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recipes for 3-5 year olds

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my 2 boys,I wanna give them better variation with their food,any suggestions?

thankx so much xx
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Are you looking for vegan or vegetarian options? :-) *saves answer* :-)
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My kids gobble up my enchilada dip... http://www.veggieboards.com/boards/s...38#post1438538

And if looking for variation, what are you doing now? (and vegan/vegetarian?) Can help more when I know what to *not* suggest, lol
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I am looking at veggie and vegan.

see finn,he is 5,he will eat anything i put in front of him,and he is open to trying new foods.

its jayke,the 2 year old,he is so stubborn,he hasnt eaten enough today.a teacake this morning...thats all!!He is so stubborn.I want us all to be healthier.

with the kids,I want to give them stuff that is fun and enticing i guess.

thankx so much,any help is appreciated.


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My daughter (5 y.o.) is extremely picky. The list of things she'll eat is excessively short ! To make her eat veggies, I usually make vegetable soup (she likes it orange or red so I put in some carrots, pumpkin and/or tomato, but basically all other veggies can be blneded in of course). I serve this over potatoes, rice, couscous or pasta and give her some veggie balls, falafel, or seitan with it. For raw stuff she only wants cucumber slices or an apple wedge. That's about it. So... the best trick I can share for picky kids is soup ! (I make big batches and freeze portions so I always have some in stock).

For kids who are easier I think wraps are nice, they usually like dips as well, and the usual "junk" which can actually be quite healthy if home made, like pizza, macaroni and vegetable bake, soy ice cream, apple crumble, etc etc...

I have also used and liked this book :

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I've heard some veg mothers praise the book "Salad People", although I haven't really looked at it myself. They were very pleased with it.
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You could try http://veganlunchbox.blogspot.com/

...many people seem to absolutely LOVE her recipes and her site, so it's worth a try.
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jayke is getting better,i have kept meals simple,that seems to work well.

they both love fruit and eat that well.

thankx for your ideas and links,very very much appreciated indeed.

finn likes 'green creamed potatoes''I put in either peas or broccoli..he he he
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I've heard of mixing pureed carrots and other veggies in with noodles which most kids love. I seen a ravioli recipe before you could probably stuff it with veggies and "cheese" real or soy if you want vegan or all veg including milk products.

I'm gonna try the peanutbutter in noodles trick for my slow gainer.
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