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Vegan antidepressants?

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I've been a vegetarian for a while now, planning on going vegan. I just read that many pills have gelatin in them, and yep, my antidepressants have them. So, I'm stuck.

Is there such a thing as a vegan antidepressant? I've asked my doctor, but I can't switch to St. John's Wort, because it's not effective enough. Would I just have to make a concession and take my regular meds, gelatin and all?
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Veganism is about avoiding animal exploitation wherever practical and possible. Prescribed medication falls out with those boundaries so I would not worry

What you can do though is write to the manufacturer of the drug and express your concerns and that you would rather they used a non-animal derived alternative to gelatin. One day maybe enough of us will have asked them this that they change their products to be more vegan.

Sadly all prescribed medicines have been tested on animals though :/

But to answer your question more precisely, there are no vegan anti-depressants that I know of and I definitely don't recommend changing types if the one you are on is working for you. Trying out different anti-depressants is a nightmare
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it might come in another format that doesn't have animal products in it- eg liquid or tablet instead of capsule. you could ask your doctor or the pharmacist. it'll still most likely be animal tested though.

and like thalestral said, email the manufacturer. you might not be able to change anything today, but it paves the way for positive change in the future.

please ignore anyone who isn't a medical proffesional who suggests you buy vegetarian capsule shells and take your medicine capsules to bits and put them back together in a different shell, it doesn't ethially undo the production of the pills, its a waste of resources, and its potentially dangerous.

if you need medicine, you should definately take it. you'll struggle to make a positive change in the world if you can't get out of bed and live your life.
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Okay, that is good to hear. I just wish they didn't throw that in the mix. Maybe I will write that letter...
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Your health and well being is equally important to that of the animals you're trying to save from harm by forgoing their flesh and byproducts. Denying yourself medication that improves the quality of life is counterproductive. Nobody can be 100% anything all of the time. Give yourself a break. Take care of *you*, and just rest easy knowing you're doing all you reasonably can to make the world a better place for all, human and animal.

At least you're not chasing your meds with a steak! It's all about perspective. You're golden. :-)
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Originally Posted by Being-and-Tim View Post

Okay, that is good to hear. I just wish they didn't throw that in the mix. Maybe I will write that letter...

Even if gelatin wasn't used in the capsules, the drug itself has still been tested on animals in trials before it's declared safe for humans anyway, so it's not like having vegetable capsules makes it that much more ethical anyway so you may as well take it.....having good mental health and feeling like you can function in your life takes precedence in this situation.
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It's good to know that I'm not the only one who takes antidepressants with gelatine in them.
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