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Questions to ask the nutritionist

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Ok, I have my first meeting with the nutritionist/dietician person on Monday, and I was wondering what I should ask her? I'm supposed to be trying to gain weight, but I'm scared to. I'm scared to go to the nutritionist too. I don't know what she will say, but at least if I have some questions to ask, then I might not look like such an idiot. So can anyone out there help me with this? Any questions that you think I should ask?

Alternatively, any advice on what to expect? I've never done this before. The doctor wants to see me the next day too.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your support.

pirate x
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Hiya...I've seen several nutritionists about weight gain, at least 4, and they've all been really different, so I don't know that I can give any specific advice. It depends on how "vegan friendly" they are, etc.

I think your best bet is to go in with a written copy of a few days worth of your food intake, and have the nutritionist show you ways to increase calories without increasing volume (to avoid getting overly full, which is a big challenge for me).

I would definitely ask about what TYPES of foods to increase...do you need more protein? Fat? Plain old starch?

Really, I would narrow in on the issues you've had with weight gain, and the challenges...is it that you feel too full to eat lots? Are you counting calories? Do you dislike certain foods? Then base your questions and conversations around those personal issues.

Good luck, keep me updated!
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I do count calories, and I also keep a food diary Probably I shouldn't, but hey. Maybe I'll take a copy of my diary in (but without the other stuff that gets written in it). Just present it to them and shout "help!".

Oh, I feel like I'm being a real wuss about this - am I, or is it normal to be so nervous?
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Totally normal to be nervous. *hugs*

Your plan sounds good! I'm sure she'll be used to people in your position and lead you down the right path.
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Of course normal to be nervous, just go in with an open mind and see if you two "click"...remember that if you don't, you shouldn't feel obligated to go back...there are many nutritionists out there, and some can be really, really helpful.
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It's a great idea to take your diary in. Remember they are there to help you! I'm so proud of you for meeting with them!! It's completely normal to be nervous, but once you get there and start talking with them, I'm sure you'll feel much better and more comfortable! Good luck and keep us updated, okay?
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A food diary is definately helpful. Make sure you include the portion sizes of the food you eat.

Hope everything goes okay for you.
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Thank you all, it really helps that you are here for me. I shall take in my diary (or a copy of it). I'll write down some questions too.

Thanks again,

pirate x
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When I saw mine, she sent me a huge pile of forms to fill out before I came in and which i had to post to her a week at least before the appointment, so she could analyse my diet (be honest! she NEEDS to know what you are eating, what portions etc), what supplements I was on, what exercise I was doing, what health problems I had etc. Let me see what else I can remember and I'll post again sweetie. I would advise you (without meaning to sound TOO bossy!) that you do not give in to the instinct to play down what you have been feeling (afraid to put on weight, intensive planning of calories and meals, nerves related to eating) Please, be honest with her, answer her questions genuinely, do not be ashamed, tell her the whole truth or you will waste your money and both of your time. Trust me on this one, I have spent years lying to people who would have helped me if I'd let them. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a nice safe, comfortable nutrition programme up and running. She will have heard every little thing you say, a million times before. Don't you worry Mine was so lovely and completely non-judegmental

Of course it's normal to be scared! Don't worry. Be prepared with lots of questions to ask when you get there, so you know what you'll say and you'll make maximum use of the time. I'll think of some thngs along these lines to try and help you, don't worry about it, it will be so helpful I'm sure

Do let us know how it goes, it's so useful if we can all share notes on things like this. As a wise bear once said "we'll all... stand... together!"
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Littlelove, you made me think of the Frog Song!!! Oh, Paul, Paul, why? Thanks for the post - I haven't had any forms - this is NHS stuff. I'll think of some questions today and post them here, so you can see what it sounds like.

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My nutritionist had me do a three day food log.

I hope you have better luck than I did because my nitritionist had very little knowledge of veganism and basically just told me things I already knew (about portion sizes, what foods were "good fats" etc.) I think she specialized in helpng people lose weight rather than gain/maintain.
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Ok, ideas for questions

1. How many calories should I be consuming for my age/ activity level/ frame size etc?

2. What percentage of these calories should come from fat/ carbs/ protein?

3. Where are the best sources, as carbs seem to make up most of what I eat?

4. How do I gain slowly, and in a controlled way?

5 How do I maintain once I get to my ideal weight?

6. Oh, and what exactly is my ideal weight?
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Hi Piratemoon.

I think all your questions are good except the last two.

From experience, the nutritionist is more likely to give you a weight range (for example between 120 and 135) than give you an exact weight.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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It was a community dietician that I saw at the local cottage hospital, and she was really nice. We only had half an hour, unfortunately, but it was ok.

So, the plan is...breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, supper. That is scary - like I was eating before all this started, before Uni, when I was a "healthy" weight, but I don't want to be that weight again. It seems like such a lot - I feel like a hobbit - small, slightly puzzled, and constantly eating. Urgh. I'll look like a total pig.

She said that she would recommend that I might gain on 1900-2000 cals. That is a lot. And scarey.

She offered me some nutrient drinks, but they had cows milk, so I didn't take them. She also said that I might want to see the newly appointed person who knows how to deal with EDs, and I said I didn't think that was necessary. She said that maybe I just had "hang-ups", and needed to sort them out, but that an ED was a concern. I showed her my food diary - she liked the breakfast, but not other things. :/ Oh well. I thought that she was going to hate it when I wrote it out last night.

So that is the plan, anyway. 50% cals from carbs, protein with each meal etc. I knew this anyway, I don't really know why I went to this. Perhaps I need "validation" or something *feels stupid and over dramatic*. There is me being a pig for the near future then. Lots of dried fruit and nuts.

And the doc's tomorrow. I'm more nervous about that, oddly.
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Thanks for your support, everyone, I really do appreciate it, it means a lot to me.

peace to you all,

pirate x
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how did the nutritionist respond to your vegetarianism? The last time I went to one she disapproved so it was not much help.....I want to go to another but I dont watn to go through the same thing all over again....egh.
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She was fine with it, it wasn't an issue at all. Some people are just more clued up than others, I guess...good luck finding a good one.
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Mine was fine too, she was not so rude as to try and change my mind about my beliefs. She just worked around my preferences, with no comment whatsoever I was relieved about that that the time. Do try to find another one Sugar, I'm sure others would be much more respectful of your choices
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When I first saw my dietician, she was most definately not shy about saying what she thought of what I ate!

She really hates the fact that I am vegan and keeps making jokes about meat.

Anyway, piratemoon, I am pleased to hear that your appointment went okay. Take care and we are here to support you.
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Originally Posted by Littlelove View Post

Do try to find another one Sugar, I'm sure others would be much more respectful of your choices

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Thanks, Groovy, I appreciate that. I had a hard day today, but with support from some great individuals here, it has gotten better. Much better. I only hope that I can repay them in kind.
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Hi Piratemoon.

How are things going?
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Hi, Groovy,

It's going ok at the moment. I'm at home now, so that helps a lot. I'm cooking for my family tonight, as well (I gave them a list from which they could pick), so I hope that will be ok. Tomorrow, though, I'm going out for a meal with their friends, and I'm a little nervous. It'll be fine though, I'll get distracted. I'm more worried about the weekly sunday weigh in. I don't want to have it, and I don't know if I'll be able to get away with not.

In fairness though, my parents haven't bothered me too much about it, recently. Mom said that she knew I felt uncomfortable with her going on, so thats ok. Dad mentioned something breifly this afternoon about "getting some calories in" and "living on peanut butter if you have to", which made me smile, cos he didn't push it.

I think the next few weeks will be ok - I'm going to make my own stuff to take to my grandparents for Christmas, that way Grandad doesn't have to worry about accomodating me and other fussy eaters for an extended period, and I get to control what I have too. Which makes me happier, personally.

Thanks for asking! How are you? Hope the holidays will be fun for you!

pirate x
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Hi Piratemoon.

I am pleased to hear that you are doing okay.

I hope the next few weeks go okay for you *fingers crossed*.
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