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Don't you just HATE it when you're like the only family member who is vegetarian! No matter how many times you encourage them to cut out meat they never do. I know i cant force people to be vegetarians but it really gets on my nerves the way people are like.....oh well, its infront of me, i may aswell eat it. When I cut out meat i wasnt bothered. The thing is, say if my brother cut out meat, he'd be like.....oh damn it, i want meat. Thats just becaues he doesnt have it. But if he had it given back to him, he'd realise it's not such a big deal after all. Like when i had macaroni cheese the other day (i hadnt had cheese for ages) ebcause i just had to give in. I had it and i was like, whats all the fuss about cheese? I felt sick afterwards and vowed never to eat it again and i havent! This world just drives me nuts, WHY CANT WE ALL BE VEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAve they seen the pictures of slaughtered animals? They mustn't have, because if they had they would be veggie! But they're not!

just had 2 get that out.

katy xx
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BTW, there is a rant-and-rave thread already. This seems like it would fit in nicely there.
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I went vegetarian when I was 15. My family were indifferent either way. I left home at 18 and my mother became a vegetarian around that time. Then my brother, then a few years later my dad. Then my uncle and aunt. My brother got married and his wife went veggie. Both their kids are veggie. There was little or no discussion at home about the matter. I said something to the effect 'I'm not eating animals again' and very little else. Don't give up hope.

But people who are pushed too hard dig their heels in. I did with a series of useless boyfriends that were banned that I saw anyway out of cussedness.
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WOW. Hope that happens to my family!
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How long have you been a vegetarian Katy-Sarah?

I've only been a vegan for 4 years now, and I often think the same thing... But it took me 22 years to become a vegan so I can't expect the rest of my family to follow suit overnight. My mom knows how animals are treated and doesn't like it, so it's just a matter of time before she makes the decision to stop eating meat. My dad doesn't care how the animals are treated, so I doubt he'll ever convert.
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i completely know what you mean katy-sarah. my whole family eats meat. actually my mom just recently went veggie. my great grandma lives with us and she thinks i'm crazy. she keeps offering me cheese and dairy. it erks me to no end. but i figure my mom is on the right path. and i've showed my dad vegan pamphlets with gruesome pictures. no change though.
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I am the only vegan in my family and no one is a vegetarian either. I can only hope that they someday make the change.

I am eating vegan mac and cheese right now, who needs the stuff with real cheese anyway
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I've been veggie for nearly 5 years. I suppose there's still hope for other people!! They need a kick up their butt sometimes though. I'm sure you'd agree.

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I really let that bother me for the first year or two, but then I thought about how draining it was for me, and how little it would actually influence them for me to think or talk about them going veg. It's hard to just forget about it, but eventually it's for the best.

Do you live with your family? If so, that makes it so much worse.
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if you're asking me thalia, yes i live with my family. i'm only 17 so i can't really complain. plus i have it pretty good because my mom does take me grocery shopping at the natural foods store. so i shouldn't really complain. especially since i can't find a job and move out right now.
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Yeah i live with my family. (i'm 16 goin on 17)
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"When you're sixteen going on seventeen..."

Sorry, that reminded me of that song from The Sound of Music. I had to mention it. ^_^;;;
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Me too VeganKat!! LOL.
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lol. i dont feel 16 though! or nearly 17! i thought i'd feel older but i dont. it feels wrong.
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katy-sarah, i'm 17 and i feel so much older. it's the weirdest age to be at. really awkward.
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I'm 18 and I don't feel like an adult. I don't think it feels any different than being 16. In fact, there was a lot less pressure on me when I was 16...*sigh*
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My family consists of meat-eaters and hunters save for me. What annoys me the most is the casual disregard my ideas receive from them. Even if I were a vegan for going on twenty years the rest of my family would still regard my beliefs as a fad. Of course they have shown so little interest in what I believe and how those beliefs structure my life that they are probably not aware of my animal rights position. All they know is that I wont hunt or eat animal products.

I would imagine that this is a familiar scenario for many.
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I'm the only one in my whole family. Well, sort of. My younger cousin was a vegetarian long before i was, she said it was because she didn't want to hurt animals for food. i used to think she was crazy :P But now, she is no longer vegetarian. And i am the only one left. Her sister claims to be veggie, she "only" eats chicken. <sigh>
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All of my family are meat eaters. All of my friends (minus 1) are meat eaters. It's silly and pointless trying to convert any of them... they all know where meat comes from!
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I'm the only vegan in my family, though my sister is vegetarian and bringing up her son that way (though on occasion I see them eating fish). My family will come out and eat veg with me, but my friends won't even come for lunch cause they think I live on carrot or something. My youngest brother just before christmas went vegetarian, but mum still feeds him chicken and other meats so I can safely say that he's not veg anymore. My mums a bit of a funny one at times she'll call herself a vegetarian, but she has never given up meat ever! (Eats it at least every 2nd day.

It's taken a while but my family finally understands what being vegan is, it took my dad a long while to get it though Though I still have frineds on occasions offering me dairy or meat, which is a bit disappointing because they all know I'm vegan (as I'm also know as 'The Vegan chick' to most of them).

I agree it's pointless to try and convert people, unless they ask for your opinion why give it as they may take offence anyway.
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