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Watermelon and Lime

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Watermelon and Lime

Category: Beverages/Smoothies

Suitable for a: vegan diet



1/4 of a large watermelon

Juice of 1 lime

Sparkling water



In a food processor or blender blend the watermelon until juicy.

Add the juice of one lime and continue blending.

Once of a juice like consistancy, which will happen pretty quickly, taste and add more lime to taste.

Strain to get out the pips/seeds.

Add the same amount of sparkling water as there is melon juice.


Additional comments:


I am totally addicted to this. Very refreshing summer drink and i would assume, you could replace the sparkling water with a suitable alcoholic beverage and it would work just as well.
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Another great recipe to add to my list, this forum is so great at getting tips and hints for food. Thank you for your contribution, it will be applied (at least by me – I’m a big eater/drinker in a small body), haha.

How long would you be able to store something like this in the fridge/freezer without it going bad?
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Wow this looks great and I have all the ingredients for it tomorrow is going to be smoothie sunday me thinks
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this sounds amazing! I think I will add some ice cubes to the blender to make it more of a frozen style drink. thanks@!
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That sounds pretty amazing. Limes are going on the shopping list this week for sure!
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Watermelon and lime are made for each other. This is similar to a recipe I use. I add 1 small can of limeade and ice cubes to make a frozen drink.
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Yes really made for each other and makes some perfect combination taste. i also like both together because water melon is the special gift of summer season.

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