The Benefits of Being Veg*n While Pregnant

Pregnant Vegan

So you’re veg*n and pregnant- congratulations! Being pregnant can be a time of both celebration and worry for many people, with hopes that everything will turn out fine mixed in with the euphoria of waiting to bring a new life into this world.

While it’s always the best thing to consult a doctor on what kind of a diet could be best for you and your baby during pregnancy, there are some pluses to eating veg*n when pregnant that don’t always get the stage they might deserve.

Why don’t we hear about them more? Professionals, family, and friends can tend to be on an expectant mom’s case about so many things, regardless of her dietary choices. Everyone knows best, all of sudden. But few members of the average population stop to think of things that are sometimes straightforward. Things like the fact that veg*ns tend to naturally consume more folic acid than meat-eaters, one of the most-talked-about vitamins for pregnant women.

Folic acid, as many already know, is a vitamin of the B complex that helps prevent serious defects of the spinal cord and brain in babies. Folic acid is found in a variety of foods, and notably in leafy green vegetables-something many veg*ns likely already eat in abundance.

What other benefits exist? Doctors cite a lower incidence of pre-eclampsia in expectant moms- a potentially fatal condition in pregnancy involving high blood pressure and fluid retention- and a greater abundance of breast milk.

Lower blood pressure and a reduction in the chance of having a preterm birth as a result of eating a diet lower in cholesterol are some other notable benefits for pregnant veg*ns.

And finally, the breast milk of some veg*n moms has also been said to be lower in environmental contaminants than that of meat eaters -a great benefit for baby once s/he is born.

With so many pluses it can be hard to imagine why some people would eat differently when expecting. Are you pregnant and veg*n? How’s it going?

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