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LorriePaige 06-13-2015 11:54 AM

PDX Vegan Guide
"A handy guide to veg*n stuff in Portland." From Food Fight! site:

I don't know how up-to-date this list is, so good idea to contact the businesses if you have any questions about them.

xPigeon Swarmx 06-14-2015 01:10 PM

I used this resource the other day to find a burrito place. Thanks for posting.

I was just looking at the list again and I noticed Native Foods. I was just at Bridgeport Village yesterday and I walked right past it! I went hungry while my girlfriend ate a chicken burrito. I could have been eating a hearty bowl of quinoa, seitan and veggies. Smh. Next time.

Kiwibird08 06-19-2015 06:47 AM

Thanks for posting this! I haven't really gotten involved in much since moving to the Portland area, but I see some vegan groups on there I might look into getting in touch with.

lemonsorbet 06-28-2015 10:34 PM

Thanks for sharing this list. It's a great reminder that I need to get out more often! DH and I recently ate at Curry Leaf in Bethany and can vouch for the vegan options.

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