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Favorite "fake meat" brands?

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I've been trying to find some fake meat (turkey especially) for sammiches.

When I go into the grocery store, there are so many different brands I'm not sure which ones are better or taste better.

So far I've bought Yves and Tofurkey.

Yves fake turkey tasted more like ham and I regurgitated it a bit.

I haven't opened up the Tofurkey yet.

Can anyone recommend a brand and flavor that they really like and would taste great as an open faced turkey sammich or in a sub? Thanks!


--after a year and still new to being a vegetarian
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i've tried the tofurky slices and i didn't much care for it, but maybe you'd like it. Also I'm not sure what the taste difference is between turkey and chicken. From what I remember they taste fairly familiar. You could maybe try strips of fake chicken (yves).
It's not in what you say, it's in what you do (Oasis)

Feeling bored? Why don't you wander over to my blog sometime. http://thebohemiankitchen.wordpress.com
It's not in what you say, it's in what you do (Oasis)

Feeling bored? Why don't you wander over to my blog sometime. http://thebohemiankitchen.wordpress.com
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For lunch"meat" sandwiches I use the Tofurkey brand. I don't care much for the Yves brand, and the LightLife products are okay overall.
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I've used the smartslices/smart-turkey

I don't know how widely it's distributed though..

plus they're not so good cold.

I toast it up with some saurkraut(sp?) and mustard
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I love the Yves Ham one, but that's the only one I've tried, sorry.
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Tofurky is by far my favorite.
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Follow me on Twitter - @_jorts
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Tofurkey, I use to like Lightlife, but they are owned by Con Agra so I tend not to buy it unless in a pinch
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I've tried LightLife Smart Deli Roast Turkey slices. I put a couple slices on a sandwich/sub w/just lettuce, tomato & mustard. I thought they were pretty good. That's the only turkey substitute I've tried so far.
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I like the LightLife fake sausage best... in my biscuits and gravy! Yum!
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I bought Yves salami sandwich slices and they were ok. And I also tried Light life turkey and I didn't care for it. It is not bad to make cream cheese roll ups with. But for both of these I can not eat by itself.
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i like the tofurkey slices...yves is good, too...
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honestly none of them...they just are too much like real meat to me.
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I like Primal Spirit Foods' Primal Strips. =]
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I REALLY don't like fake deli slices. I LOVE soy crumbles and burger, but I have yet to find a brand that was decent for "meat" slices. Worthington brand isn't bad really (okay, I admit, it's yummy), but it's hard to find. If you can find it (it's in the freezer section, mostly in Seventh Day Adventist areas), try the Wham.
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Originally Posted by Michael View Post

Tofurky is by far my favorite.

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I've tried two different fake turkey slices and the tofurky brand tasted the best!
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In Chapel Hill we have a burger restaurant called Buns that makes a delicious veggie burger. It's filling and has chunks of real veggies in it--beans, squash, and onions. I'm not sure if it's a chain, but if it is or you're ever in Chapel Hill, NC, check it out.
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Boca Crumbles

Boca Original Vegan Burgers

Yves pepperoni (I like it a lot better fried though)
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I've tried Yves turky, roast beef and balogna. I think the only one I liked was the balogna. (I wish that were spelt the way it sounds. I mean, it is, but not by everyone.)

The others didn't taste like anything, so I didn't like them. I even drowed them in Mrs. Dash so they'd have some flavor, then I got sick of Mrs. Dash after that.

It's funny how (IMO) Yves can make awesome veggie burgers, but thier fake lunchmeats don't taste so great.

I'll have to keep trying until I find a fake lunch meat that I like. I'm not big on "sammies",

(sandwiches, that is), but it would be nice to make them instead of being lazy and cooking something else all the time. I have developed a fondness for strawberry cream cheese and peanut butter sandwhiches, though. If it sounds gross, don't knock it 'till you've tried it!
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Quorn makes a fake turkey that can be sliced for sandwiches. Though I haven't tried it yet (I'm saving it for my first as vegetarian T.Giving), I've liked every Quorn product I've tried so far.
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I was doing my own thing quietly and YOU are the one who created this post trying to make a big deal out of it. Keep flaming the fire. That must be what you want.

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I haven't tried many faux meats but Yves chicken burgers and tenders are pretty good.
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I like any of the "deli slices". I think they all pretty much taste the same with the exception of the tofurky salami. It's not something I buy very often though. Other than that I get the boca crumbles and the ocassional chik'n strip type thing. I eat a lot less faux meat than I used to.
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Boca and Tofurkey
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Since becoming veggie a little bit ago, i've only have a few fake meats. I suggest trying different kinds of Boca. I had one that was supposed to taste like meat... i guess. Wasn't a big hit for me. Though i'm a huge fan of the mozzerella/portabella mushroom boca... mmmmm. I like fake meats that aren't "meat flavored". I'd rather have a new flavor to eat. =D
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Have you considered making your own? I really can't stand any of the fake meat brands. They all leave a chemical after taste in my mouth. It's also very expensive.

Instead of buying the fake meat I make my own seitan and chickpea cutlets and veggie burgers and the like. If you make seitan in the crockpot it gets really firm and "meaty" and you can slice it pretty much paper thin. It makes fabulous sandwiches!
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Has anyone tried the rice burgers? I just bought a box of them and a box of my favorite Sunshine Burgers
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i like Veggie Pach
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i freakin LOVE tofurkey!!

A lot of people don't like the slices.....

But try a tofurkey ball, and then slice up your leftovers, they make the best....EVERYTHING!

tofurkey fried rice is especially delicious.
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