Types of Vegetarians and Vegans

Types of Vegetarians and Vegans There are many different types of vegetarian and vegan diets. Most fall under or within one of the following terms... Vegetarian A vegetarian does not eat meat of any kind. Meat includes poultry (chicken, turkey, other birds and fowl, etc), red meat, pork, seafood (fish, shellfish, bi-valves and so forth), and/or any other animal flesh. This said, there are some common vegetarian variations you may have heard of, which are posted below. Lacto-ovo- vegetarian This may be the most common type of vegetarian you've heard of. This means an individual who does not eat meat (or animal flesh) ... [read more]

80 Plus Popular Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

80 Plus Popular Vegetarian and Vegan RecipesWhen going vegetarian or vegan, a major problem can be deciding what to make for dinner - not to mention breakfast, lunch and snacks. Luckily, we have a huge collection of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes here at VeggieBoards, all of which will make cooking, and your life easier. Check out the popular recipes below and get cooking! Photo © Flickr user Breville USA Bright Morning Breakfast Dishes Easy Basic Simple Vegan Pancakes Vegan Biscuits and Gravy Roasted Breakfast Potatoes served with a Vegan Sunny Side Up Egg or Tofu Scramble "Better than Starbucks" Ginger Pumpkin ... [read more]

Easy Tips for Going Vegetarian

Easy Tips for Going Vegetarian If one of your goals is to go vegetarian, you're in good company. Various sources conclude that interest in vegetarian and vegan eating is on the rise. You CAN go vegetarian or even vegan - it's not as hard as you think. If you're unsure where to start, here are some easy-as-veggie-pie tips to get you started. Great reasons to go vegetarian Image by Morguefile Go at your own pace: When going vegetarian, there's no need to a perfect vegetarian all at once. Some people make the transition to vegetarian slowly, while others go cold turkey. Find a pace that works for you and take ... [read more]

How To Reap Veg-Friendly Rewards By Playing Games, Writing, or Listening to Music!

How To Reap Veg-Friendly Rewards By Playing Games, Writing, or Listening to Music!Are you without a job, too young to have a job, or want a little extra income along with your job? Well you're in luck because websites are popping up all around that will pay you for completing certain tasks like offers, games, contests, writing, or listening to music. You're probably thinking "FAKE", that's a scam, there is no way you can just make money online by doing trivial things. Seriously, how about a slice of malware and spyware with your web experience. I understand this line of thought because I harbored it myself when I started ... [read more]

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet PyramidVarious vegetarian and vegan diet pyramids have been designed over the years, but one of the newest is the Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid released by Oldways in October 2013. This newer pyramid is based on the original Vegetarian Diet Pyramid released by Oldways in 1997 but there have been some big changes to this newer version, such as... This is the first Oldways pyramid to include vegan diet guidelines. A world-renowned scientific committee reviewed extensive scientific data on plant-based diets and provided recommendations for the new pyramid. The new pyramid reflects many different ... [read more]

5 apps for easy, breezy veg meal planning + shopping

5 apps for easy, breezy veg meal planning + shoppingArticle by Claire Suellentrop Image borrowed (not mine!) from here. This quick list of smartphone apps can cut your meal-planning and shopping time in half, saving you a ton of annoyance in the process. I'm particularly fond of the first one, Vegan Delish, but would love to hear which ones you find most useful, too! The original post can be found on the blog I manage, Eat Well. Party Hard. 1. Vegan Delish The brainchild of Carrie Forrest over at Carrie On Vegan, Vegan Delish is divided into four sections: Categories, Recipes, Favorites and Shopping List. When ... [read more]

National Kale Day: On October 2, We Celebrate Kale in All Its Green Glory

National Kale Day: On October 2, We Celebrate Kale in All Its Green Glory Kale has been receiving a lot of positive press these days. Both in print and online, articles touting the health benefits of eating kale abound (see Eat Your Kale and This Is Your Brain On Kale, among others). 2012 brought us 50 Shades of Kale, a book by Dr. Drew Ramsey and Chef Jennifer Iserloh, which explains in detail the types of kale, its wonderful nutritive properties, and how to prepare it. The book is also chock-full of delicious recipes such as “Blueberry Kale Smoothie”, “Cream of Kale Soup” and “Mushroom and Kale ... [read more]

Discussing Vegetarianism and Veganism using Difficult Conversations

Discussing Vegetarianism and Veganism using Difficult ConversationsYou have researched all the environmental, health and ethical arguments. You know the best response to anything they could possibly throw at you. Yet, your conversations with family members who refuse to accept your decision to go vegetarian or vegan, or friends whom you know have the capacity to be compassionate but refuse to listen, never seem to work out. What's wrong? You may be the victim of a destructive conversation. A destructive conversation is a conversation in which both parties feel that they are being pitted against each other, and it may only be ... [read more]

Pregnancy Nutrition for Vegetarians

Pregnancy Nutrition for VegetariansContrary to popular belief, pregnant women do not have to eat meat to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. While it is true that pregnant vegetarians may have to adjust their eating habits a bit to accommodate for their growing foetus, the same is often required by non-vegetarian women as well. As with any type of specialised diet, there are some considerations that vegetarian mothers-to-be must be aware of in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. As with any diet, if a vegetarian diet is poorly planned, it can cause serious nutrient deficiencies. Nutrient deficiencies are ... [read more]

Top 12 Tips for New Vegetarians from Experienced VeggieBoards Members

Top 12 Tips for New Vegetarians from Experienced VeggieBoards Members Going vegetarian can be tough at first, especially if you don't have many vegetarian friends or family members around to offer you support. It's wise to find a forum of helpful veggie friends, like VeggieBoards, where you can get support and advice as you make the transition to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. However, browsing a forum for advice can be a pain, especially if you're not sure what to look for. With this in mind, we asked long-time vegetarians and vegans here at VeggieBoards to offer up their best tips for new vegetarians, so that we could ... [read more]

Great reasons to go vegetarian

Great reasons to go vegetarianSwitching to a vegetarian diet has many benefits, including benefits for animals, your health and the planet. Keep reading to see why a vegetarian diet rocks. Protect animal welfare Many vegetarians cut out meat because they don't want to harm animals, which is a great reason to go vegetarian. According to various sources, it's estimated that about 10 billion animals (some think more) are slaughtered annually for human consumption. Plus, before they're killed, animals on the farm aren't treated well at all. EVEN if you see labels such as cage free and free range. Most ... [read more]