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The Diva Cup and cramps

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I purchased the Diva cup (same as the Keeper) about 3 months ago after hearing all the wonderful things about it from EquiPro and others. I love it,especially at night since I roll around so much and I used to get leaks when I wore pads. I've noticed though in the last 3 months, no cramps. I used to get mild to moderate cramps on the first day of my period. My whole hip region would feel achy. Now, no more cramps! Can anyone explain this?
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The only guess that I can make is that it puts pressure on the vaginal walls that must be some sort of reflexology for cramps, because I have the exact same thing happen. Perhaps, additionally, the suction (that makes it different from a tampon) helps.

I know that having and orgasm or two (three, whatever) always makes my cramps better. Also, I know that sometimes when I put the Keeper in, it wants to sit right on my g-spot. I've actually had to move it a little because it was too....um....distracting! Perhaps pressure on the g-spot area also relieves cramps.

Whatever the reason, it's a great bonus!
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It is a great bonus!! YOur explanation does make sense though. I haven't gotten it placed on my G-Spot: I'll have to work on that one!!! I've been recommending the cup to all my female friends. It really does make periods no-fuss, convenient and I feel clean! I also feel good about the environment. Thank you so much for introducing me Equipro.
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I'm so excited to hear this. I just got a DIVA cup and I haven't even tried it yet. So now I am really looking forward to it. I travel a lot so I thought it would be perfect for me and I hate always buying tampons to use them for a few hours and then just dispose of them. Now I know who to turn to if I have any questions about it after my first attempt!
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yeah Portabella! Just be patient with the first time. It took me about 2 days to get used to it. Using some lubricant helped. Good luck. I can't express how awesome it is.
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Is the Diva cup identical to the Keeper, or are there some differences? I bought the Keeper a few weeks ago -- tried it once. No major problems but I'll have to get used to it.
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I believe they are the same. I bough the Diva Cup because it's Canadian and there's no worrying about exchange rates.
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I am Canadian too. I bought the Keeper in a natural foods co-op.
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I'm still debating on buying this...I have their website on my favorites list for when I finally make up my mind lol. I've mentioned it to other people, and everyone seems to think it's gross, even though I try to explain it's similar to a tampon (collects the blood inside, yes I know it's different though). Why do you think people are grossed out by it? You think just cause it's a new method people haven't heard of? I'm just afraid it will feel uncomfortable, even though I've read that you guys say it isn't. A question: Do you first put it in after you already got your period, or do you put it in before hand if you know what day you're getting it? Just wondering cause I'd think that a little blood would come out if you put it in after you got it. You know what I mean?
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I think people are grossed out because it's novel and it's not on television. You can insert the cup before your period. There is no risk of toxic shock associated with the cup. Give it a try. It does take a couple of days to get used to it but it's worth it.
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people are likely grossed out by it because there is this weird cultural taboo against women actually TOUCHING the insides of their vaginas, especially while menstruating.

i also heard that the diva cup (unlike the keeper) is latex-free, (made of silicone?), which is good news for all of those women with latex allergies.

i'm really wanting one of these - i've wanted one for three years. i guess the next time i have access to a credit card i'll order one.
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Using the Keeper or cup does take some gettting used to. Let's be honest here, it can be messy. Unlike a tampon where you just pull it out by the string and let it drop into the toilet, you DO have to handle the Keeper, and so you'd better be used to 1) putting your fingers in your vagina and manipulating something inside of yourself and 2) menstral fluid.

I was really surprised how gooky my flow really is. I have always used tampons, and just didn't know any better. It can be pretty icky, but I know that I am using a wonderful product that is not only good for my health, but good for the planet, PLUS, I'm putting my money into the hands of someone who deserves it, not into the hands of some greedy, huge conglomerate.

I really think that they charge far too little for the Keeper. I would have happily paid 2x what I did for it. It will have paid for itself within one year easily. These companies don't get your continued business, so they need support even more.

this is how much I love my Keeper. If I was ever chosen for Survivor, I would damn well make sure that I had one in when heading out for the site. Can live without a lot of things, my Keeper isn't one of them.
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Originally Posted by AuroraLily View Post

I haven't gotten it placed on my G-Spot: I'll have to work on that one!!!

It was very distracting. Just walking around created an "awareness". I couldn't handle it. The weird thing is that when I first put it in on the first dayh of my cycle, that's where it want to place itself. hmmmmmm.
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I'm confused, did the keeper and the divacup combine companies or something? I went to divacup.com and keeper.com and it was the same product
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Okay so I've been using the Diva Cup for two days.

And I'm getting a little bit of leakage-but only during the day? Any advice?

I love it but right now I need your help because I hate not feeling like it is reliable.

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I have never heard of either of these products but a few months back I bought a box of "Instead" cups. They sound like pretty much the same thing except "Instead" cups can be worn during sex and they are disposable. So far I like them, but haven't been brave enough to use them on the day of my heaviest flow.

Go to www.softcup.com or if you're in Canada, go to www.instead.ca for more info.
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Portabella: Make sure the cup is up high enough and make sure you've twisted it. Try doing some Kegal exercises. There shouldn't be any leakage. Good luck.
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these things still scare the hell out of me...oh and when you dump out the blood is there a lot??... I tend to vomit at the sight of blood mostly in its runny gushy form.. tampons and pads with blood even upset my stomach...just curious... I doubt I will ever purchase one, but it is good to know these things...
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Thanks I will try to move it a little higher and I have done the three quarter turn but I will turn it more. I will keep you updated on my progress-its only day two. I know I can get it to work perfectly!!!
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i actually have more cramps when i wear anything like divacup, tampons, etc.. but i think it's because i had PID a few years ago.. still have scar tissue.. meh.
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