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Is SC still active?

NoChains's Avatar NoChains
09:41 AM 01-22-2013

I haven't seen many post in SC lately.  Is it still active?   

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4everaspirit's Avatar 4everaspirit
12:16 PM 01-22-2013

What's SC? o.o LOL, maybe that answers your question haha lol, but I dunno. You can always start things up again with a new topic.

Poppy's Avatar Poppy
01:32 PM 01-22-2013
The state forums aren't very active, I'm sorry to say.
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NoChains's Avatar NoChains
02:27 PM 01-22-2013

Well I'll try to start posting in South Carolina and Texas to get something going.  Are y'all from SC? 

Johnsally's Avatar Johnsally
06:38 PM 02-28-2014

i am actually in SC and i would love to connect with others in my area that want to help animals.=)

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