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What is the best milk replacement?

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I haven't been a vegan very long, but I've been completely avoiding milk replacements until yesterday. I bought a carton of silk. It tasted like old pasta and gave me the worst stomach ache Ive ever had. So I threw it away, but now I'm scared to try anything else. In your opinion, what is the best for you?
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What are you trying to replace? Something for cereal/coffee etc., or are you looking for something with calcium and nutrients similar to milk?

It's really about personal preferences. Give some other substitutes a try. There are so many (soy, almond, rice, hemp).

I love soy milk (plain, unsweetened) in oatmeal or coffee but I don't like it to drink. I use Almond milk (plain, unsweetened) for cereal. And I love the chocolate Almond milk for a treat. So yummy!
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ah. i wouldn't throw it away - that stuff is expensive! i would've taken it back and tried another brand.

one thing you must remember - cow milk is cow milk and no replacement is really going to taste like it. it may take a while for your tastebuds to get used to different kinds. i remember not liking soy milk when i first tried it. now i love love the chocolate silk soy. i'll drink that straight.
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I like rice milk.

Some of the brands taste better than others so you have to experiment a bit until you find one you like.
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chocolate silk <3

so good.
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I use plain unsweetened soya milk in my porridge (=oatmeal ) in the morning, or the vanilla flavoured soya milk if I want something a bit sweeter (I also use this in baking). I also use plain soya milk in my tea and take my coffee black anyway...

I think it depends on whether you're planning to drink it straight from the glass. I've never really tried that to be honest - but a friend of mine drinks rice milk straight from the glass and loves it. Maybe you should go to the shops and buy one of each and have a taste test? ^_^
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I don't like rice milk, it has a kind of bitter aftertaste to me.

I never really drank milk plain, but for cereal and whatnot I use plain light soymilk.

Maybe you should wait a while until you kind of forget the taste of cows milk before you try substituting it.
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I'm casting my vote for almond milk, particularly for cereals. I was never a milk drinker, so to speak. Although now that I've discovered ZenSoy chocolate soymilk, I'm hooked on that. For my coffee/tea I use Silk creamer...even my husband and son have switched over and they are diehard omnis. I will use plain soymilk occasionally for cooking where almond milk wouldn't work.
Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid...~Albert Einstein~
"Nothing tastes as good as kindness feels" - ~ElaineV~
Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid...~Albert Einstein~
"Nothing tastes as good as kindness feels" - ~ElaineV~
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What's so great about milk that you feel it needs to be replaced?

I use it in cereal because I want the whole grains. I buy unsweetened soy, rice and almond milk. I would never drink it by the glass.
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i love Almond Breeze brand almond milk. (Pacifica makes an almond milk as well, but I dislike that one). There are many different kinds of nondairy milks and each one tastes a little different. Even among one type (i.e. soy) there's a lot of flavor variation among different brands. So, don't be discouraged; just keep trying until you find the one that you like best.
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...and congrats on going vegan!!!

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I love love LOVE Rice Dream (vanilla) for cereals, baking, etc. I never was one to just drink a glass of milk though so I don't know how it would be for that, but for cereals, sauces, baking, etc, rice milk is my absolute fav. I haven't tried almond milk but I know I prefer rice milk to soy.
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Originally Posted by lilac wine View Post

i love Almond Breeze brand almond milk.

I second that. It's quite good.

I also enjoy Rice Dream (both vanilla and regular), but my favorite brand is the ZenSoy. All the milks are extremely tasty and in the store by me, they're only $2.99 for a half gallon.
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i use vanilla soy milk for oatmeal,plain unsweetened for cereal. iv never liked silk either except for the chcoclate kind.(yum!). my soymilk is this kind called greenlife or something like that. iv never tried actual rice milk,but iv found when iv gotten vegan ice cream treats made with rice milk from a brand called Rice Dream that they tasted great
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I just got a carton of hemp milk the other day for the first time; it's really good! Definantly a lot more "creamy" and thick than other kinds, which I personally like. Almond milk is also really good, but both of these are more expensive. Normally I get rice milk as it's cheaper and still tastes fine to me. Really just more of a personal preference I'd say.
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If you are not good with soy milk, and it gives you either queezy feelings or you dislike the taste, like others have said, try almond milk or rice milk, there's also oatmilk...

Almond milk is richer in taste, rice milk is still soft, and to me, it has no bad aftertaste or capabilities of giving you a stomach ache, but then, that's my experience. So I think it is good if you see for yourself what you like best.

There's all sorts of alternatives if you are looking for milk substitutes to cook with as well. I never quite understand why someone would use cow milk for cooking though, as it tends to burn. For cooking, depending on the type of food I am making, I use coconot milk, soy cooking cream, almond or rice milk... there's plenty of non dairy milks

Congratulations on becoming vegan, that is wonderful!!
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I've tried plain, vanilla, and chocolate soymilk (8th Continent and Silk brands) as well as Almond milk. Haven't tried rice milk yet and I saw Hemp milk at the store but didn't get it because it was a bit expensive. It's all very good, MUCH better than cow's milk, which I haven't had plain in a very long time. I cringe thinking back to how I used to have a cup of it with every dinner, cereal, etc. I still remember how I could barely stand the taste then. The first time I tried soy milk, I tasted the difference. But I loved it- it tasted so much better to me.

I can understand how some may not like the soymilk as the chocolate especially tastes a bit chalky (but I still like it a lot!).

I think I like Silk better than 8th Continent because the taste is better. It's sweeter and has more flavor, probably because it's organic.
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I agree with the chocolate Silk. Delicious stuff.

I also recently picked up some vanilla Rice Dream, and drank it straight. It was alright. Not great, but manageable. Slightly strange taste, but it is thin like water so you can drink it quickly.

(I only use it for the nutrients, so I drink it like I'm taking shots.)
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Which ever one tastes the best to you.
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I personally can not stand Silk brand soymilk. I like the vita soy kinda of soymilk (unflavored) and ricedream (unflavored) for cooking and cereal. I like chocolate anything lol when drinking it in a glass . Almond is good every now and then, can't decide if I like it or not lol.

Try a bunch of brands and flavors, you will eventually find one you like. You just have to remember that they don't look or taste like cow's milk so don't expect it to.
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I was a huge milk lover before I turn to vegan and it took little time from me to find what I wanna use as the replacement. Now I use rice milk when I want to drink it or eat it with my cereals and enven when I cook food sometimes. Usually I use soy milk for cooking. This works for me but like others say, try different pruducts, you will find out what suites to you.

Oh, and that oat milk, it really taste to oat, I didn't like that a bit.

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I just tried this yesterday and its by far the best soy Ive had..

Doesnt have that real soy taste...
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I've tried many varieties of "milk replacements", and found that I like Oat milk the best. Pacific Natural Foods makes the best one, in my opinion! After having that, I won't go back to Soy milk unless I need to use it for cooking. I just bought Chocolate Hemp milk too, so I'm going to be trying that soon.

I like to stay away from soy milk mainly because I don't like to have too much soy in my diet.
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I love VitaSoy! They have delicious flavors, and they are so yummy!

I also love Almond Breeze Milk! I have yet to try hemp milk or rice milk, but I will be excited when I do. I have yet to find Chocolate flavored Almond Milk though. They don't seem to carry it at the supermarket in my city.
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