies with the defendant.

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the report the quote in your OP comes from (or claims to), if anyone's interested:

The eating of wholemeal bread was not associatiated with any consistent or significant differences in mortality; the differences between the vegetarians and the nonvegetarians were also small and not statistically significant

(my bold)

I can't find where in this report it stated what it is quoted as saying, but I haven't read it thoroughly.

edit: tbh, I'm not positive I found the right report. Although it was linked to under the given title on this page:
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Here's the abstract of the Oxford Vegetarian Study:

The Oxford Vegetarian Study is a prospective study of 6000 vegetarians and 5000 nonvegetarian control subjects recruited in the United Kingdom between 1980 and 1984. Cross-sectional analyses of study data showed that vegans had lower total- and LDL-cholesterol concentrations than did meat eaters; vegetarians and fish eaters had intermediate and similar values. Meat and cheese consumption were positively associated, and dietary fiber intake was inversely associated, with total-cholesterol concentration in both men and women. After 12 y of follow-up, all-cause mortality in the whole cohort was roughly half that in the population of England and Wales (standardized mortality ratio, 0.46; 95% CI, 0.42, 0.51). After adjusting for smoking, body mass index, and social class, death rates were lower in non-meat-eaters than in meat eaters for each of the mortality endpoints studied [relative risks and 95% CIs: 0.80 (0. 65, 0.99) for all causes of death, 0.72 (0.47, 1.10) for ischemic heart disease, and 0.61 (0.44, 0.84) for all malignant neoplasms]. Mortality from ischemic heart disease was also positively associated with estimated intakes of total animal fat, saturated animal fat, and dietary cholesterol. Other analyses showed that non-meat-eaters had only half the risk of meat eaters of requiring an emergency appendectomy, and that vegans in Britain may be at risk for iodine deficiency. Thus, the health of vegetarians in this study is generally good and compares favorably with that of the nonvegetarian control subjects. Larger studies are needed to examine rates of specific cancers and other diseases among vegetarians.

(I've put the relevant parts in bold.)

I no longer post here after VB was sold in 2012. (See my profile page for details.)
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Stopped reading after seeing the site logo.

Surprised the site wasn't hosted at geocities.

I know, I know, ad hominem. I think the "facts" were debunked already though.
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