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Cat eating habits

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Our kitten, who we adopted nearly a month ago, has eagerly gobbled down:

- garlic/onion hummus

- fruit smoothies (he goes WILD over these)

- lettuce

- honeycomb cereal

- bread

Is this weird? Our other boy likes lettuce too, but not all the other stuff.

I call Chewy (kitten) my little vegetarian wannabe.
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My mom had a cat who was wild for citrus fruit and also liked to give us kitty kisses right after we brushed our teeth.

My boy cat likes greens, including corn husks! He tries to steal them when I'm shucking corn. My girl cats will try almost anything, but especially love popcorn.

I cannot give any of my cats extra treats any more, though. Orders of my vet. The girls have both had health problems (pancreatitis, urinary tract infections) that are exacebated by food treats. They can't even lick my plate anymore. Not a problem for me, since I want my girls to be healthy, but they think I'm being terribly cruel to them by not sharing my food!

You might want to limit your kitten's non-catfood treats, or at least ask your vet what is okay and what is not in terms of health -- not to preach at you, but just as a heads-up.
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Also, cats seem to have a pretty sensitive digestive system. That is, changes to their diet might want to be introduced gradually. As Borealis suggested, check with your vet.
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Oh, I certainly don't feed this stuff to any of them.... they very agressively head butt their way onto our plates/counters and start mowing down before I can stop them! Once I manage to get them away from it (which often involves prying them away) we try to hide the food on high surfaces so they can't eat it. When they want something, they are virtually unstoppable!
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*hee hee* Sounds like a typical kitten! I think kittens are ruled by their Ids!
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I don't make a habit of giving my cats "people food" either, BUT on the rare occasion that they get a bite or two.. here are a list of favorites, past & present:



Pringles/Sour Cream & Chive (which I haven't had for years)


Stonewalls Jerquee (I don't know if they should have this but my oldest goes nuts for it)

Anything creamy (Sour supreme, soy milk, ice cream type stuff)


I love how they (some of them anyway) know simply by the sound of what you do in the kitchen what sort of treat you have!! I can get something they're not interested in and they wont bat an eye, but if you have a favorite they come a running.
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Originally Posted by Feliner View Post

I love how they (some of them anyway) know simply by the sound of what you do in the kitchen what sort of treat you have!!

Like the can opener?
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My boy cat is a catnip-head, and will follow me around begging if I'm carrying something that looks like the catnip jar. He won't if I've got a mug or a plastic cup, but any squat clear glass container apparently looks like Catnip Time from the viewpoint of the floor.
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Chewy was working on a piece of fettuccine the other night.... I know he liked the alfredo sauce but was shocked when he started knawing on the pasta itself!

At least he seems to ignore my coffee.... he is already a very hyperactive kitten, so the LAST thing he needs is to be caffeinated!
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My girl Pesto EATS the carpet from the scratching post almost as much as she scratches it!
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Originally Posted by meatless View Post

At least he seems to ignore my coffee.... he is already a very hyperactive kitten, so the LAST thing he needs is to be caffeinated!

Ha... if I had a buck for each time I have found Sophie with her head stuck in my coffee mug...

At least she seems to leave it alone now that I use soy milk instead of cream.

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If I remember correctly, there is an enzyme in onions that is dangerous to cats and potentially lethal (if your cat eats a large amounts of onions). I think it had something to do with the blood and thinned it out so that it doesn't carry oxygen as well, like anemia.

But since you say you don't deliberatly feed these treats to your kitties, it shouldn't be an issue. Just something to keep in mind.....

My demonic grey tabby loves popcorn and refuses to be ignored if some has been made up.

We also have to keep our catnip in a tupperware in a closed cabinet due to her. One day the cabinet wasn't closed enough and we found her trying to "break" open the tupperware by knocking it down a flight of stairs.

Some cats will do anything for their 'nip.
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My kitty goes nuts if you have a bowl of cereal, he could give a fly whether or not it has soy or regular milk. It's all equal opportunity for him. On occaision I will give Sasha a lick from my spoon, because sometimes he's real persistant. If my omni husband buys a roasted chicken, Sasha won't leave him alone until he gets some. Sasha will proceed to headbutt Dylan's leg, drool, flop on the floor, yowl, lick his chops, flop on the floor again until he gets a piece of chicken. A flopping drooling yowling cat, he's quite the performer.
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My can doesn't get many treats as a rule because she is a bit overweight. However on rare occasions (and I do mean rare) - she likes chedder cheese, swiss cheese, tuna, catnip and mozzerella cheese. Doesn't like provelone cheese for some reason.
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my cat Cole will only eat:

nacho cheese doritos




the bow tie noodles (it has to be the bow-tie ones)

carrot pieces

and eggs
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My cat back home has some odd eating habits...we named her Olivia cuz shes crazy about olives. I think she prefers them over meat, and they make her stoned like catnip. She also loves doughnuts, yellow part of eggs, cereal, pasta, and pretty much anything the family's eating...we thinks she a social eater and like join us at meals. Im not sure if its related, but all that could be symptoms of her kidney disease...shes already had 1 removed.

My other cat is normal...besides being a cross-eyed purebred sealpoint siamese...and she loves nacho dip (velveeta and salsa).
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I'm trying not to let Moe eat any table scraps anymore because he's gaining a bit of weight, but he has always loved mushrooms that come in a jar. He hears the pop of the jar top and won't stop screaming at me! He loves most meat analogs, as long as they don't have barbeque sauce on them. He likes soy milk, soy yogurt, anything diary-like. Silly kitty.
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Originally Posted by Eva-bo-beva View Post

My other cat is normal...besides being a cross-eyed purebred sealpoint siamese...and she loves nacho dip (velveeta and salsa).

I think Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent, inquisitive, and loyal cats ever. I have a Chocolate Lynx Point Siamese.
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I broke my cat-eating habit when I went vegetarian.

Ok, veeeeery bad joke.
Follow me on Twitter - @_jorts
Follow me on Twitter - @_jorts
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On my Mum's birthday (The past wednesday) My cat ate a whole piece of the chocolate cake I made...

Other than that and raw meat he hates human food!
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Cleo ADORES macaroni and cheese. I always give her a noodle or two while i'm eating it. (thats it tho!!) She also loves whatever meat is on the table. She knows she doesn't get it from me, so she sits on my mom's chair and purrs and pets her until my mom sneaks her bits of meat or fish. She also enjoys cheese, and tofu, seitan, or fake deli meats.

Munchie ADORES doritos. He once ate about a third of a bag my roommate left out. Was none the worse for ware. (Ate the shower curtain too once, but puked that up) He also likes some cheese, and will climb up your person for white bread (which we rarely have around here). He's mostly a dry food fan though, and doesn't want much else. (Well, except for doritos...)

DannyKass - You should NEVER feed a cat OR a dog Chocolate. it can be fatal. Aside from the chemicals in chocolate, their bodies can't process caffeine and they can die! Its bad bad bad bad news.
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Originally Posted by Michael View Post

I broke my cat-eating habit when I went vegetarian.

Ok, veeeeery bad joke.

I was restraining myself from making the same joke.
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I agree, Robert. My siamese kitty is extremely loyal. I've been gone for about a year at college, and I broke her heart. My mom says she even cries in her sleep.

I think the weirdest eating habit would be from my siamese... she has a thing for Barbies feet. How kinky is that?! She chewed up about 60 pairs of Barbie feet. I knew it was her because the tooth marks were so tiny and needle-like.
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My cat will eat tofu and veggieburgers. She sometimes eats cereal or bread too...

One time she licked the sofa for about 3 minutes. I don't know why. It was weird...

Her favorite treat has to be the "shake 'em up" cat treats. She's overweight, though, so we can't feed her too many! She'll run as fast as she can when she hears any sound similar to shaking that container of treats!
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I make homemade soft cat food for my cats, which helped my old guy's digestive system a lot. Amongst other ingredients, it has brown rice and bok coy. The brown rice and bok coy is pureed and added to the other ingredients. Both my cats love it.

Also, Fuzzy likes cranberry juice. He has been known to drink an entire glass when no one was looking.

Fuzzy has a weird enjoyment for butter and Vaseline (yes, you read right). I left the butter out one day, with the cover off, and I found him the next morning, moaning next to the container....with half a pound gone! He spent the next 2 days next to the litter box, needless to say.
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I leave homegrown tomatos on the counter to ripen sometimes. When I was living with my old roommate, her cat would eat the sides out of the tomatos sometimes.

I used to keep nutritional yeast in a plastic bag, until one day when my Zoe cat ate through the plastic bag and devoured about a baseball-sized amount of nut. yeast... now I keep it in a glass jar.
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My kitty has some strange tastes.

She likes anything minty. I have to keep the toothpaste and toothbrushes in a drawer so she doesn't eat them. She will dig through peoples purses to find minty chewing gum. My ex fed her an altoid and she ate the whole thing! ended up with a pile of drool on the floor too! She also likes fizzy soda, especially diet coke. Of course I don't let her drink this stuff but I have to hold on to a glass of soda or else she will spill it or dip her paw in it! She also likes marshmallows! I never have marshmellows in my apt., but when kitty and I were living with my parents they had to keep thier marshmallows in the garage so she wouldn't get to them.

She loves dairy products, but since I don't have any of that in my place anymore she has since decided she likes vegan rella and soygurt too. I never let her have very much though! If she wants a treat she knows she has to behave and sit up on her hind paws. If she acts like a pest she knows I won't give her any!

Oh and I have to hide tape, she likes chewing on it!

silly silly silly!
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I don't think there's anything wrong with letting cats eat some human food, as long as it doesn't have a high fat or sugar content, and isn't too rich. My cat Sassafras loved raw mushrooms. Nikki is a tomato fiend, but is very picky. No grocery store tomatoes for him, or tomatoes that have been in the fridge. If it passes the Nikki test, you know it's a good tomatoe. Several of mine love corn on the cob. (I eat it without margarine, so that's how they eat it too. ) It's very important to Kate, who thinks that I'm her personal property, that she be allowed to have a little of whatever I'm eating, so I always offer her my plate when I'm done. She always takes a couple of licks, even if it's something she doesn't particularly like. If I don't offer my plate, she sulks.
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My little kittie does the same thing.. I'm thinking of changing his name to Hoover. Whenever I feed my hamster, Stewie barges in and eats the lettuce or any other vegetable I have. If there's anything on the floor, he'll try to eat it.

I was eating cereal last night with vanilla soy milk and again he tried to drink the milk.

My parents cat is pretty sneaky.. as soon as someone leaves the room, she'll try and sneak food that's on the counter. I've caught her eating mashed potatoes, licking butter, eating my dad's lunch and she even managed to open a bag of lunch meat and chew through a few layers. I thought cats were picky eaters.
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Talk about vegetarian cats... my male siamese is crazy for cooked potatoes, beans, carrots and cabbage! Yes, I have to admit it. He even steals cooked vegetables from the kitchen counter.

After so many posts saying that cats should eat meat, I guess I was wrong. Cats do need some vegetables! I think they need it to clean their digestive systems out of hairballs.

As for the female siamese... well, she's fat and keen on trashy food...
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