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beans [Which ones cause the least gas?]

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Which kind of beans cause the least amount of gas and digestive distress? I have ibs and leaky gut so gas is a real issue for me.....

any tips?
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There are beans that have been "bred" for astronauts that don't cause any gas. I think they're called "flagulet" beans, oddly enough. I have it in my cookbook at home.

You can rinse your beans very well before cooking. Dump a can of beans in a collander, rinse very well with water, then put them in a pan with a quarter cup tap water. Boil for 10 minutes with 1-2tsp of white or cider vinegar. Vinegar helps get the gas out of the beans as well. This system's been working well for me.
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Hi Sugar Blue,

Lima beans, be they small or large (and the big ones are sometimes called "butter beans"), are relatively easy on the tummy. So are all the different varieties of lentils. You might start with these, and then branch out to cranberry, pinto, pink and Navy beans. Take it slow and easy, you've got lots of delicious food to look forward to!

Keep in mind that your innards gradually get used to what you eat frequently -- so if yours are delicate, and you want to eat beans on a regular basis, you should add small amounts to each day's diet, allowing your tummy some time to get used to them.

Also: If you soak your dry beans in very soft water (add baking soda if your local water is hard), the cooked beans will not only be very rich, gooey, soft and luscious, but also will be less gas-inducing.

Finally, if you have not yet heard about it, there is an over-the-counter "nutri-ceutical" called Bean-O (or maybe just Beano) which claims to reduce or eliminate gas discomfort for folks with delicate stomachs. Being the BeanLady and all, I have never tried it (beans haven't given me gas since the first Reagan administration. . . oy, am I old or what?). But I gather it really helps people like yourself, who have sensitive innards and want to enjoy the culinary delight of beans. Good luck!
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Soak and rinse them and add kombu (a sea vegetable) during cooking. Baking soda might work but it will affect the flavor (in a metalic way).
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Am I the only one on the planet that doesnt have issue with beans. Seriously before becoming vegetarian I had all sorts of digestive complaints, now none. And we use beans a lot as they are readily accesable and store in the cabinet for a long time.
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The longer you cook beans, the less flatulence they cause. The reason they cause flatulence is because they increase the bacterial activity in the intestines because the intestines are lacking in the enzymes required for breaking down the carbohydrates that are found in beans.

Also, you should soak them for a longer period than normally advised. This can also reduce flatulence.

Beans are a great source of protein. They are lousy food for people with digestive problems unfortunately. I would suggest you only eat very small quantities at a time.

Anazasi beans are the kindest. http://www.pccnaturalmarkets.com/hea...sazi_Beans.htm
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