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Graham crackers-dairy or not?

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I was about to buy the Graham crackers I've started getting that have no dairy in the ingredients. I happened to notice on the front corner it said Kosher with the "D" for dairy...I was so confused. I read over the ingrediants again but didn't see anything to do with dairy. Perhaps I'm missing something?? It didn't say milk/casein/whey, can someone help me? Are there other milk ingredients that don't sound like they're milk?
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The original Keebler grahams are vegan, from what I've been told. I really don't know the specifics on the ingredients, though.
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I was looking at a bag of popcorn with the same D you mention in a circle, but the ingredients were corn kernels, salt, and soy oil. So I ate it. Perhaps if you were to list the ingredients of this package someone, maybe even me, could lend you some insight. Or maybe a Kosher keeping Jew could explain the labels D, and K, and P. I'm a Jew so some might think I should know about these things, but my house hasn't been kosher since my grand-dad died 12 or so years ago. boo hoo

That's too much story and not enough pertinent information...sorry

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the "d" could mean that it was processed on machinary that also processes dairy products.
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Sometimes vegetable oils can have traces of dairy (minute ones though, that companies aren't required to say anything about).
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The laws of kashrut do not allow milk to be served within the same meal as meat is served in (something to do with the mother and the child being consumed simultaneously as being particularly noxious). So the "D" just means that the grahams are considered a dairy food, suitable for eating in a "dairy" meal.

I've never found a brand of vegan graham crackers, I thought the keebler ones had whey or some such trash in them. What brand do you buy bluegrrl?

ETA--vegan dishes are generally considered "dairy" dishes.
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I think maybe it would say D because you eat graham crackers with milk, not a side of bacon.

lol. i don't know.

Edited cause I just realized a side of bacon isn't kosher anyway. LOL! okay so.. you REALLY don't eat graham crackers with bacon... but not with a flank stead either. How's that?

Graham cracker + Milk =

Graham cracker + Meat =
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I'm pretty sure they were Keebler, I don't have a box (I ended up getting different ones that taste like crap) though, so I don't know the ingrediants offhand. They're the chocolate flavored ones, I thought it was cool cause it's chocolate but no milk product, sometimes hard to find that you know? Maybe next time I'll buy them anyway.
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As far as I know most are vegan, though many of them include honey. I've never noticed dairy products in them.
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