Homemade Vegan Valentine's Day Meals & Treats

Homemade Vegan Valentine's Day Meals & TreatsYou can take your Valentine out to a fabulous vegan restaurant or buy some yummy pre-made vegan Valentine's Day treats, but it's not quite as special as homemade Valentine's day fare. A nice homemade vegan meal with some added Valentine's Day flare, shows you care enough to take the time to make your Valentine something awesome. Plus, homemade meals and treats allow you to stay home, skip the crowds and save money. Below are some delicious Valentine's Day meal ideas for breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner along with some sweet dessert ideas plus treats sure to ... [read more]

Sweet Vegan Treats for Your Valentine

Sweet Vegan Treats for Your ValentineIf your special Valentine is vegan, impress and indulge them with some sweet vegan Valentine's Day candy or baked goods. You've got so many vegan Valentine candy choices nowadays that it may be hard to give just one treat, but try, because remember, too much sugar isn't super lovable! Still one nice treat is thoughtful and delicious so take your pick from one or more of the vegan treats below. Sjaaks Organic Chocolates has many cool vegan Valentine's treats to choose from, such as creamy lavender infused dark chocolate truffles, a big old tub of vegan dark chocolate hearts, ... [read more]

Holiday Gift Guide for Vegan Foodies

Holiday Gift Guide for Vegan Foodies*This article is part of the VeggieBoards cruelty-free gift guide series. When it comes to vegan gift-giving, foodies have to be just about the easiest folks to buy gifts for, thanks to a slew of cool vegan food products in recent years. There's vegan food of course, which always makes a great gift. But there's also lots of awesome cooking and baking tools, glorious image-filled vegan food books and even gear to help foodies grow their own yummy vegan food. Below are just some of the options you have when it comes to gifting a vegan foodie. . Awesome & Special Vegan Food Items When ... [read more]

Eco-friendly & Vegan Stocking Stuffers

Eco-friendly & Vegan Stocking Stuffers *This article is part of the VeggieBoards cruelty-free gift guide series. Christmas usually isn't Christmas without the stockings. Here's how to fill those stockings while keeping your ethics in place. Of course, first of all, you need candy in your stocking. Here are a bunch of vegan candy treats perfect for holiday stockings. Remember though, don't put candy in a baby's or young toddler's stocking. Next up you'll need small cute items that are easy to slip into stockings. Following are some ideas. . Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids Plan Toys Mushroom ... [read more]

Cruelty-free Homemade Holiday Gift Guide

Cruelty-free Homemade Holiday Gift Guide*This article is part of the VeggieBoards cruelty-free gift guide series. Many homemade holiday gifts rock. Not only are homemade holiday gifts personal, thoughtful and even fun to make, but they can also save you money. Now, with the above in mind, I'd for sure be lying if I said, "ALL homemade gifts are awesome!" Some homemade gifts are well, lacking. While it is the thought that counts, very few people need a homemade soup can pencil holder (unless you happen to be a three-year-old giving the gift). There are some significant downsides to giving a bad homemade gift, such as... People ... [read more]

Cruelty-free Holiday Gift Guide

Cruelty-free Holiday Gift Guide What are cruelty-free holiday gifts? Cruelty-free can mean many things. Clearly, you want to give vegan holiday gifts when possible, but also consider the impact a gift has on the planet and human rights. If you're buying vegan gifts made by third world forced child labor, is that gift really cruelty-free for everyone? Various types of cruelty-free holiday gifts... Go vegan when possible: This is true of food gifts especially, but also body care gifts, art supplies and many homemade gifts. Go Fair Trade or local: Fair Trade gifts mean your gifts were not made by children and that the people ... [read more]

Best Mock Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Other Holiday Meals

Best Mock Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Other Holiday Meals Many people don't feel comfortable without a somewhat "turkey" related meal centerpiece on Thanksgiving and other holidays. This is especially true if you're celebrating with meat eaters. Still, just because you're vegetarian or vegan, doesn't mean you can't have a traditional holiday turkey of sorts - your turkey will simply be the way more awesome, cruelty-free type! Below are 6 holiday mock turkey choices that will wow you and your guests while keeping your cruelty-free ethics solidly in place. You'll also find some homemade faux turkey options if ... [read more]

10 Affordable Vegan Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treat Fun

10 Affordable Vegan Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treat FunMany vegan Halloween treats are far more expensive than regular old conventional Halloween hand-outs. And by expensive, I mean $1 or more a pop. Can you afford to hand out $1 treats to trick-or-treaters? Likely not. Image via morgueFile Luckily, you don't have to break the bank to have a happy, spooky and vegan Halloween celebration. Score some top notch vegan Halloween goodies for less than 50 cents per treat, check out the most affordable options below Equal Exchange Organic, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Minis - $0.16 per treat Stretch Island Fruit Leather - ... [read more]

Vegan Recipes for Summer Barbecues

Vegan Recipes for Summer Barbecues If you're hosting a vegan barbecue soon and are at a loss for ideas about what to serve, below is a collection of vegan barbecue dishes sure to be a hit for vegans, vegetarians and even your omni pals. Image by Flickr User barry.pousman Mock meats for grilling Vegans have tons of mock meat options nowadays that will grill up nicely for a BBQ. Clearly, you don't need a mock meat-minded dish option, but it's helpful if you're grilling with friends and family who are used to meat as a main dish or just because you like mock meats. You can go two ways here. One, buy prepared mock ... [read more]

Host a Vegan Barbecue

Host a Vegan BarbecueSummer barbecues are super fun and tasty and just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't participate. Follow the tips below to throw an excellent summer vegan barbecue. Image by Flickr User sporkist Start with a clean grill If you're a newer vegan and you've grilled meat on your grill in the past, make sure you clean that grill. There's no reason to buy a new grill as you can clean the mess up with a few steps. First heat up your grill. The heat makes it easier to clean. Make sure the lid is down as it heats up. Once hot, open the lid and use a long-handled stiff brush to clean ... [read more]

Vegan Easter Candy for Ethical Easter Baskets

Vegan Easter Candy for Ethical Easter BasketsIf you're looking for sweet treats for your child's Easter basket, you don't have to harm animals in the process, because there is a wide assortment of vegan Easter candy available. Also, don't forget that kids like treats other than candy too. Sweet Easter Treats Mama Ganache offers an Adorable Easter Egg Gift Box (shown above). This Easter Egg box is decorated perfectly and the chocolate inside makes it unbelievable. The company offers a classic combo and a vegan combination. The vegan version comes with an all dark chocolate bunny & eggs with a peanut ... [read more]

Vegan Easter Egg Alternatives

Vegan Easter Egg AlternativesJust because your family is vegan, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate Easter with egg-decorating, Easter egg hunts and other egg-minded fun. There are plenty of vegan Easter egg options out there that won't cause harm to animals. Also keep in mind that most of those plastic eggs are made with oil, a non-renewable resource, so when looking for egg alternatives try to go animal-free and plastic-free. Remember, if you do use vegan Easter egg alternatives, point out to your child why you're doing so. Easter is a good time to teach a young child about why we use alternatives rather than real ... [read more]

Vegan Holiday Candy and Treats for Stockings, Gift Giving and Munching

Vegan Holiday Candy and Treats for Stockings, Gift Giving and MunchingFinding vegetarian holiday candy is almost a no-brainer (no one is sneaking meat into holiday candy). However, if you need vegan treats for stockings, gifts or just to have around during the holidays, you'll have to look a little harder in order to avoid some common animal-minded ingredients. Luckily, vegan holiday candy is getting much easier to come by. You have lots of vegan choices that are tasty, festive and affordable for the holiday season. Check out some of your options below. If you'd like to make some vegan treats instead of buying, read Amazing ... [read more]

Amazing Vegan Holiday Treats You Can Make

Amazing Vegan Holiday Treats You Can MakeWith the holidays coming up, it's great to have a full arsenal of sweet vegan holiday treats at your disposal. Below are 60+ all-vegan holiday treats you can whip up for company, for friends or for holiday gift giving. Vegan Holiday Cookies A vegan cookie trio: Vegan Almond Thumbprints + Vegan Chocolate Mint Crinkles + Blackstrap Ginger Cookies Organic vegan soft gingerbread cookies with all natural icing Stained Glass Cookies Organic vegan sugar cookie cutouts Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies (Gluten-Free & Vegan) Vegan Linzer Cookies Vegan Sugar Cookies for Hanukkah Chai ... [read more]

Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Survival Tips Thanksgiving can be tough if you're vegetarian or vegan. Often you'll be celebrating with people who don't follow vegetarian or vegan diets and it's hard not to feel like the odd one out. Still, in spite of everyone's dietary differences, there's no reason why you can't have a happy Thanksgiving . Below are some ideas about how to have a great Thanksgiving if you're vegetarian or vegan. Image from Tofurkey Day! set by Flickr User eyeliam Don't lose sight of what matters The holidays are about being with family and friends, or at least ... [read more]

Tips for new vegetarians: how to manage holiday meat cravings

Tips for new vegetarians: how to manage holiday meat cravings It's not always easy to be a new vegetarian around the holidays, especially because holiday menus are often firmly focused on meat. If you're nervous about missing the turkey on Thanksgiving or Ham on Christmas or Easter, it's okay (and normal). Many vegetarians find it hard to give up meat - even vegetarians who 100% believe in the benefits of living a meat-free lifestyle. To avoid slipping during the holidays, it's smart to be prepared. Know that there will be a lot of meat ads and meat talk going on during major holidays. Know that your family and ... [read more]

Recipes for a Traditional Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Recipes for a Traditional Vegan Thanksgiving Menu If you want to host a vegan, yet still traditional Thanksgiving event, you can. Minus the turkey, most Thanksgiving dishes are extremely easy to transform to vegan-friendly. What About the Turkey? You technically don't need turkey, but it's true some people want it anyhow. Luckily, there are some vegan "Turkey" options, though none that will totally pass for the real deal. That's fine though. It's up to you if you want to serve mock turkey or not. You can sub in one of the "Turkey" ideas below, or just go turkey-free. The nice thing about Thanksgiving ... [read more]

Soft Organic Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Recipe with Naturally Colored Vegan Icing

Soft Organic Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Recipe with Naturally Colored Vegan Icing  Recipe: Soft vegan gingerbread cookies with naturally colored icing. Suitable for: Vegans and everyone else. Makes: 55 cookies or about 4.5 dozen - depending on how large you make your cookies. These gingerbread cookies are vegan, gorgeous in color and stay soft. I'm not a fan of crispy gingerbread cookies, but if you roll your dough thinner, you can use this recipe to make crispy gingerbread. If you make them how I do (shown below) you'll get great, softer, more chewy cookies. This dough is also extremely easy to work with and ... [read more]

Vegan Candy Corn Sugar Cookies for Halloween

Vegan Candy Corn Sugar Cookies for Halloween Recipe: Organic Vegan Candy Corn Sugar Cookies Suitable for: Vegans and everyone else While I made Halloween cookies, this recipe can be used to make other shaped sugar cookies as well. Note - my family ate this year's batch of vegan candy corn cookies before I got a picture of them. The above picture is last year's non-vegan batch (had eggs) but the rest of the images shown below in this recipe are from this year's vegan batch and when baked, your cookies will look like the ones above, but a little thicker. Mainly because I found that vegan sugar cookie dough falls ... [read more]

Vegan Cupcakes for Halloween - Fun Halloween Cupcakes!

Vegan Cupcakes for Halloween - Fun Halloween Cupcakes!With Halloween on the way, it's the perfect time for vegan cupcakes made spooky for Halloween. Below are some adorable, scary and just plain fun vegan cupcakes for Halloween - great for vegan Halloween parties or just to make the kids (and adults you love happy). Brownie Pumpkin Cupcakes with Avocado Banana Frosting (raw, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free) - via Purely Twins Plump Pumpkin Vegan Cupcakes! - Oh sooooooooo cute! Via Babble. Dracula’s Bite Halloween Cupcakes - 100% gross but kids will adore these. Via GirlieGirl Army Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes! ... [read more]

75 Vegan Halloween Treats for Trick or Treaters

75 Vegan Halloween Treats for Trick or TreatersThis Halloween make sure to hand out vegan Halloween treats when kids come a knocking. There's plenty to choose from so there's no reason to serve up animal products on Halloween. Tip - if you buy Halloween treats in bulk, you can portion out servings into little Halloween treat bags, especially if you know the kids in the neighborhood (some parents only like pre-wrapped candy for their kids though, so if that's the case, go with bug bites - shown below). Also, don't forget that kids like treats other than candy too. The last 12 items on this list are non-edible ... [read more]