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Can you recommend a vegan joint supplement?

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My arthritis is really bothering me lately. Obviously, anything with glucosamine or chondroitin is out. Can you recommend anything?
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I just got this link in my email yesterday. Hope it helps.


ETA: Hm. Just noticed it does have glucosamine in it, but it is labeled as vegan. I don't know anything about vegan sources of glucosamine, but you could always write to them.
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I had a vegan glucosamine (well thats what they called it ) a while back , I thought it was just a herbal anti inflammatory mix ....it was o/k

The best i have was Boswella <spelling, its very good .

I don't know your financial situation but you could try a mixture of acupuncture and consulting a herbalist
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I have a swollen joint on just 1 finger (middle) on my right hand, so I don't know where or how bad your arthritis is, but mine was very painful (I type & play piano) and it was starting to look pretty crooked and noticeable.

After looking up what herbs treat arthritis, I found Joint Health by Gaia Herbs at the health food grocery store. It is a combination of devil's claw, tumeric root, boswellia, camu camu berry, ginger, etc.

This stuff works! I'm not sure how much less the swelling is (I should have taken a before & after photo) but it gradually knocks out the pain to where you don't have it any more. Some of the herbs are anti-inflammatories so that's how it works.

I'd say it took a couple of weeks to really kick in. I took 2 capsules 3 times a day, going thru 2 bottles initially, & after the 2nd bottle I felt pretty much healed pain-wise.

After the 2nd bottle (comes 60 in each jar), you can take a break if you're pain-free, but if & when it comes back, just start taking it again.

Now, my mother tried it but it didn't work for her. Then again, she's way advanced with horrible clawed hands, had it for years and is taking multiple prescription drugs (which I believe actually make arthritis worse) so it was negating any effect.

I really hope this helps you!
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Thanks so much for all the input.
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Arbonne International has a great joint formula. Arbonne doesn't test on animals and doesn't use animal by-products.

Here's what they say about a couple of ingredients you were asking about:

While the Glucosamine Sulfate we use in our Joint Formula comes from the exoskeletons of shellfish, we do not harvest the exoskeletons or the shells with the animals in them; instead, we use the exoskeletons once the animals have left them. These exoskeletons are only the starting point for the materials. Because they go through several processing steps before becoming a final ingredient, the glucosamine is often considered a non-animal product/by-product, and does not typically cause any allergic reactions.

And they do not use Chondroitin.

My mom, step-dad, and grandmother use it and they all say that it is helping them a great deal.

If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing some. You can let me know at tkern3@yahoo.com

Hope that helps,

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I was at a supplement store recently and saw a new product called Avoca. It's shellfish-free glucosamine, avocado unsaponifiables (??), MSM and green tea. I'm almost positive it's in vegcaps too:

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VegLife, Deva Nutrition and Kal make supplements with vegan glucosamine and vegan MSM. Hope you get some relief soon!
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I have rheumatoid arthritis and take curcumin one tablet a day. Works very well.

Here's one source of vegan curcumin:


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