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unsalted foods

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I am looking for some meal and snack ideas that don't have added salt in them. I hate the taste of salt! It makes it hard b/c most crackers and snacky foods have a lot of salt on them same thing with chips and pretzels and nuts. I live in a really small town..I am 2 hours from the nearest whole foods so its virtually impossible to find raw nuts. It just seems like everything I find that is veg with the exception of fruits and veg is loaded with salt. I bought some natural PB and its way too salty for me..I have been surviving on fruits and veg but my hair is now starting to fall out! I need some advice!

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What are the ingredients of your natural PB? Mine is just peanuts -- no salt.
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Peanuts and salt are the only thing in it
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Can you cook for yourself? That would be my solution. The other solution is to figure out what's going on with your diet, track your intake, and see a doctor. It sounds like something is off. I try and stay away from salt but it's really difficult. I don't usually cook with salt and let it be added and controlled at the table. Try cooking your own beans from scratch, making your own bread, definitely fruits and veggies but there must be variety in every diet.

You can make anything and just not use salt, or not use much, it would be healthier but what you're doing now doesn't seem to be the healthiest choice. I can't offer meal ideas really because you can truly eat anything just maybe not convenience stuff.

Hope that helps
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