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I have Crohns and need some vegetarian meal ideas

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hi this past october I got diagnosed with Crohns a Chronic disease

and it has some heavy food restrictins

no dairy products,no vegtables or fruits with seeds (pits are fine)

No skins on vegtables You can peal them though no chocolate, fried food and finnaly no wheat products so i was wondering if anyone had any yummy recipies under these guidelines
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Wow..That's a lot of restrictions. I hope someone answers you. In the meantime, you could search around the recipe section.
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The only thing I can think of at the moment is white bean soup with carrots and onions, I toss in mushrooms as well. And also a 'garlicy peas and rice' recipe that I got off www.vegweb.com. It's pretty much just peas and onions and mushrooms with some garlic on or mixed with rice. I can think of those because thats what I've been eating recently. Well, minus the rice most times, I just love peas.

Those are a lot of restrictions. Good luck. I'm sure someone else will have more ideas.
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I know coconut may be good for Crohn's and I recently saw some coconut cookbooks on the market. You may also want to check out Thai cookbooks as well and modify as needed. You may want to stock up on rice based noodles in general to replace wheat ones in recipes.

I love the coconut soup recipe in Vegan Planet (which I have modified a bit to my liking) but there are tons of thai coconut soup recipes on the net. If they contain any veggies you can't eat, substitute your own.

btw- in researching for this post, I found a nice vegan recipe blog with great pictures if anyone is interested. http://dgmgv.blogspot.com/

You may want to look for Crohn's communities, I bet they share a lot of recipes (which if not vegetarian, you could modify).
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Go to www.helpforibs.com (or for the forum www.helpforibs.com/messageboards). There's a chrone's disease forum on there and most of the eating guidelines fit pretty well with what you need. There's also a recipe section and the message boards are very active. They do eat meat over there but a lot of the recipes are vegetarian too and all veges etc are cooked.

Also google "The Food Allergy Survival Guide" and buy a copy. I have IBS and a lot of food restrictions (although different from yours) so I know how hard it can be. Mostly I just hunt around and adapt recipes to suit my needs.
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Can you have legumes, like chick peas or lentils? And you can have avocado, at least.
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Can you have tofu and legumes? Also, can you have fruits or vegetables with seeds if you remove them, like tomatoes, etc?
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i can have hummus but notr chick peas raw (Weird) and peanutbutter but not nuts and i can have vegies and fruits if you peal them and take out the seeds but sometimes there is nothing left after that

thanks for caring
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If you have Crohns, I would also like to very strongly suggest you read David Klein's book: "Self Healing, Colitis and Crohns" http://www.colitis-crohns.com/

And learn as much as possible about Natural Hygiene.

All the best to you.
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I actually have that book and just started reading it
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I was diagnosed with Crohn's 4 years ago and was never ever told I can't have vegetables.

That's ... very odd ...
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You ought to try what I did and get an allergy test. It is found often times that Crohn's Disease is caused by food allergies. Those will be the foods you need to avoid. Everything else will be fair game.
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I know some people with Crohn's. I think the idea behind the "no fruits, no vegetables" is not that those foods are completely forbidden, it's that the fiber in them can be irritating. So you may be able to eat those foods depending on how it's prepared. For example, peeled and mashed potatoes would probably be easier on your system than baked potatoes with the skin. That's also why hummus is okay, it's all pureed, but whole chickpeas with the skins would be more irritating. Also, the people I know have relatively mild cases, so they can tolerate certain foods in moderation (like chocolate).

But of course I'm not qualified to give you medical advice. Always consult with your own doctor.
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thanks for the advise

i have never heard about that alergy test before thanks for suggesting it
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