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Do dogs pee in their sleep?

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My Heidi is about 3 years old. She usually sleeps at the end of the bed. For the last 3 nights in a row we've had terrible thunderstorms in the middle of the night. So bad that she came to the top of the bed shaking and I had to hold her until the storms went through.

Well, last night we didn't have any storms. But, she ended up more towards the middle of the bed instead of at the bottom. I rolled over and woke up automatically because the bed was wet in the spot she was laying. My immediate assumption was that we had sprung a leak in the waterbed. I grabbed a towel, threw it down on the spot, grabbed another blanket, and went back to sleep.

We checked the bed this morning. No leaks. It wasn't my boyfriend or I that had the accident, so the only other cause could be that Heidi pee'd in her sleep.

Now, I've always heard that dogs don't pee where they sleep so this is a little disturbing to me. Maybe she had a bad dream about all the thunderstorms that had been rolling through?

Any ideas??

Should I worry??
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Being that Heidi is young, I would worry about the possibility that she has a bladder infection or kidney stones. Older dogs could lose bladder control and have accidents in their sleep or otherwise? Are you positive it was pee and not drool? No other advice, I only have kitties! But I guess you would want to keep an eye on her, make sure there isn't any blood in her urine and take her to the vet if it happens again.

Although.. I do think it's interesting between the waterbed and the recent thunderstorms, that does sound like a recipe for pee dreams - I would think dogs are capable of them!?
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Oh, I hope my baby isn't sick . I'll keep an eye on her. I'm almost crying now just thinking of her being sick. I've never been so close to any living creature in my entire life! I mean, Lucky and I were close, but Heidi I adopted when she was just a wee little thing. Sorta like the baby I never had. We're connected. I swear, she reads my mind sometimes. I hope it was just a one time thing cause of the storms. :fingerscrossed:
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First, it could actually be drool. This is gross, but you have to really smell it to tell - I know that my dog drools quite a bit and I've thought that he had peed on his blanket. So I'd watch for the next few days to see if it continued.

Second, my dog, when he was a puppy, did pee in his sleep. NO ONE told me, and nothing I read, ever mentioned this - I figured it out on my own when I kept discovering him in his crate at night, covered in pee! And one time he was asleep in my lap, and bingo, he peed on me. He was like a little kid who wets the bed - the impulse that wakes people up to pee in the night takes a little while to develop. My puppy slept so deeply that he would pee in his sleep, and THEN wake up and bark because he was now cold and wet. It went away as he matured.

Since your dog is 3, I would see if it continues over the next day or so, and confirm that it's not drool. Then definitely take her to the vet - you don't want a simple bladder infection to get worse.
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I can also see the fear thing. My cat (who is old) fell asleep under my blanket where I had my knees up. She is a very nervous cat and never does this. Then I suddenly moved, jolted her, and she suddenly woke up and wet the bed. It was really weird bc she never ever has urination problems. It never happened again.
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Originally Posted by firebird_81 View Post

First, it could actually be drool. This is gross, but you have to really smell it to tell - I know that my dog drools quite a bit and I've thought that he had peed on his blanket.

I've had the same thing happen with the drool. I discovered it after rolling into it and thinking it was pee. I always put it to the "sniff test".

I hope there is nothing serious the matter. Please keep us informed.
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I don't think it drool. The area was too large. And it went through the comforter, top sheet, bottom sheet, and the mattress pad. She seems her normal perky self. I'm keeping an eye on her for sure and will let you guys know how she turns out. Thanks for the good vibes.
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Yes, some dogs do pee in their sleep! Female dogs can develop weakness in the muscle that keeps the bladder shut, and consequently when they're asleep, it leaks. When they're awake, they can control it. Its fairly common, and generally easily treated with PPA (phenylpropanalomine - yes... the stuff that was taken off the market for human use cause it makes human hearts explode. Perfectly safe in dogs!). It could have been a one time fear response, but if it continues, see your vet about it!

With a urinary/bladder infection, a dog needs to urinate more frequently, will squat multiple times without urinating every time, you'll see blood in the urine, and/or the urine will have a foul smell.
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