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Where do you buy vegetarian vitamins?

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Does anyone have a good on line source for vegetarian vitamins, especially places that sell capsules without gelatin? I'm sure I could find what I'm looking for at the health food store but it's a lot more expensive. Thanks in advance.
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Not sure where you live? In england Holland and Barret have a range that is suitable for veggies- it has been on sale- at £1.99 recently

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These websites all have vegan vitamins along with a lot of other vegan items as well:



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They have Vegetarian Calcium, and a Vegetarian Formula Multi. I did a search there for 'vegetarian' and it came up empty, but if you get a catalog sent to you, it'll specify what's veg or not. Very cheaply priced, and they always have "Buy 3 get one Free" or "Everything 66% off" sort of sales.
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I get the Solgar vegan multis from The Vitamin Shoppe. They have a 30% off sale a few times a year and often will ship free with a minimum order or coupon.
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I like Freeda vitamins- http://www.freedavitamins.com/
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Thanks for all the help.
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I remember someone saying they sells some at Kmart, right? I need to buy vitamins, I'm out. Does Walmart sell vegan vitamins too? Oh and when they say vitamins are vegetarian, does that mean they're vegan?
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most non-chain drugstores and even a few chain ones near me have their own store brand vitamins which are almost all gelitan free oddly enough, plus those are the cheaper ones
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Whole Foods Markets
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ive heard that some vitamins, depending on their making process and their sources are more easily absorbed than others...

is this true, and does anyone have any good or bad experiences with certain vegan vitamins?
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I take Nature's Life Vegetarian Multi-Vitamin that I purchased at Wild Oats. They're a little more expensive, but I watched until they went on sale and bought a couple bottles. They're pretty big pills, so I usually split them into several pieces. Easier to swallow, and I worry less about that big pill passing through my system undigested.
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