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How can you tell if tempeh has gone bad?

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I'm relatively new to tempeh. I bought a package of Lightlife's Organic 3 Grain tempeh. I cooked one half of the package in liquid aminos and Earth Balance a couple days ago. Yum!

Okay...so the packaging says occasional dark areas are cool and don't indicate spoilage, but what if the entire side of the remainder is consistently darker than the other (I want to say a grayish tone)? I didn't wrap it extremely tight when I put it back in the fridge two nights ago. There isn't a spoiled smell as far as I can tell. The "Sell By" date was yesterday.

What do the tempeh masters say? Good or bad?
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I have Shurtleff and Aoyagi's "Book of Tempeh" so I looked it up for you.

They write (Under refrigeration):

"Do not worry if, after 2 to 3 days, it grays or blackens slightly owing to sporulation or develops a suble ammonia smell. Discard only if the smell should become unpleasantly strong."

Make of that what you wish.
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Awesome...thanks! I'm gonna eat it!
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you can freeze it too, in the future...you can throw the entire whole package into the freezer, or wrap an opened pack tightly.
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The freezer idea sounds good too as it's hard to wrap that package back up tightly. Where's the rubberbands? Do you have to thaw it out before you dump it in the heated pan?

I chopped the tempeh up into little cubes and they reminded me of grainy tater tots once I cooked them in the liquid aminos and EB
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haha....grainy tater tots! i love it.

when you are freezing it,if youve already opened it, i would wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in a ziplock.

yeah, i would thaw it first before using it. it will take on flavor better this way.

though i usually steam mine before frying/baking, whatever so it that case, it doesnt have to be totally thawed.

if you want to speed thaw it, you can submerge the unopened package or the ziplock baggie into water and pop it in the microwave for 2mins or so...just dont over do it so you dont actually cook it.

and though i havent personally tried it, people have marinated tofu in the freezer...by taking the marinade and tofu, throwing it into a ziplock and freezing it. it should suck up the flavors well. i would think this would work well for tempeh too.
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I'd say it was bad if it was committing armed robbery, harassing people, cussing maybe...

I make myself laugh.

Sorry, I would say that I like abroadinSacto's response. (although there's other good ideas in this thread too. )
I believe everything.
I believe everything.
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