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How can i get rid of mice without killing them!!

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I have a BIG problem. I have mice in my house - I can sometimes here them in the walls and it freaks me out (this all started after this big construction project started across the street from my house). There is a mice problem at the restaurant i work at as well, and my boss traps them with the clamps and sticky sheets. She then throws them in a garbage bag as they are dying, ties it and throws the bag in our garbage dumper in the back. Just yesterday she kicked one so hard it fell on its back and its little body started jerking, then she kicked it outside and let it die on the pavement. Also, the guys in the kitchen will call me over just to see me squirm at the sight of a mouse dying in a trap. It really bothers me, and everyone just thinks its so funny that I give a **** about "nasty diseased mice". I know mice are unsanitary and they kinda creep me out but they are still living beings and I dont feel right putting them through that kind of pain. So what do I do? Is there any humane way to get rid of mice? Please help me, im desperate!!
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You can try live traps but when you go to release them you have to do it far from your house, like a mile or else they just come right back.

Or you can do what I do, plug in ultra sonic plug ins, they emmit noise that is either offputing or uncomfortable to mice and rats and they leave.

All else fails get a cat.
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It probably isn't the best idea to get a cat for the sole purpose of removing mice.
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Peppermint oil! Anyone with pet rodents can tell you how sensitive they are to scents- and this one will drive them away! It irritates their lungs, and they will leave the area. Just get some essential oil of peppermint, put a few drops on cotton balls, and place them where ever you have a mousey problem. It's completely humane, and makes your place smell neat too.
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Mice, did you know that mice multiply like rats, LOL. Anyway, a wierd but true fact is, if you have mice you have no rats and visa versa. The live traps work great, try baiting them with anise seeds, mice love em, then like ayrlin said go for a long, long, long walk with your mice and release them. Or try this add 1 tblsp. Tabasco sauce and 1/2 cup of soap detergent to 1 gallon of water. Use this to spray around areas where the mice like to hang out.
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I'm having the same problem, and I'll definitely suggest the peppermint oil and that noise making thing to my parents. Mom bought some snap traps and glue traps last week and I ran off with them.. they're now in the truck waiting to go back to the store. This weekend I'm going to see if I can rig up a humane trap on my own, because no stores in our area sell them. Any suggestions on how to do this? It's so hard to outsmart them!
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Cass, my last post in this thread:


included a link to a plan to make a simple but effective humane mousetrap.

"Ground Control to Major Tom.... Ground Control to Major Tom...

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on...."

David Bowie- "Space Oddity"


"Ground Control to Major Tom.... Ground Control to Major Tom...

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on...."

David Bowie- "Space Oddity"

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How can i get rid of mice without killing them!!



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PETA sells a humane mouse trap on their site. Just look at their online catalog under "household items". They also have humane bug traps.
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I always suggest this humane trap!

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That's not gettting rid of the mice, that's getting rid of the humans!

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Just wanted to say go careful with the live traps- and try and choose one that has good reviews or something. My mum bought quite a large and expensive one a while ago and after catching three mice realised they all had sores on their noses which must have been from the mechanism in the trap. Broke my heart, they're so cute sad.gif
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Just found this thread. I've discovered I have a mice problem this weekend and it freaked me out so I did some research. Here's a website I found:




Not all of these are humane or even vegan, but they do have some good ideas.


I got my maintenance guy to plug up some holes in the kitchen, which I hope will work. I did see some activity this morning in 2 dresser drawers in the livingroom. However, I last checked those drawers yesterday morning, so the activity could have come from before the maintenance guy came to plug the holes.


I'm getting some peppermint oil today and putting them in the places I've seen mouse droppings.


What I can't get is that the only place that seems to be showing some major activity right now is 2 of the bureau drawers in the living room. The drawers are always closed and there seem to be no holes that I can find. I checked all the drawers and there is evidence in 2 others that the mice where there but they didn't camp out there as they did in these other 2 drawers (which was entirely my fault - I stored candy and chocolate in those drawers). I have been known in the past to not close the drawers completely, so that might have been the case, but I've been doing that the last few days.


I am praying that they did not camp out somewhere in the bureau where I'm not seeing them!



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I have the humane traps


So far they work good enough. I couldn't stand the thought of hurting the critters they just want food! A little bit of all your food so they have to go. I live somewhat rural and walk them out to the woods and let them go. I like the peppermint oil idea! I will try that myself as soon as o get peppermint oil
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Don't know if this will work in your particular situation, but what I've always done is figured out how the mice are getting to where I can see they've been, and come up with some sort of system. For example, my last group of mice were coming down from my ceiling via a wire in my closet, onto a dresser, and getting down from there. So I balanced a toilet paper tube on the edge of the dresser, put some peanut butter on the side leaning over a bucket which I placed on the floor directly under the tube, so when they went to get the peanut butter they were in the bucket. Then I transported them to a field a few miles away. You could always get some humane traps if you have the time and extra few bucks. 

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That is so cruel and inhumane. My cat once brought in a rat and had it cornered. I got a broom and was going to start hitting it (to kill it), but then I saw how afraid he was - he was breathing rapidly and scared to death. I realized that he was a living animal (and also cute in his own way). I found a way to capture him and release him. Just because a particular animal is not appealing to human beings does not mean it's OK to hurt them and allow them to suffer.  What if that mouse was their beloved pet? It's the same suffering.

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