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Hello! I live in Virginia Beach. I have been a vegan for just a few months (since mid January 2009), so I'm still learning. I'm loving the new lifestyle change and feel totally liberated and a lot happier about what I'm eating. I have a husband and a 7 year old son who are both still omnis, but they (especially my son) eat the vegan food I cook at home. I'd like my son to eat mostly vegan (or at least vegetarian), but it's tough when he wants what my husband has. Anyway, I don't know anyone else in VA Beach who is vegan and only one person at my workplace who is a vegetarian, but we don't get the chance to interact. So, it's good to know there are others out there.
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Hey Welcome to VB!

I'm in Va Beach too and don't know very many veg*ns (vegetarians and/or vegans) here either. Welcome to the boards and congrats on going vegan!
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Thanks! I'm loving it here already. Hey, let me know of any restaurants you like that serve vegan food. I've already found a bunch, but there might be more I don't know about. I like the Bangkok Garden chain and have been to Amalfi. I'm grateful that Italian pretty much anywhere (except the Cheesecake Factory) works since I can just get pasta with some kind of vegan sauce. I thought there'd be a lot more veg*ans here in VA Beach with PETA being here. I'm sure they're out there. I just have such a small circle of acquaintances.
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Yeah there's not too many. More in Norfolk where PETA actually is but it's rare to meet another vegetarian. The only other vegetarian I know is 10 years old. We had a veg meetup here for awhile but it was much more centered around eating locally and was mostly meat-eaters. It's gone anyway.

It's a great city though. I've been here all my life and there's lots to do, especially in the summer. Glad you found Amalfi and Bangkok Garden. If you like Indian we also have a couple great Indian places. One of my faves (because of the staff) is Nawab by Hilltop. Heritage has some good vegan stuff and we have amazing farmers markets during the summer.

Where did you move from? There's good places down at the oceanfront but very few have vegan options. There are some but it's limited and you kinda have to hunt down the one vegan item on the menu. Norfolk has some great places but I'm so rarely out there I wouldn't be a good source. If you moved from somewhere really veg friendly, I'm sorry cause it's kind of seafood heavy around here. It's really cool to have another VB person on VB
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Hey! You're right about it being seafood heavy in VA Beach. I never liked sea food even when I was an omni. Still, my family and I like it here well enough. We'll probably be here a couple of years yet (we're military) before moving somewhere else. In the meantime we want to visit a lot of the museums and other exciting things to see here. We're here from Arizona, but I don't know how vegan friendly it is there since I just became vegan since being in VA Beach.

I'm actually planning on going to Amalfi with my family in a couple of weeks for my birthday. I want to try the vegan cheesecake. Have you tried it? I've never had a vegan cheesecake altogether, so I'm excited. We also found Nawab, but like Rajput (in Ghent) a litle better because it has a bigger lunch buffet. Have you been to Chipotle. That's another favorite of mine. They were all over in Arizona, and I loved them then. Now, I eliminate some items to make it vegan, but it's still awesome.
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Arizona is awesome. I was just in Scottsdale in January. My Husband is in the military too- Coast Guard. Just did his 8 years and is now in the reserves. Lots of military here, as I'm sure you know

My birthday is June 6th and Amalfi catered for me last year. The cheesecake is good and definitely one of the better ones I've had but honestly, you can make a better one at home. It's worth having though. That was my cake last year and the vegan tomato cream sauce pasta which too was ok. Rajput is great. Nice atmosphere. Spice of India is also really good. It's a pretty place and the food is amazing. It's in Chesapeake though. I still haven't been to a Chipotle. Everyone raves but I never make it there. I do hit up Qudoba sometimes and really like Pelon's in the northend. That's a great little spot if you want fresh California style tacos with a huge dose of local surf culture. They have veganizable tacos.

We are getting a Trader Joes this Friday I'm super excited about that. I've been driving an hour with friends to the one up in Hampton for ages. Can't wait for it to open. Now we have our very own Ulta and TJ's. No more hour long drives for vegan make-up and good groceries.
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My husband is Navy. We've only been military about a year and a half, so we're still newbies on that front, too. DH hasn't had a deployment yet, so we've been very fortunate since we've only been married just over a year.

Wow! You're full of great information. I don't make a lot of sweets at home, and I saw that the cheesecake calls for a vegan cream cheese, which I don't know where to find. I haven't heard of Spice of India in Chesapeake, but then again I've never been down to Chesapeake yet. Might be worth a drive. I think I've heard of Qudoba, but don't know where there is one or what they have. I'll have to look into that along with Pelon's, which I've never heard of before.

We're getting a Trader Joe's? Where? Maybe they'll have more vegan type things than Farm Fresh, which is absurdedly expensive. What are Ulta and TJ's? Oooooh.....vegan make-up?!!!! It would be nice to find in a store and not have to order it online and pay ridiculous amounts for shipping. I'm actually still finishing up my non-vegan items, but I want to make the switch when they're gone. I've been great about eating vegan foods, but need to learn more about household products and such. I guess I'm a work in progress.
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We're all a work in progress

TJ's=Trader Joe's. It's opening Friday-this Friday- on the corner of Laskin and First Colonial right by Hilltop. It's on the south side of Laskin and on the West side of 1st Col. They definitely have more vegan stuff and it's much less expensive than FF. There is also a Qudoba across the street. Ulta is where I get most of my makeup, not all but most. It's a huge makeup store kinda like Sephora but awesome-er. It's out off Dam Neck rd in a really cute new shopping center that's all tucked away and secretive.

If you wanted, I could go with you on a sort of vegan tour of the city. Heritage is where you'd buy vegan cream cheese but there's others out there too. Navan foods has some vegan stuff and everything is labeled because it's an allergy sensitive store. Most of my little life revolves around the oceanfront (the numbered VB oceanfront) so that's where my best advice will come from. I found my Husband in Chesapeake and it's a great city with some cool discount stores like Garden Ridge (kinda sucky lately but still ok) and a nice retail district. There's a sweet little Farmers Market At Croc's on 19th every Sunday from 8-12. It's small but close.

I think that's about all I know, lol. I've tried to pick my brain for you Everyone I know that's moved here from somewhere else has kinda has a hard time adapting. Not too sure why and I bet you're fine but it can be an odd city to live in sometimes. I never had to do deployments with what my Husband did in the military but I do have friends who's husband's have done long leave terms. It's tough but do-able. I have no military in my family but both of my BIL's and my SIL are in. It got it's ups and downs. Have you found the commissary yet? That's a little gold mine for produce and every day staples. Same with the NEX. Great bonuses for the military and good ways to save a few $'s. It's fun talking about all our local stuff.
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I'm excited about Trader Joe's and Qdoba (I checked out their menu online and they've got some awesome food). I should check both out at the same time if they're so near each other. There is a lot to do around here, but it seems like everything is a bit of a drive from where we live (at least 20 min.) and I'm hard pressed for time. We live near the Little Creek base. How about you? We spend a lot of time near the Town Center area (off VA Beach Blvd.), but I don't know if there are many vegan places in that area (other than some of the restaurants).

It would be cool to meet up some weekend. I'd love the chance to meet another vegan and have someone who knows the ropes (veganism and the local area).
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It would be super cool to hang out one weekend even just for lunch or something. I hear ya about time. I'm pretty limited in that area too. Full time job + 2 volunteer obligations and a Husband makes me a busy girl.

I'm down at the oceanfront but can go anywhere. Towne Center is great and has a nice sushi place but not much else in terms of vegan related places. Do you like sushi? I have a sushi guy at the beach who's really fun. Sonoma at TC is a cute little wine bar and has some vegan wines. Oh and California Pizza Kitchen is The Yum and has veganizable options. But again, my expertise is the beach.

Just to be upfront, I'm not vegan. I'm vegetarian. I was vegan for a few years and know my stuff though. I buy vegan products and oddly, find the consumer side a lot easier than the food side. I do ok but don't call myself vegan for obvious reasons. Just so that's out there. Goodness that just felt like some awful confession.

I'll PM you my # and we can set up whatever works for you. I'm excited and think we'll have fun. Have you ever been to a TJ's? We could do that and maybe sushi for lunch. Or ULTA. Makeup is always fun. Either way I'd be thrilled to hang out.
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The Oceanfront would be an amazing place to live! Don't get me wrong, I like where we live, but we enjoy going to the beach and it can be a hassle trying to go over there and find parking and everything. Anyway, we're really looking forward to going to the beach...if the weather ever gets nicer!!!!

I've never had sushi (or been to TJ's). Isn't it just like rice and seaweed and stuff? Please excuse my ignorance. I had always thought it was fish, but I heard that's not true. I guess that's what I'll have to research next. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'd like it or not, but I'm willing to try different things. Why in the world are all wines not vegan????

I'm sorry!!!!! I don't know why I was under the impression that you're vegan. Ooops! My bad. No big deal though, I was omni for years and my family still is, so I can't judge. That's funny--I personally have a harder time with the consumer items at this point. Food I'm doing great with (I think). So, I could definitely use some pointers. I must admit I still have old items that I want to phase out from my pre-vegan days. I hope I can still call myself vegan?!!!! I just don't know where to find certain things like household cleaners and make-up and SHOES!!!!!! I don't want to have to buy everything online.

Anyway, we'll definitely have to hang out. I can always use new friends.
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I got your PM and will respond to that too later.

I can definitely use new friends but I also come with a package of great people. My friends are awesome and very welcoming if you ever want to expand your circle.

I may have given off the vegan aura only because I dig the vegan scene and have high respect for vegans. I'm just... not right now. And my Husband is a meatasaurus. I think I mentioned that. But that's neither here nor there

You've never had sushi?!?!?! Oh what a wonderful world awaits you, lol. It is just rice and seaweed but it's also so much more. And tasty. And heavenly. And really scary if you've never been. If you're an adventurous eater, it's fantastic vegan fare. As for the wine thing- some (well, a lot, sadly) are made with isinglass to clarify the wine. Isinglass is fish bladder. I know. Not cool. These are things I can't un-know and if you ever want me to not say something, just tell me. For shoes and makeup and all that odd stuff, I'm your girl. And Trader Joe's. I got that stuff down pat. I fail a lot but I do know what I should do. If that makes sense.

The oceanfront is great to live by. I'm not ON the beach but I can walk there which is great. I can also show you good spots for parking. That can be really tough in the summer and it's only going to get mega worse. Gotta love tourist season! Which, unfortunately, does not mean we can shoot them.
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Well, I'm definitely interested in expanding my circle if I'm welcome.

Yes, I'm adventurous and willing to try the sushi as long as it does have some flavor other than plain rice. Ooops...I know I'm demonstrating my ignorance again. I'm allergic to seaweed, but I don't know if that means I can't eat it. Maybe I just can't swim in it. Ha! Ha! No idea actually.

I'm shocked about the wine. Don't worry about telling me about what's in something. I'd rather know than be ignorant, even if I don't like it. Sometimes, I just don't get why animal products are used when things can be just as good (if not better) without it. It's infuriating!!!!!! I'm so frustrated about the shoes, too. I'm really picky in my style. I checked out some of the vegan shoe sites online and I found a few cute pairs, but my size was out of stock...of course!! I just ordered new boots, too. The website said they're from man made materials, but I'm not sure if they are completely! I suppose that at this point I'm technically a "strict vegetarian," (I think) but I want to be vegan. I'm working on it.

Are you going to check out the new Trader Joe's? I'd like to try to make it there this weekend since they might be doing something cool for the grand opening, but our weekend looks pretty packed already. I guess a lot depends on the weather. If it's nice we want to go to the beach. You're so lucky you can walk there from your place! How cool is that!!!! I definitely know what you mean about parking. On the weekends in the summer, the parking ramps are expensive and often full!
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Hi! Randa.why I live in Chesapeake, Va and I've been a vegetarian for 1 month. and I have to say, I feel ALOT better!
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Hi! Randa.why I live in Chesapeake, Va and I've been a vegetarian for 1 month. and I have to say, I feel ALOT better! With everything.... like I'm helping everyone by not eating meat.
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Hi. I'm Midwestgal and, despite my name, I've just moved to Richmond. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but if I stay in Richmond much longer I'll have no excuse for not being vegan. I've never seen so many vegan friendly restaurants in my life. Throw in the amazing James River Park system and you've got an incredible city.
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Originally Posted by Midwestgal View Post

Hi. I'm Midwestgal and, despite my name, I've just moved to Richmond. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but if I stay in Richmond much longer I'll have no excuse for not being vegan. I've never seen so many vegan friendly restaurants in my life. Throw in the amazing James River Park system and you've got an incredible city.

Hi! I'm in Chesterfield County. It's cool that you like our city so far! What restaruants have you tried?
My second favorite website! www.ral.org
My second favorite website! www.ral.org
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Hey Poppy. I'm sure you've tried out these restaurants, but I'll explain them in case someone else wants to try them out. Panda Veg is my favorite so far. If you haven't tried it out, it's your typical tiny and greasy Chinese-American restaurant, except it's completely vegan. I spoke with the owner one time and apparently they make mock-meats from scratch using noodles, mushrooms, soy, etc depending on the "meat" in question. Anyone planning a first time visit should check out their dinner buffet. It runs from 5-10 on the weekends and offers a wide range of dishes.

Other people have mentioned Ellwood's grocery story, but their coffee shop across the parking lot has a nice veg*n selection including vegan cream cheese, desserts, and yogurts.

However, the tastiest food I've had is brunch at Cafe Gutenberg. It's a little pricey, but my boyfriend and I had the vegan corn cakes and biscuits with "sausage" gravy. It was so delicious. They also have vegan waffles, pancakes, and other brunch classics.

What about you? What places do need to try out?
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Midwestgal - I'm so sorry I didn't repond to your post - August was incredibly busy for me, as my son got married 8/22!

I haven't been to Panda Veg, but have been to that wonderful mostly vegetarian restaurant across the street, Ipanema Cafe. And I love Ellwood Thompson. I understand they're doing "meatless Mondays" in the deli area now! I honestly didn't know that Cafe Gutenberg had vegan options - that's a new one for me. I'll have to go soon. Have you been to The Nile - Ethiopian food?

Anyway I wanted to post in this thread to see if any folks would be interested in getting together for the world-wide VB meet-up on 11/1?!?
My second favorite website! www.ral.org
My second favorite website! www.ral.org
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Hey everyone! I live in Northern Virginia, in Vienna and Tyson's Corner area. Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant is my favorite!! Makes me drool just thinking about it! Also I love Amma Vegetarian Kitchen which is all Indian food, but its soo good.

I go to school in Norfolk, so I'd love to know if there are any vegetarian restaurants close by. Thanks!
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Hi, everyone! I'm fairly new to the vegetarian thing, so I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute, haha. I gave up meat for Lent, and I'm considering continuing after Lent is over.

I'm a 20 year old Virginia Beach girl. However, I'm also a junior at Virginia Tech, so I also consider Blacksburg my home
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Seeing as this thread is so old I don't know that anyone is still actively checking this one out.... but..... I'm BB, 22, Richmond, Va my whole life. I haven't met or made any vegan friends, my closest friend is vegetarian and I love her to death. If anyone knows of anything fun in Richmond let me know! Bars and clubs aren't my thing and I am sick of the type of people you meet in these places... I want to meat real people.
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It has been a long time since I looked at this thread. It would be great to get around more and even meet more local veggie people. I have an unusual schedule and this past year has been rather bizzare for me. As I said in my previous post from long ago, I am on the east side of Richmond. Some local places I like are Ellwood Thompsons, Maymont park, Bryan park, trader Joes althought I think I've only been there once so far, Barnes and Noble near Va center commons, also I used to check out Wicked Wolf and the Aquarian book stores.

I play guitar but have not been playing out much the past few years. I just don't care for bars and partying all the time. I been lacto veggie since 1998 and I basically just want a good fairly simply life, if thats possible.

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I know this thread is "old" but I am in Virginia Beach
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Im in Virginia Beach

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Hey everyone just checking in...I now live in Chester and I hate it here since it is so far away from Richmond and all of the cool things there. I miss Tan-A, Ellwood Thompson's, Giovanni's, Maymont, Hanover Vegetables, Gelati Celasti (their pumpkin gingersnap ice cream is the bomb), the Science Museum...all of the different restaurants...Mediterranean Deli, Panda Veg, Thai Diner, Hobby Lobby, safe midnight Wal*mart runs to Short Pump...Anyone from the area that knows anywhere good to eat over here besides Chipotle, The Olive Garden and Sheetz? The pho place over here sucks (Asian Bistro and Pho). I am lacto-ovo. BTW is Panda Veg still open in Richmond???

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Panda Veg - is that the restaurant on Grace? I'm pretty sure it's still open. smiley.gif
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My second favorite website! www.ral.org
My second favorite website! www.ral.org
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Poppy, yes on West Grace across from the old Nanci Raygun and the near the old Ukrops. Cool I will go whenever I am in town again. I love that place! Thanks.

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Hey gang,


I live in Charlottesville.


Been Vegan for a few years- was dairy free for 2 years and was a Carnivorous for years before that- football player and athlete.  Now athletic but vegan and often raw as I look at 50 soon

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Hello... I feel obligated to reply since I too, am a Virginian... 


I'm from Giles County... which is near(ish) to Virginia Tech.


I have been a vegetarian for about 6 months and working on a transition to veganism.  I don't know anyone else doing this and most people look at me like I am crazy.  I try not to get preachy, I know most people are set in their ways and afraid of change.  So, I dont push the topic.  Does make me feel weird when I go somewhere with other people.


I'm a teacher and I live alone with my kitty cat and I read a lot, obsess too much about tv shows and movies. Anyhow, nice to meet you all :)

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