Best Reusable Packed Lunch Gear - How to Pack a Reusable Lunch Box

Best Reusable Packed Lunch Gear - How to Pack a Reusable Lunch Box It's easy to make sure you eat vegetarian or vegan meals at home, but when you're at work, at school or just out-and-about, it can be hard to find decent veggie-minded food. Your best option? Pack your own lunch (or dinner) and take it with you to school or work. Get over 100 vegan packed lunch ideas! Beyond allowing you to stick to your diet of choice, packed lunches have many other benefits for adults and youth, such as: Healthier food - because you choose what food goes into your lunch, you can make it as healthy as you like. Money savings - in most cases ... [read more]

12 Speeches that Define Veganism

12 Speeches that Define VeganismVeganism is a broad social movement comprising many different concerns, motivations and strategies. These speeches showcase some of the defining aspects of veganism. Not only are they a great way to learn about animal rights and our health, they also introduce some of the most influential names in vegan advocacy today and how these people choose to discuss veganism effectively. (Disclaimer: The views expressed in the speeches do not necessarily represent the opinion of Veggieboards or the author of this article.) Animal Rights/General This speeches are the power smoothies that will ... [read more]

Vegan Jerky

Vegan JerkyOne of my favorite snacks as a kid was beef jerky. I loved the chewiness and strong flavor. My dad even made his own beef jerky which often was a hit or miss. As a vegan now, I don't want animals to have to die for my taste pleasures, so luckily some companies are bringing a different kind of jerky to fruition: One that's kind to animals, the environment, and one's colon. Even better, you can get a ton of vegan jerky all in one place at a site called Fake Meats. Primal Strips One of the more widely known vegan jerkies on the market is becoming a chewy and gooey treat for those with a craving. With a wide ... [read more]

Chop Chop! 3 ways to stretch summer's flavors into fall & winter

Chop Chop! 3 ways to stretch summer's flavors into fall & winterAre the nights getting a bit chillier where you are? Do you find yourself craving a steamy cuppa in the mornings, rather than trying to beat the heat with an iced latte? Are you bombarded by "Back to School!!" banners and sales every time you make a trip to the grocery store? If you answered yes to any of the above, then it's time to face facts: summer's beginning to slip away. And as sad as it is to say goodbye to the season of abundant produce and lazy weekends spent poolside, beachside or lakeside, all is not yet lost. These three little tricks will help ... [read more]

How To Love A Pig (When the Answer Isn't Bacon)

How To Love A Pig (When the Answer Isn't Bacon) I have a vegan friend named Karen. Karen loves pigs. REALLY loves pigs. Whenever I see cute photos of pigs, I send them to her. In fact, I’ve found that there is a nearly involuntary exclamation of “AWWWWW!” that escapes the lips of most people when presented with an image of a piglet. Think about it; you know it’s true. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to love the taste of bacon. Carnivorous humans seem to be able to rather easily dissociate the cute little piggy from the crispy, salty piece of flesh on our plates. I did it. I stopped ... [read more]

Ending the "veganism is expensive" argument: 4 easy steps

Ending the "veganism is expensive" argument: 4 easy stepsArticle and photos by Claire Suellentrop Himalayan pink salt. Organic pistachio butter. Fair trade, raw, 75% cacao dark chocolate. It’s understandable that, from an outsider’s perspective, following a vegan diet can appear expensive—for the gourmand, it totally can be. But let’s ditch the epicurean grocery list for a second and get back to basics: at its core, a vegan diet is just plants. Plants, guys! There are plenty of those around, and they don’t all cost eight bucks a pound (I’m looking at you, organic dragon fruit imported from ... [read more]

Natural Vegan Sunscreen

Natural Vegan SunscreenIs it hot in here or is it just me? No worries, you can say it's me. We protect our bodies and help the earth by eating more natural foods, but what is such a person to do on a hot day to protect ourselves when all we see in store aisles are sunscreens full of ingredients we can't pronounce, and no cruelty free symbol either? *Sigh* Is there even such a thing as safe and effective, natural sunblock? Yep, there is and most of them use zinc oxide to protect you from the suns harmful rays. No more crazy chemicals that can harm the oceans or you! Green Screen This non-comedogenic, natural sunblock ... [read more]

Interview With a 98-Year Old Vegan Video

Interview With a 98-Year Old Vegan VideoThis interview with 98-year old Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is truly inspiring. He was a practicing surgeon at age ninety-five. Now, at almost 100-years old, he still gets out and mows his own lawn. How does he do it? By living vegan. Having passed that magical 60-year old landmark myself and, admittedly, begun to feel some of the slow-down of my "golden years." I personally find this video an encouragement. I know many people don't discover the vegan way until later in life. So take heart from this 98-year old vegan. I live in a small town that, to an extent, is a retirement community. ... [read more]

Eco Friendly & Vegan Laundry Detergent

Eco Friendly & Vegan Laundry DetergentSome of us love laundry day, others hate it! However we feel about it, we can make laundry day a little more enjoyable by using products that we know are in line with our values and ethics towards the planet and animals. All of the laundry soaps below are natural, environmentally friendly, and vegan. By vegan we mean no animal products or animal testing was used in the making of the soap but there is no guarantee that animal products had not been used along manufacturing processes. You will surely find a responsible laundry soap to suit your preference and need! Method A pump? Who would have ... [read more]

Homemade Vegan Popsicles

Homemade Vegan PopsiclesPopsicles are a summer staple and it's easy to find a slew of popsicles at the store. However, many store-bought pops aren't vegan. For example, many store bought pops contain conventional sugar, honey, dairy, gelatin and other non-vegan stuff, so it's better to make your own vegan popsicles at home. Homemade vegan creamy fruit pops image ©Jennifer Chait Homemade vegan popsicle perks Great to munch when it's too hot to eat proper food. Perfect way to get nutrients into kiddos (and adults). Delicious and the flavor options are seriously endless. Easy and inexpensive. Most ... [read more]

Plant Protein

Plant ProteinVegan Protein When I first decided to completely stop eating meat, fish, and dairy, the question that I got and still get most often is, “how do you get your protein?” In the United States, there has never been a person that has fallen ill due to protein deficiency, but people have fallen ill due to too much protein. It’s called heart disease, and it’s the leading cause for deaths in the USA. Due to our government we are truly misinformed with all aspects of nutrition. Yes, our government instituted the food pyramid. Michelle Obama has retired it, and has a new food pyramid. I still ... [read more]

Over 100 Vegan Packed Lunch Ideas

Over 100 Vegan Packed Lunch IdeasIt's hard to find vegan lunches on the go unless you pack one yourself. Kids and teens have it even worse because vegetarian food in school cafeterias is super rare, let alone vegan food options. Your best bet for lunch is to pack your own. First, stock up on the best reusable packed lunch gear and then get munching with the vegan lunch ideas below. Image by Flickr User erin & camera ----------Sandwiches & Wraps---------- Bagel with or without vegan cream cheese. Not a fan of cream cheese? Try organic jam or vegan butter or just a plain bagel instead. Hummus Wrap or Garden Fresh ... [read more]

Natural Ways to Repel Insects From Your Vegetable Garden

Natural Ways to Repel Insects From Your Vegetable Garden With summer now in sight and the outdoors season not too far away, it’s time to put a little thought into your garden. There’s a lot to be said about that time of year, but one of the few downfalls is the increase in insects. It’s hard to enjoy a meal out on the patio, a quick evening stroll or even a brief weeding power session if you’re constantly swatting away the bugs. You want to be out making the most of the great weather, not taking shelter inside. And as topic of actually killing insects has been discussed at length already at VeggieBoards, it makes ... [read more]

Stocking Your Vegan Pantry & Kitchen

Stocking Your Vegan Pantry & Kitchen Theoretically, you can live on vegan frozen food meals, or if you're lucky enough to live in a progressive town, vegan takeout, but that gets old really fast. On top of that, frozen vegan foods and takeout are more costly, usually more processed and typically not as nutritious as homemade vegan food. If your goal for the long-term is a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle you can stick with, then there's almost no way around it - you need to create a workable kitchen environment, stock your pantry with vegan food and learn to cook some basic meals. My Samhain stew : Potaje de ... [read more]

Must Have Vegan Kitchen Tools

Must Have Vegan Kitchen Tools Not only will having the right kitchen tools on hand make whipping up a healthy vegan meal easier and faster, but it's fun to play around with new kitchen tools. That said, if you're not used to cooking many meals at home, you may be wondering what sort of kitchen tools you'll need in a successful vegan kitchen. Below are some good items to keep in your kitchen. A vegan cookbook or two: Having good vegan recipes on hand is the best way to encourage yourself to cook. If funds are low you don't even need to buy a cookbook, simply pick up a few vegan cookbooks at the library or ... [read more]

Vegan Nutrition Basics

Vegan Nutrition Basics Excellent nutrition really isn't that hard to come by if you're eating a plant-based, meatless or vegan diet. I've been eating a vegetarian diet for most of my life and a vegan diet for about half a year and have felt great most of the time. The only time I've felt icky on a plant-based diet is when I do the following... I'm not being active enough. I'm eating the same boring stuff over and over. I'm not cooking enough and end up eating more processed foods. It's possible to be feel and be unhealthy or healthy on a vegan diet, depending on what you eat. Obviously, ... [read more]