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How is sugar bleached?

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The sugar industry-mainly cane sugar-is using an item most of us would disapprove:bone charcoal[look in wikipedia]

As tolasses is black,they use a filter made of cows' bones, to bleach the sugar,and this makes is so white...refined!!!

As sugar is one of the most dangerous invention in the food industry-diabetes,obesity etc....and addictive,we should at least get a product free from slaughterhouse products,and there are alternatives,but vegetarians should make it an important issue,and change things.Don't you think?
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Originally Posted by nitai777 View Post

Don't you think?

It doesn't bother me (although I'm vegetarian, not vegan) because cows aren't killed for the bones, it's merely a by-product. That said, I only buy fair trade sugar because the conditions under which non-fair-trade sugar producers work are little better than slavery.
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I think it is an important issue. The bone marrow may be a by-product, but they still come from the slaughterhouse and an animal has to die in order for sugar to be produced. It is no different than the animal products in gelatin and rennet.
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i'm safe in the mid-west with granulated sugar, which comes from beets and doesn't need bleaching
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I feel the same as cookingVeg does except that we don't buy FT sugar - we buy whatever my husband picks up (usually the cheapest stuff he can find) but it's not a big deal to me.
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Not all sugar is made from sugar cane. Beet sugar is extremely common in the US and is produced without bone char.
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4EverGrounded: Not to worry, you're still a 'good' vegan.

Most "store-brand" sugar around here (the Pacific Northwest) is beet sugar, which, as Rabid pointed out, is produced without bone char.

In fact, the only cane sugar I know of, sold locally, is C & H and Florida Crystals, (both more expensive so I don't buy 'em either) and I know Florida Crystals doesn't use bone char.

To the OP:

I know you had good intentions, but it's nice to have a link or source with verifiable facts when posting warnings such as yours since many new vegetarians and vegans read these forums and may take anything posted as absolute Vegetarian Gospel Truth.
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It doesn't bother me either. As long as they aren't killing the cows to get the bones it doesn't matter to me that they are being used for bleaching purposes.

You seem to have answered your own question, OP.
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