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#1 Old 11-07-2004, 07:45 PM
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Hi all,

I'm not sure if there is another post on this so I apologize in advance if there is.

I am looking for suggestions on food products to buy and places to buy them.

I have been a vegetarian for 4 years now and I am trying to go vegan.

Can you recommend the essentials as well as meals, products, indgredients, etc. that are vegan?

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#2 Old 11-08-2004, 08:56 AM
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Alrighty..I dont know what type of foods you like, so I'll give you an idea of my monthly shopping list.

Fresh Veggies - Ones that wont go bad within a week

Frozen Veggies - Broccolli, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Stir fry kits, etc.

Burgers - Amy's brand. You'll know the vegan ones; they list it on the package. Try the barbeque flavored ones; they're pretty tasty. Boca Vegan are pretty good. Gardenburger ones arent so bad either.

Other things: I usually get one box of vegan chicken nuggets to munch on when I'm hungry.

Lunchstuff - I always get the tofutti slices, yves deli slices in salami flavor. Makes a good sandwich.

Frozen dinners - Try the gardenburger ones if you haven't already. They're really good.

Pizzas - Amy's vegan, and tofutti makes one too.

Staples - lentils, great northern beans, pintos (dry..never cannded) canned tomatoes, (crushed, and sauces), pasta (i get whole wheat), plenty of rice (I get wild rice, and brown, sometimes white)Pickles (dill), mustard, and vegenaise.

Canned goods: Amy's canned soups are great. Try the low sodium if you're watching that. I dont buy canned veggies; they taste awful to me.

Plenty of fresh produce - onions, oranges, apples, peaches..maybe a couple pineapples..

Baking stuff : whole wheat flour, ener-g egg replacer, flax seeds, agave nectar, and organic cane sugar. Vanilla, and plain soymilk.

Non food stuff:

Kiss my face Soaps (get the ones without honey) The olive oil soap rocks!

Nature's Gate Rainwater shampoo (works for me)

365 Shampoo and conditioner (both vegan)

I usually buy the store brand products from Whole Foods that are vegan, so I can't really name them all.
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#3 Old 11-08-2004, 09:47 AM
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I never paid attention...but do Morningstar and Boca list "vegan" on their packages. I believe the ones I usually get have at least egg, cheese, or milk in them.
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#4 Old 11-08-2004, 09:54 AM
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at my regular, non-hfs grocery store, i often buy the following products:

fresh fruits and veggies to last a week or so. then, i buy frozen veggies and fruits to supplement throughout the rest of the week--particularly toward the end as we have finished the fresh fruits and veggies.

i often buy both canned and dry beans. i sprout the dry beans and cook them throughout the week, and then i often use the canned beans if i want to make something quick and i haven't sprouted yet. So, on busier weeks, i'll buy more canned beans, and i'll use them if i havent' sprouted and i want to have some bean-related soup or chili.

i buy the following kinds of grains: boxed quinoa (much more expensive at this store than the HFS), brown rice, polenta mix (which is basicly rough corn flour), and sprouted alvarado street bread.

i also buy nuts, nut butters (if they're all natural) and some all fruit (no sugar) jellies/perserves/jams.

finally, i'll buy soy milk, tofu and tempeh. (i no longer consume soy products on a regular basis, but as a vegan, i ate tofu a few times a week and consumed soy milk every day). i prefer eden soy extra because it is the most fortified soy milk available, with the least sugar and most protien as well. it's just high quality (and more expensive).

i tend not to consume prepared, vegetarian meat analogues. but, amys, boca and garden are good brands, but read the labels. some contain cheese or eggs, so be mindful.

that's basicly it. my favorite things are raw foods, so i tend to eat a lot of fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds during the day, and then for dinner i like to make some sort of soup with a side dish of some sort of bread or grain and then a vegetable. So, for instance, i might make chili tonite with a side of jalapeno corn bread and a mixed greens salad with tomatoes, avacado and a spicy-citrus cilantro dressing. tomorrow, it will probably morracan carrot soup with quinoa "cous cous" and cucumber-tomato salad, or hummus and whole grain pitas instead of quinoa. so, there you go. pretty easy stuff.

good luck!
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#5 Old 11-08-2004, 10:00 AM
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i guess i should add cleansers too. castile soap is vegan, and you can use it for just about everything: body soap, shampoo, kitchen/all-purpose soap, dish soap, etc. Vinegar (white, clear) will clean everything that an all purpose bleach/cleanser would clean and is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and vegan. i use sun and earth for laundry deteregent, and i use vinegar in the dish washer--as i'm looking for a more envionrmentally friendly dish washer soap.

otherwise, there are many products for house and home that can be found at trader joes or a hfs that are vegan and environmentally friendly. it's easiest to find vinegar and eco friendly laundry detergent at the regular grocer, i do have to order the castile soap or get it at the HFS.
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#6 Old 11-08-2004, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by vegematarian View Post


I never paid attention...but do Morningstar and Boca list "vegan" on their packages. I believe the ones I usually get have at least egg, cheese, or milk in them.

Boca vegan burgers are listed as vegan. Morningstar farms has maybe two vegan varieties of burgers. The garden one is vegan, but no they dont list that on the packages.
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#7 Old 11-08-2004, 10:34 AM
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zoebird: you mentioned quinoa. What's that taste like? Im scared to try it.
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#8 Old 11-08-2004, 10:37 AM
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Stuff that I buy:

Celery, Broccoli, etc

Fruits, like apples and pears and such

I always have an Amys Frozen burritto in my fridge, even if I don't eat it...

Baking stuff, flour, vanilla, sugar in the raw, etc

Soymilk and soybutter. Always have to have those.
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#9 Old 11-08-2004, 10:37 AM
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Alright, here's the scoop on morningstar farms

The better than burgers veggie burger is vegan, and so is the harvest burger. The rest contain eggs and/or dairy.
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#10 Old 11-08-2004, 10:47 AM
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Quinoa reminds me a bit of a nutty barley, it's pretty good but you have to do something with it.
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#11 Old 11-08-2004, 11:32 AM
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I'm not vegan, but eat vegan about 90% of the time. Here's what I keep around:

Whole wheat english muffins or bagels

Whole wheat tortillas


Brown rice

White rice


Quick cooking oats

Ground flax seed

Dried and canned beans

Bottled pasta sauce (I like Classico brand the basil and garlic kind)

Canned crushed tomatoes

Canned pineapple

Lots of dried herbs and spices

Frozen veggies (broccoli, green beans, peas, corn) and berries (strawberries or a mix)

Onions and garlic

Fresh veggies--I always have mushrooms, bell peppers, baby carrots, celery, baby spinach, potatoes and whetever that's in season that looks good. I have pumpkin, butternut squash, and beets right now.

Fresh fruit--I always have bananas and one or two other things that are in season. It's apples and oranges right now.

Silk Enhanced Soymilk

Orange and/or cranberry juice


Miso paste

Soy sauce

Tofutti better than cream cheese and sour supreme

Soy ice cream

Whole wheat and unbleached white flour

Corn starch


Baking powder & soda

Earth Balance margarine and Willow Run margarine for baking

Ener-G egg replacer

Veggie burgers and maybe one or two other meat analogues.


Cereal--Kashi brand, Peace brand, Back to Nature brand, Health Valley brand, Barbara's brand, Mother's Natural Cereals brand all have vegan cereals--even mainstream ones are considered vegan like plain Cheerios, Chex, and Grape Nuts.

Blackstrap molasses--use in smoothies and baking. Good source of iron and calcium

Real maple syrup

Peanut butter

Veggie boullion cubes and powder

Vegan dark chocolate

That's about it. There's a lot of things that are vegan that aren't labeled as being vegan. Read ingredient labels thoroughly and you'll be fine.
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#12 Old 11-08-2004, 02:01 PM
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I buy: dry pasta. Canned Tomatoes. Fresh apples. Water.
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#13 Old 11-08-2004, 02:10 PM
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quinoa is really light, and has a barley-rice flavor to it. i use it in place of cous cous (which is a form of pasta), and use lots of nice herbs and spices with it. i clean it in clean water, boil it in veggie broth, and then add lots of good seasoning. my favorite way to consume it is to add olive oil and then let it chill (after it's boiled of course), and then add chopped olives, mint, red onion, red peppers, minced garlic, salt and pepper.

you can use it in place of rice in any dish, toss it into soups, etc. it's great to use as filler in pureed soups--such as the french pumpkin soup that i make. it calls for potatoes pureed with the pumpkin and spices and such. i boil the quinoa in the veggie broth, and then puree it with the pumpkin, etc. it's usually great that way.
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#14 Old 11-08-2004, 05:48 PM
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I just thought of a few other things:


Olive oil, canola oil, and non-stick cooking spray

Baked tortilla chips


Pita chips or pita that I make into chips myself

Annie's Goddess dressing
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#15 Old 11-08-2004, 08:00 PM
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I'll add:

Toffuti cuties!

Luna bars ! (how can no one have mentioned luna bars?)

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanto

'May everyone everywhere be happy
May the whole world be joyous'
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#16 Old 11-08-2004, 08:08 PM
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i agree Amy's is the BEST! you should really try it!
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#17 Old 11-09-2004, 01:26 AM
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Potatoes, canned veggies, dry beans, cereal, oatmeal, soymilk, nuts, bread.
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#18 Old 11-09-2004, 07:16 AM
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all natural peanut butter

all natural nut butters in general

black strap molasses

dried fruits - figs, raisins, cranberries, dates, etc..


chocolate syrup (to make the soymilk chocolate)

many varieties of tofu - i like to buy mori-nu because it is in aseptic packaging (for silken), and then some form of extra firm..

tofutti cream cheese


whole wheat tortillas

ezekiel breads and english muffins

soy margarine

fresh fruits

dried beans, rice, lentils, couscous

rolled oats

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