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My Cat Is Sick Help

lindsaymt's Avatar lindsaymt
10:14 PM 06-20-2010
my 9 year old cat bear bear is very dehydrated i read somewhere that if you grab the scruff of the neck and pull it back and it comes back fast there hydrated and if you pull back there neck and it goes slowly back then there dehydrated and if it doesnt go back then there really dehydrated. well i tried that on my cat and it stayed there it didnt move, i tried it on my little dog and my other dogs and it went back fast, well anyways my cat bear likes to stay outside all day (he weighs anywhere from 25-30lbs. and is an inside cat)and he comes in at night well hes been in for 3 days and he hasnt drank anything scince yesterday we are trying to force him to drink . he is lethargic hot(a temp of 106.3 really bad)clumsy when he walks and wont respond to any one hes starting to walk a little when we give him water from a eye drop thing we got with worm medicine for my pippies. and he wont drink we dont have enough money to take him to the vet.we will try to take him. we need help we dont want him to die. ive had him scince i was four. he is my little baby....... at first we thought it was heat stroke but its not.PLEASE HELP

very cocerned
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11:16 PM 06-20-2010

i don't care about whether you can pay or not- he's sick, he needs medical care, otherwise he'll most likely die very soon. if you need to get a payment plan, if you need to have the vet hold him while you sell the tv, furniture, (or computer, and cancel internet subscription!) to pay the bills, even if you need to surrender him, thats what you do. just do not let him suffer any more for the sake of your wallet. would you let a child die? no- you'd take them to the ER and worry about paying later. he's your responsibility, and looks to you for help- just like your child would, and he is just as deserving as any other creature.
mlp's Avatar mlp
12:22 AM 06-21-2010
What Jen said.
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Irizary's Avatar Irizary
12:41 AM 06-21-2010
You say you don't have money, but you have to go to the vet! Is there an emergency vet in your area? Tell them that you'll do a payment plan, use a credit card, beg them, cry, anything. The cat needs care - I will tell you he's likely dying right now without care, and the longer you wait, the less chance of saving him, and he's probably suffering too - and a good office will be charitable. Get him to a vet right away. Like Jen says, relinquish him and sell something if you need to.
veganelder's Avatar veganelder
07:56 PM 07-07-2010
How did it turn out for your cat?
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