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What's wrong with my green pepper plant?

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I have a green pepper plant. I just went out and looked at the pepper that was growing and it was green the other day and now it's green and brown. The pepper has brown like stripes on it. It made another pepper a while back and it was fine no brown on it whatsoever. Why this one. It's been super hot here. For the last 34 days the temp. has not dropped below 90 degrees. It's been beyond hot. Is that the reason or does my plant have some weird disease? Any ideas of what's wrong with my plant are welcome. ANY ideas. I want to fix this before another pepper starts to grow.

Oh yeah, the leaves of the plant are fine. No weird colors. The occasional tracks of a catipillar but nothing else. I don't use any kind of pesticides or anything. Just dirt, water, sun, and love.
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Hey Cuddlebunny, what kind of pepper is it. Lots of pepper are not really ripe until they turn red, yellow, orange and yes sometimes even brown.Sounds like your plant is healthy, so is the tissue of the pepper where the brown stripes are soft and mushy or firm and healthy? If mushy then rip that sick pepper off. If firm and healthy well either eat it now or wait until it is fully ripe. DLS
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The pepper it's self is fine. It's not soft or hard where the brown is. The pepper before this one was all green though. The pepper plant's tag says SWEET PEPPER

Chile dulce

"Bonnie Bell"

I went the website of where it's from and it says nothing about color changes. Can they all of a sudden just turn colors? I left the first pepper on the plant until it was fully ripe and it was green the whole time. Now another website said that chile dulce peppers are like a mix between a green pepper and a chile pepper and that sometimes they can be spicy and sometimes not. I'm so confused. The website that the pepper plant came from said it was just a plain ole green pepper. It doesn't look like the green peppers you buy from the store though. It's slightly longer and not as meaty... I guess you could say. I don't know. The main thing is is okay to eat. The only thing different is the color. No shape changes or feel changes. Just the brown coloring.

I'm so confused.
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Oh I have a green pepper plant too! And this one pepper has a weird brown spot on it. It's not mushy and it's growing fine other than that. I was kinda thinkin I'd let it grow, cut it open and see what the rest of it looked like before I decided to eat it or not.

None of mine have grown fully yet but there are about 7 lil baby peppers out there. I know I can pluck them when they are green, or wait and they'll turn yellow, then orange, then red. Soooo excited cause I love peppers of all colors.

Uh... that wasn't helpful sorry
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If it isn't mushy or rotting, don't worry about the brown spot. Some peppers will turn all kinds of colors, many of mine have been brown or even purple before fully developing. Peppers love heat so don't worry about it being too hot!
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