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Is it vegan?

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OK, Im still a very new vegan, so I need some help on finding out if certain items are vegan.

Vegan soap. Is there a commonly available soap that is vegan? Is ivory vegan?

vegan margerine. I got Benecol at the grocery the other day, and then noticed it has vitamine A palimatate or something or other which Ive read can be animal or plant derived. I sent them an e-mail asking for clarification, but to no avail....

I found a website a while ago that listed loads of common items that were accidentally vegan, but I forgot to bookmark it, and now cannot find it. Any ideas?

ETA: The customer service folks at Benecol say this: "Benecol Spreads do not contain ingredients derived from animal

sources. "

Woo Hoo!
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You might want to try www.isitvegan.info/

It doesn't list Ivory on there, but it's my understanding that their list is not exhaustive. The soap items that are listed on there are vegan.

It doesn't list anything under Margarine/Benecol, either.

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isitvegan.info is Uk based. If you're in the US, then it's not much use.

however, most VBers swear by earth balance, which is supposed to be available at most health food stores. (As I'm aware, Uk vegans usually go for the "pure" brand margarine.)I'm sure some US vegans will post some good information.

Not sure about the soap though. I'm vgetarian by diet mainly, and i aoid othe rhtings where possible, but on www.thesmokinggun.com they scrutinised paul mccartneys infamous rider and found ivory soap on their. They investigated and discovered that it was made with animal fat or something, and decided to make a big deal of it. So I'd assume that ivory soap isn't vegan. best of checking though. I don't know of any brands which are vegan, even in the UK.
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I suggest PETA's Living website. They have lists of companies that do test, that don't test, as well as ingredients that could (or do) come from animal sources.
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The closest health food store is a hundred miles away. Ive been ordering things online and using PETA's list. Im just trying to find some local stuff too (think save $$)
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Oh, I understand. I have a few places I can go to. None are very convenient, thought. And most stuff is more expensive than the normal grocery store stuff.

What stores do you have nearby?
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Ivory soap isn't vegan - it says it contains animal fars on their website www.ivory.com. Veganstore.com sell soap, and Lush sell vegan soap too, see their site.
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Right now, my shopping is divided between Winn Dixie, Walmart, and the commisary (military grocery) trying to find a variety of vegan stuff. There are two whole foods shops in New Orleans, and I was saving for a big trip to one, but my dog was hit by a car and my vet bill was well over $1000, and still growing, so that trip will have to be postponed a few months. I have still been using some totally unvegan toiletries like soap and shampoo till I run out of them. I was just hoping there might be some accidentally vegan soap I could get till I can go to the whole foods or make a big order online.

ETA: Thanks, Gracie is doing well. The vet says its a miracle, but shes going to be just fine! Shes such a little trooper!
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I found this and this about vegan margarine. I like the Willow Run, myself. Kroger usually carries that, if you had one nearby. (Some of the stores are better than others about carrying stuff. Sounds like Anniston, AL, where my parents are - Winn-Dixie or Food Lion.)

I don't know of any soap other than what's available online or at a health food store.

(ETA: Sorry to hear about your dog. Will he be ok?)
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I'm sorry to hear about your dog, and I hope he feels better soon.

As for margarine, I use Earth Balance on food (spreading on toast, veggies, etc.) and I bake with Willow Run.

I've heard that Smart Balance Light is okay, but you'll want to check the ingredients. I think (but I'm not sure) that Blue Bonnet Light is okay.

ETA: Oh, soap! I use the Origins Cream Bar (totally plant-based). It's expensive, but it lasts for a long time if you keep it dry when you're not using it. I have a little soap tray that's specifically for the Origins bar, and one will last me for about three months or so.

A note about Origins...they don't test on animals, and a lot of their products are vegan, but there are some that contain lanolin, honey, milk products, etc, so always check the labels. ^^;;
We see the world as "we" are, not as "it" is; because it is the "I" behind the "eye" that does the seeing.
We see the world as "we" are, not as "it" is; because it is the "I" behind the "eye" that does the seeing.
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What about St. Ives? I like their products, but some contain lanolin and possibly other animal derived ingredients. It's a brand commonly sold in many stores, though. If not bar soap, I think they have a liquid soap.
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Herbal Essence products are vegan and not tested on animals. However, Procter and Gamble owns the company and does do animal tests on other products. I personally still use it. Herbal Essence products are available all over the place.

As for margarine, I use both Willow Run and Earth Balance. If you can't find either of those, you may want to try Fleischmans no salt margarine in stick form. Check the ingredients though because it has been a long time since I've used it.

I'm so sorry to read about your dog. I sincerely hope it all works out.
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The only easily obtainable vegan margarine sold in tubs is Nucoa. It isn't trans-fat free, but it is vegan. Fleichmans regular stick margarine is vegan, but their trans-fat free, reduced-calorie tub margarine is not (vitamin D3), so be careful.

Clearly Natural makes a vegetable glycerin based soap that is vegan and is available at all large retailers. Check the bottom of the soap aisle shelves to find it since it's not a "major" brand placed at eye level. Most mass market soap will contain animal fats because it is the easiest and cheapest soap to make, and it produces a good lather. I've started to make my own olive oil and coconut oil based soap at home. With a few cheap tools (thermometers and a pot or two) you can make your own soap vegan and very cheaply. Plus, it's fun and you can make cool gifts for people. All you need is olive oil, lye and water.
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Originally Posted by Loki View Post

I don't know of any brands which are vegan, even in the UK.

In the UK the Co-op make vegetable soap and the label states "Independantly approved by Buav, independant campaigners against animal testing. Product and ingredients not tested on animals by us or our suppliers since 1985. No animal ingredients" they also make shampoo with the same claim on the label.

Pure margarine is good too, there is a site about that http://www.purespreads.com
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The stick margarine we have I got from the jewish section of the grocery store and is non-dairy, I don't remember the name though. I don't know if you have access to a jewish section/jewish store, but they normally will have non-dairy items. For tub margarine I use Earth Balance. My family complains that it's too "hard", has anyone else noticed this?
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Clearly Natural is a very good vegan soap. It's relatively cheap, too.

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile liquid soaps are great, too. They're all vegetable glycerin based, no animal ingredients, no animal testing. A little of it goes a very long way. They can be used for shampoo, hand soap, body wash, mouthwash, deodorant, etc, just dilute with water.

I'm not sure why Earth Balance is so hard, but letting it sit outside at room temperature for a while helps it to soften.
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I third the Clearly Natural. Carnelian sent me some for the swap, and it's great! I've found that it's very common in stores, so I'm sure you could find it in any Wal-Mart or grocery. Plus, it's cheap!
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OK. The clearly Natural sounds good.

I used to use Herbal Essence. Ill switch back.

I live in Southern Missisippi, so Id really doubt there is a jewish shop around. We do have loads of asian stuff though. Mostly Korean.

I sent Benecol another e-mail asking if they had any animial derived ingredients. their web site is www.benecol.com

I am going to write down all the spreads listed here for next time I go shopping, in case Ive just missed them.
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At the moment I am using asquith and somerset soap (but still have some non-friendly items to use up) this stuff is divine! And as a bonus it has shea butter in it too...The bar soaps (not sure if it's all of their products but I think so...) state on the label that they use all vegetable ingredients, and do no animal testing...I stockpiled a WHOLE BUNCH of the Lotus scented ones, they are

very hard to find scent but smell soooooooooooooo incredibly good...

I buy mine a Marshalls...These might be a bit girly for your liking, but I think they have scents suitable for men, too...

Here's the website...

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Do you have a Shaw's in your area? I'm not sure about MI, but in my area (Mass) the Shaw's have a "Wild Harvest" section. They have all kinds of vegan stuff...including bath&beauty and cleaning stuff. That's where I do most my shopping. I use Earth's Balance too...I don't think it's too hard, as long as you "shave" off thin pieces... I don't know what brand the soap is, it's a small company... But I would deffinately check out Shaw's if you have one near you!

Good luck..and hope your doggy gets better
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